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RE: [RawPortland] Potlucks this week

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  • Lauralin Williamson
    hey mike, how r u? I m well, soaking in the rays and the GMO raw foods of Wyoming. They don t taste as bad as I was worried about! I would love to b @ the
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      hey mike,  how r u?  I'm well, soaking in the rays and the GMO raw foods of Wyoming.  They don't taste as bad as I was worried about!  I would love to b @ the potlucks!!!  Please tell everyone I said hi, especialy Celest and Clint!!!!  If you have Celests E-mail would u send it to me?  Enjoy the raw love, Lauralin

      >From: "Mike" <mike@...>
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      >Subject: [RawPortland] Potlucks this week
      >Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 20:18:47 -0000
      >Hi folks,
      >In addition to the Eden Health Ministries Potluck on Thursday, there
      >are 2 more this week. The 2nd Wednesday "Raw Curious" Potluck will
      >take place this Wednesday July 14, between 6:30 and 9pm. The potluck
      >is at my house and is hosted by Thomas, Gabriel, my roomates, and
      >myself! Please join us for some delicious raw gourmet food. This is a
      >great time to meet new friends and learn about the raw foods
      >lifestyle. The potluck is for those who are new to the living foods
      >lifestyle as well as experienced raw foodists. Everyone is welcome
      >and please bring friends!
      >My address is 50 SE 62nd Ave., it is one block south of E.
      >Burnside. The phone number is 503-234-2435. Please make sure your
      >dishes are 100% raw vegan and list the ingredients next to your dish.
      >A simple fruit or veggie salad is always welcome.
      >These are some of the dishes we had at the last few potlucks-
      >fruit, salads, pizza, spaghetti, fettucine alfredo, cauliflower cous-
      >cous, banana ice-cream pie, carrot cake, hummus, tempura, burritos,
      >almond mylk, halva, cauliflower mashed "potatoes", fresh juice, and
      >much more!
      >Our friend Clint has reserved the community room upstairs at People's
      >Co-Op for a community raw vegan potluck. It is on the 3rd Friday of
      >each month, July 16, and will run between 6pm and 8:30pm. It may run
      >until 9:30pm because People's has recently extended its hours and is
      >open until 10pm.
      >  http://www.peoples.coop/ The address is 3029 SE 21st AVENUE (It is
      >one block north of SE Powell) PORTLAND, OREGON 97202, 503.232.9051
      >Mike Snyder

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