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Fwd: Vegan Fusion Kickstarter Campaign Makes Vegan History

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  • William Milmoe
    Many of us have enjoyed the Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Portland OR and these people started the restaurant (see email from Bo below). If your calling is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2013
      Many of us have enjoyed the Blossoming Lotus restaurant in Portland OR and these people started the restaurant (see email from Bo below). 

      If your calling is not to support "humanity" with money then I recommend donating time to outreach.  Perhaps leaflet for Farm Sanctuary (there new booklet "Something Better" is excellent and talks about the environmental impact, health and animal rights) or Vegan Outreach (they have many booklets and a support group email list).  Outreach in my humble opinion is very important to stay motivated and to remind ourselves of the importance of our daily decisions on our health, on our environment, on our animals and our poor people of the earth.  Outreach and staying vegan are also excellent spiritual practices for our spiritual growth.  Personally I table or leaflet a few times a month.

      One of the reminders I get when doing outreach is how consumption of animal products seems to put people in a callous and denial state.  Most people act like their daily routine is so important and other people and reality do not matter.  It saddens me to see this and to meet people who used to be vegan or raw vegan and who now are omnivores.  Outreach can keep us on the 'path' for life.  Diet outreach is the most important work I do and have done in my life.

      Thank you so very much.



      Please join Mark Reinfeld and Richard Rees for the first ever Vegan Fusion Culinary Travelling Show. And what better team to create this pilot for national TV. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. This is the Kickstarter plea. Please join now and share this with all of your friends by going here:

      At the 10K pledge level, the premiums are insane. And at 5K you can barely catch your breath. There are so many Vegan Fusion premiums when you join our Kickstarter campaign you have to see them here to believe it.

      The $100 pledge level is our most popular and it includes over a dozen items, all Vegan Fusion favorites.

      Please support Mark and Vegan Fusion by going here now:

      The Vegan Fusion Culinary Travel Show - A Kickstarter Campaign for the TV Pilot Series

      Pledges start at $5 and come with so many goodies you will not believe it.

      Vegan Fusion started in 2002 and since then Mark Reinfeld and his worldwide fans and support team have spread the great cuisine and philosophy one immediately recognizes as coming from pure heart. This message, the Vegan Fusion message of “Bringing Peace to Life” will shine through on this series and transform minds, palettes and attitudes worldwide.

      Please join us and support Vegan Fusion and Mark Reinfeld by going to:

      Thank you for your continued support of our works.

      With Love and Gratitude

      Bo Rinaldi


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