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Weekend Fasting Mini-Retreats

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  • Nora Lenz
    Hi All, Having just returned from the Woodstock Fruit Festival, I’m inspired to begin offering some special weekend fasting retreats at my home here in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2011
      Hi All,
      Having just returned from the Woodstock Fruit Festival, I’m inspired to begin offering some special weekend fasting retreats at my home here in Bellevue, Washington.  I’d like to host up to 3 people for a series of weekend fasts (water only).  Depending on the level of interest, as a follow up I may offer all fruit or mono-fruit weekends combined with more intensive educational opportunities for those wanting to learn more about the all raw, high-fruit hygienic lifestyle. 
      In addition to the benefits of the fast itself, this is also a chance to learn from other raw foodists and commune in a small group with people who are as passionate about health as you are.  Going to Woodstock made me realize how special and rare these opportunities are, and how important it is to make connections with others who share the goal of optimal health.  I also realized that these opportunities don’t just happen, they have to be created. 
      Long extended fasts are great for taking your health to a higher level, but the costs and other prohibitive factors get in the way for most of us.  It is not true that a fast has to be over a certain duration in order to be beneficial.  Anytime the body is given rest from digestion it is able to divert its full attention to cleansing and healing.  Even a day or two of doing without food can leave you feeling refreshed and renewed, with more energy and a happier outlook. 
      What:  Weekend Fasting Mini-Retreat(s)
      When:  The first one will probably be in late October or early November, with subsequent weekend retreats to follow (no commitment to future retreats is required).
      Schedule of activities:  Nothing will really be scheduled except night time sleeping.  Everyone will be free to do whatever s/he feels like doing.  Some of the possibilities are:  chatting, taking casual walks through nearby Robinswood Park (if desired), resting, sleeping, swapping raw food stories/ideas/strategies, playing cards or board games, watching videos, cuddling with the resident cat (feel free to bring your house-friendly pets as well, within reasonable limits), reading (my large collection of health and self-help books), surfing the web (wifi available), generally getting to know each other and becoming life long friends.  If there is interest, I will teach impromptu classes and/or answer questions on natural hygiene, eating a high-fruit, low-fat raw diet, real hunger, recovery from food addiction, the causes of disease, keeping pets sickness-free or any other topic as requested.  We’ll break our fast on Sunday late afternoon on a meal of fruit. 
      Accommodations:  Private rooms with comfortable beds, lots of fresh air, quiet/dark nights and shared bathroom. 
      Cost:  $50/day ($150 for the 3-day weekend, Friday morning through Sunday evening)
      If you’ve been looking for a local, affordable way to take your health to a higher level, or you’ve just been wanting a chance to get to know and be inspired by fellow health seekers, this is your chance.  Email me privately for more info.
      Best wishes,
      Declare your independence from “health care” industries which thrive on misery!
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