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Brian Clement books available + event summary

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  • brion.oliver
    Hello! Thank you to those of you who came out to the Brian Clement event Tuesday night. It was a spectacular evening, the best of the three lectures Dr.
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      Thank you to those of you who came out to the Brian Clement event Tuesday night. It was a spectacular evening, the best of the three lectures Dr. Clement has done in the last few years.

      He showed us an amazing 8-minute animated film produced by Harvard showing the cellular structures within the body. We saw nerves being formed and tumors being dragged from the body by worker cells. Pretty fascinating stuff.

      He talked about the Five Most Important Sources of Ill Health: blood sugar, stress, toxic overload, pH balance, and dehydration, citing blood sugar issues as 10 times more problematic than anything else. He demonstrated how many of the things we think of as disease are more accurately lifestyle illnesses, and can be reversed through making lifestyle changes. By labeling them as disease, the medical and pharmaceutical industries are able instill a dependency on drugs and treatment that address symptoms without solution, when the power to actually reverse the illness we experience is in our own hands, through a change in lifestyle.

      He spoke for a little over an hour and then fielded questions for an hour and finally signed books.

      I've still got books from the event available for sale, if you'd like them. I'm putting almost all of them on sale at 20% off, while supplies last. You can purchase these online or with cash/check, and they can be picked up at 2451 SE Salmon Street in Portland or potentially at a Living Raw event. To order, please email me directly at brion@.... Anything I can't sell will be shipped back to HHI, so help me reduce that carbon footprint by adding something informative to your library!

      Supplements Exposed (20% off): $12.79
      Killer Clothes (20% off): $11.96
      Living Foods for Optimum Health (20% off): $13.56
      Longevity (20% off): $15.16
      Healthful Cuisine cookbook: $21.95 (just one copy left)

      Supplements Exposed: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About Vitamins, Minerals, and Their Effects on Your Health explores the various myths that have made supplements a "buyer beware" industry. The book strips away layers of deception to reveal the truth about what millions of supplement users each year have taken for granted. The provocative book shows you how to decipher product labels that are otherwise deceptive, how to choose naturally occurring (plant-derived) supplements, why recommended daily allowances spread confusion, and much more. Dr. Clement is a proponent of those seeking enhanced health to take supplements, but exposes in this book why we need to be smart and informed about how we do so in the face of today's supplements industry.

      Killer Clothes: How Seemingly Innocent Clothing Choices Endanger Your Health... and How to Protect Yourself! is Dr. Clement's latest book, written with his wife Dr. Anna Maria Clement. In it they discuss and document how man-made clothing fibers (nylon, spandex, Teflon) have only replaced cotton, wool, and silk in the last sixty years, and the significant increase in health problems that may be associated with wearing these synthetic garments including fertility problems, respiratory disease, contact dermatitis, and cancer. The book reveals the many ways that synthetic clothing, chemicals added to garments, and tight clothing and tight shoes create dangerous problems for human health, and they show you how to make healthier choices for you and your family.

      Living Foods for Optimum Health: Your Complete Guide to the Healing Power of Raw Foods contains step-by-step instructions, lifestyle suggestions, and more than 100 healthful delicious recipes to provide you with everything you need to take control of your health and well-being through the introduction of a raw vegan diet and lifestyle. It's an excellent introduction to living foods.

      Longevity: Enjoying Long Life Without Limits is a blueprint for healthy aging, delivering cutting-edge knowledge with a common-sense practical approach that will raise the reader's level of health and happiness.

      Healthful Cuisine, 2nd ed. has over 170 raw vegan recipes, full-color photographs, illustrated raw preparation techniques, a guide for stocking the kitchen, a glossary of foods and tools, and hundreds of helpful tips and suggestions from the experts to help you create a more vibrant and radiant life!

      Be well!


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