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Raw Food Nutrition Workshop

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  • brion.oliver
    Hi, Portlanders! We need a few more registrations this weekend in order to bring Rick and Karin Dina up from California next Saturday to teach this amazing
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2011
      Hi, Portlanders!

      We need a few more registrations this weekend in order to bring Rick and Karin Dina up from California next Saturday to teach this amazing 5-hour workshop. They're also scheduled to do a one-hour presentation at a potluck on Friday.

      If you know anyone who would benefit from an in-depth workshop on the nutrition of raw foods, please let them know about this event and ask them to either sign up or contact us this weekend. Thanks!


      Raw Food Nutrition: From Foundations to Fine Tuning

      Saturday, April 2
      12 noon to 5 pm

      Rick and Karin Dina, the creators of the Science of Raw Food Nutrition series of courses, are returning to Portland to offer this 5-hour course on the science of raw food nutrition.

      The Dina's methodology is to introduce their workshop participants to a variety of nutritional approaches to living the raw lifestyle and to foster a discussion and examination of general nutritional best practices, as well as an investigation of what approach will work best for the individual student. They help to cut through the dogma of the various approaches and get to the core of the nutritional science, so that every participant will be better able to embark on the raw food diet with an enhanced understanding of how to progress towards optimal health.

      This 5 hour workshop will cover:

      - The natural hygiene approach
      - The Hippocrates / Ann Wigmore approach
      - The gourmet raw food approach
      - Several thorough nutrient analyses of each
      - The potential pros and cons of each
      - Fructose: Science vs. hearsay
      - Fats and Oils: Science vs. hearsay
      - Cooked Food: Science vs. hearsay
      - Overcoming common pitfalls
      - How to increase your likelihood of success
      - Developing an individualized approach
      - Developing a sustainable approach
      - Comprehensive note packet included!
      - Presented in easy to follow power point format

      The workshop will be from 12 noon to 5:00 pm at Salt Fire and Time in NW Portland. As an introduction of themselves to the community, they are offering this 5-hour workshop to the Portland community for just $99. You won't get this quality and depth of information for this price anywhere else!

      We will also be hosting a potluck dinner Friday night (April 1), with an informal one-hour lecture and time to get to know Rick and Karin. Please come to one of these events to support the development of an ongoing curriculum with these fine instructors.



      Rick and Karin Dina, the Raw Food Doctors, are faculty members of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, CA, where they teach four science-based raw food courses: Introduction to Raw Food Nutrition; Science of Raw Food Nutrition Levels I, II, and III; the Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Course; and the Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator Course. You can read more about this curriculum at their website: http://www.rawfooddoctors.com/livinglightcourses.html

      Dr. Rick Dina, D.C. has been studying health and nutrition since 1986 and has been a raw food vegan since 1987. He worked at Hippocrates Health Institute in 1991 and then traveled the country with the Juiceman company teaching the benefits of raw fruit and vegetable diets before entering chiropractic school in 1992. A chiropractor since 1997, he has worked and taught at a number of prestigious institutions, including Bastyr University.

      Dr. Karin Dina, D.C. has been studying and practicing raw food nutrition since 1990. In 1997, she earned her second undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado in Biology with Magna Cum Laude honors. In 1999, she began the naturopathic medicine program at Bastyr University. In 2002, after 2.5 years at Bastyr, she transferred to Palmer College of Chiropractic West to receive her doctor of chiropractic degree and graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors in 2005.

      Together, the Dinas are a wealth of knowledge in the science of raw food nutrition, with experience in both treatment and in the education of folks pursuing the raw foods lifestyle.

      For more information, please visit them at their website: http://www.rawfooddoctors.com/index.html

      For more information about the Portland workshop on Saturday 4/2 and the Friday 4/1 potluck: http://rawmatrix.net/events/

      Be well!

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