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OT: "A Dog's Breakfast" will finally air in US

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  • Nora Lenz
    Please watch this important documentary on CNBC this Thursday night at 10pm (I believe that s EST but please check listings). If you are concerned about the
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      Please watch this important documentary on CNBC this Thursday night at 10pm (I believe that's EST but please check listings).  If you are concerned about the ethical implications of feeding meat to your animals, feeding commercial pet food is even worse.  Even the costly premium brands are made from the waste products from the human food processing industry, and worse.  
      Another fact that most pet owners aren't aware of is that when they buy commercial pet food they are also paying for the cruel "research" that is performed on cats and dogs in pet food industry labs.  Undercover cameras in one pet food lab showed beagles being force fed dog food until they couldn't stand up.  (http://www.iamscruelty.com/iams-feat-exposed.asp)
      For ethical vegans, the issue of what to feed pets presents an insoluble dilemma.  Commercial vegan pet foods and even vegan homemade diets involve feeding biologically inappropriate, disease-causing foods, but optimal feeding involves handling meat.  All we can do is try to make informed choices.  That means having all the facts, which can be hard to come by since there are so many people with a big stake in our feeding decisions. 
      Vets, for example, would rather that pet owners not know that proper feeding can keep pets out of the vet's office for life.  And the vet industry rivals their partners in the commercial pet food industry for creating misery.  Even without considering all the havoc they wreak with their attempts to suppress the symptoms of chronic disease, they seem to have no qualms about vivisection, which is commonly employed in the veterinary educational system.  Ethical vegans who avoid feeding meat on ethical grounds may not realize they're creating the need to patronize yet another unethical industry.
      Dogs and cats are not biologically suited for vegan diets but dogs need less meat than we have been led to think, which means they can be vegan or at least vegetarian most of the time, while enjoying their highest health potential.  Cats are obligate carnivores, so it's in their best long-term interests to eat meat.  RAW, of course.
      There is lots to be considered beyond what's in the bag or the can, but knowing the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in the commercial pet food industry is a good start.
      Best wishes,
      www.NoMoreVetBills.com (in construction)

      Finally, A Dog's Breakfast will air on U.S. Television

      Finally, A Dog's Breakfast will air on U.S. Television

      CNBC will air the pet food documentary "Pet Food:  A Dog's Breakfast" on Thursday, February 10th at 10 PM.  Not exactly prime time, and three years after the documentary was first aired in Canada...but at least it finally is airing on U.S. television. 

      Mark your calendar for Thursday February 10th.  CNBC will finally air the pet food documentary Pet Food:  A Dog's Breakfast at 10 P.M.  

      The film aired on Canadian television in 2008.  At the time, I had numerous conversations (phone and email) with Yap Films, producers of A Dog's Breakfast.  I was told they were trying to pitch the film to U.S. television, with little interest.  They even tried public television; no luck.

      Speculations of U.S. television being 'influenced' by U.S. corporations have been pondered for years.  History of the tobacco industry includes rumor that powerful Big Tobacco pressured U.S. media to NOT air the emerging medical risks of smoking in the 1960's.  When journalist Van Smith of the Baltimore City Paper bravely published the article "What's Cookin'? Ever Wonder What Happens to Dead Animals?  A Look at Baltimore's Only Remaining Rendering Plant Explains", exposing the truth about the rendering industry, the aftermath of the article included contact from ABC Television's 20/20.  In a follow up story Smith wrote "20/20, the ABC newsmagazine, chewed up hours of my time trying to arrange a lengthy exposé of the pets-in-pet-food phenomenon, then quietly abandoned the effort." 

      (Please Note:  Warning - the Van Smith Baltimore City Paper article What's Cookin'? linked above is graphic; including pictures of barrels of dead dogs and cats.)
      Regardless as to why this pet food documentary has been delayed for three years in the U.S., it is finally here.  Thursday February 10th at 10 PM and 1 AM on CNBC.
      Wishing you and your pet the best,

      Susan Thixton
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