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Bruce Horowitz Raw Chef Training coming up

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  • William Milmoe
    The guy is amazing and living the life! *This Certification is taught by one of the Top Raw Chef s in the World: Bruce Horowitz * At this course you get the A
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2011
    The guy is amazing and living the life!

    This Certification is taught by one of the Top Raw Chef's in the World: Bruce Horowitz

    At this course you get the A - Z of how to set-up and work efficiently in a professional raw food kitchen, and how to successfully run a raw food business: how to cost food items, handle and select produce,  avoid food waste, plus marketing, business planning, consulting, coaching, and so many, many more vital skills -- all taught by the chef who has run the the largest raw food kitchens in the world (the Raw Spirit Festival), fed the largest group's at David Wolfe's largest retreats, run the world's first raw food restaurant kitchen (RAW in San Francisco) and who has taught thousands of people at top culinary schools, centers and events around the world.

    We will have full use of all the facilities at Thrive Wellness Center in Sedro Wooley, Washington.
    Class Starts at 9 promptly at 9 am Thursday June 9 and goes until Sunday June 11 at 7 pm.
     Bring an apron, your chef's knife, a positive attitude, and an appetite for learning how to create, plate (and eat) the best food on the planet!

     Bruce Horowitz  

    Live Food Instructor Extraordinaire, Consultant, Culinary Artist, Food Activist, Author, Ecological Designer

    Bruce with Carrot


    "Bruce is one the most experienced Raw and Living foods chefs in the world!" -David Wolfe, Author of Sunfood Diet Success System, Eating for Beauty and Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future


    Bruce Horowitz has been in the food world for over 25 years, and at the forefront of the Raw Food Movement for over a dozen years: as the head chef at the world's first live-food restaurant, RAW, in San Francisco; as the Executive Chef of the world's largest raw food gatherings, the Raw Spirit Festival 2007 and 2008; as the lead chef at the world's top raw food retreats with Journeys for the Soul and the OHM Foundation; as a consultant to raw restaurants such as Luvin' It Live in Atlanta and Blossoming Lotus in Portland; as an instructor at top schools such as the Oregon Culinary Institute, PCC Cooks, and the Evergreen State College; in product development for Living Tree Community Foods and other raw food companies; catering a myriad of events such as graduations for New College of California and the Natural Vision Institute, and movie openings for Woody Harrelson and Debra Coons Garcia; feeding thousands of festival goers as events like the Whole Earth Festival, the Oregon Country Fair and Earthdance; as one of the owners of the first raw chocolate companies; as the designer of cafes and teaching kitchens for centers such as Hawaiian Sanctuary and The Art of Life Foundation.  


    "I'm 100% dedicated to the success of your raw food endeavors!" ~ Bruce Horowitz 


    Bruce's companies:  

    The Sun Kitchen www.thesunkitchen.com

    RIPE (The Raw Institute of Permaculture Education) www.rawpermaculture.org

    Bruce with Carrot
    Learn to create gorgeous entrees like Pesto Pizza, pictured above piled high with all the scrumptions goodies and garnished like a pro!
    Bruce with Carrot
    Or Mouthwatering Desserts that say YUM!

    Bruce with Carrot
    You'll learn to use all of the raw restaurants Top Ingredients like Kelp Noodles and Irish Moss, as well as the full gamut of superfoods -- and I'll reveal where to get the best deals on the highest quality items!
    Bruce with Carrot
    You'll learn professional
    plating, garnish, how to event, meal and menu plan. I'll teach you all of my chef's techniques: from pro-style knife skills, dehydration, blending, food processing, to culturing vegetables -- just to begin with!
    soup bowls

    Your 'final exam' will be teaching and serving your own creation where you and your team will
    do all the event planning. prep, production, plating and service yourselves! It will be an awesome experience!

    This is my only scheduled certification for 2011. Take advantage of this offer NOW!
    This certification includes an incredibly unique opportunity: we will get to
    take over brand new raw food wellness center for the entire the training. WOW!


     Thrive Wellness Center
    A Raw Chef Certification of this caliber down in California will cost you thousands of dollars and weeks of you busy life. My rigorous curriculum is totally hands-on with no wasted time, experienced in an intensive, fully immersive 4 day weekend. Plus you get the training in an intimate setting of about 6 -12 students, not a huge class where you might get lost or be afraid to ask questions. The cost is a fraction of what you'd pay down there! And it includes all meals, instruction and materials, plus shared lodging at the center. All that plus the comraderie of other eager-to-learn students, other unforseeable hyper synchroncities that will contribute to your raw success!!!  


    Early bird discounted price** includes all meals, materials, professional instruction & shared accommodation: $1999 a person. 


    A $500 deposit saves your place at the retreat. 


    Or take advantage of this awesome offer: PAY IN FULL NOW AND SAVE an additional $100 of the ridiculously low early bird price!

    (Comparable certifications in California cost thousands more!) 


           Chef Certification $500 Deposit*                     SAVE $100 ! Chef Certification Pay in Full Now
                  Click Here to Pay                                                 Click Here to Pay

    (* Deposits must be received prior to April 30. Payment of balance of the full early bird price is due prior to the start of the certification. Payment plans may be possible on a case-bycase basis: contact thesunkitchen@....  


    **Early bird discounted price good through April 30. Full Certification Price is 20% more after 4/30/2011


    Space at this certification is limited! Reserve your place: sign up ASAP!! 

    Here's some of the comments from the earlier certifications:

    "Bruce sets the environment for learning in a stress free atmosphere. I am definitely inspired and more confident than before the course. I'm so excited about my future endeavors!"

    "Gave me inspiration and confidence to create recipes, how to run a business properly -- well worth the investment!"

    "Bruce's teaching style is calm, cool and relaxed: an excellent environment for learning. You make it quite easy for someone to ask questions and learn..."

    "Bruce makes the classes fun while imparting a huge amount of information. I especially found his information regarding business helpful. The recipes were delicious!"

    "I promise to generously share the wisdom gleaned from years of experience in varied professional setting! All of  the secrets the professional chefs know are yours if you join us for the best weekend investment you can make for your raw food career!"



    Bruce Horowitz
    Executive Chef, The Sun Kitchen
    over $1500!
    My good friend Elaina Love offers a 40 raw chef certification as well.
    Only thing is, it costs $3500 and doesn't include accommodation.
    I want you to get this certification at the incredibly low price of only $1899, please click the button below
    . Or use the button above to save your space with a deposit.

                                                             Click Here to Pay

    If the certification is canceled you will receive a full refund. If you decide to cancel, a cancellation fee applies. Deposits are refundable minus a cancellation fee. Space is limited and Bruce reserves the right to cancel at any time. 

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