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Re: [RawPortland] 2011 Harvest Season

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  • Nancy Miller
    I ordered 5 pounds of almonds earlier and I m still interested. Thanks, nancy Sent from my iPhone ... I ordered 5 pounds of almonds earlier and I m still
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2011
      I ordered 5 pounds of almonds earlier and I'm still interested. Thanks, nancy

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      On Oct 7, 2011, at 7:41 AM, "Nora Lenz" <nmlenz@...> wrote:


      Howdy All,
      I thought I would post a list of fresh foods I’m going to be getting over the next few months.  If there is enough interest to justify a stop in Portland (on my way back from California) I can deliver persimmons, almonds and walnuts on Thanksgiving weekend.  Pecans or nuts ordered after that will have to be shipped (which adds $1/lb.).
      Unpasteurized almonds
      Date of availability:  Mid to Late October
      Description:  Uncertified organic, grown on a very small farm in central California.  These are the Butte Padre variety, which is smaller and rounder than the more familiar Non Pareils, but more flavorful.  They have not been gassed, fumigated, pasteurized or treated in any way other than shelling.  Minimum order 5 pounds, $9/lb.  $8.50/lb for orders over 20 pounds.
      When to order:  NOW.  Email Nora asap to get on the list. 
      Date of availability:  Late November
      Description:  Uncertified organic, Hachiya variety, Northern California grown.  These are a very special and unique winter staple because they ripen slowly and individually.  What that means is that a large quantity (I keep 200 lbs for my own consumption :)) stored in a cool room will yield enough for daily eating for a period of 1-2 months.  They ripen just as well off the tree as on.  Although increasingly available in stores, they are picked unripe and over-refrigeration typically ruins their chances of ripening.  When fully ripe they are almost translucent and super squishy.  The tree ripened, unrefrigerated, uncultivated persimmons I get have bright orange, very sweet, jelly-like flesh that you never see in store bought persimmons.  Btw I don’t pick the more familiar pumpkin shaped/flat variety (Fuyu) because they can be eaten hard (unlike the Hachiyas), and store bought Fuyus are almost as good as tree ripened.
      When to order:  NOW.  Email Nora ASAP so I can plan for the quantity I’ll need to pick.  In the past I have filled my van to the rafters so I may need to buy a trailer if I get more orders than usual.  Minimum order 20 pounds, $1.75/lb.
      Date of availability:  Late November
      Grown by a hobbyist grower in northern California, uncertified organic, heirloom “Chandler” variety with large sweet meats.  Due to be harvested and shelled in early November.  Minimum order 5 pounds, $8/lb.
      When to order:  Now
      Date of availability:  January
      Heirloom, uncertified organic, sweet, hand-harvested and hand-shelled.  High quality and limited quantity, so if you want them please email me when you first see the posted notice.  Minimum order 5 pounds, price TBD.
      When to order:  TBA
      Please email me with any questions.  Thank you!
      Best wishes,
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