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RE: [RawPortland] Supporting a local hazelnut farmer

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    Hi Brion. Are her hazelnuts still in the shell? If so, I d be interested in buying maybe 8 pounds of them. . (not if they re shelled though). Thanks! Hope
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 12, 2011
      Hi Brion.  Are her hazelnuts still in the shell?  If so, I'd be interested in buying maybe 8 pounds of them. . (not if they're shelled though).  Thanks!
                                                               Hope you're well. . . .Happy new year!    - Hannah

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      Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 00:05:25 +0000
      Subject: [RawPortland] Supporting a local hazelnut farmer

      Hi, Raw Portland! I hope 2011 is going well for you!

      In my business Our Community Pantry, I have occasion to work with local farmers, bringing their awesome product into the pantries of Portland folks. It is in this capacity that I learned of Honor Earth Farm, a farm in the Eugene area that sells Oregon filberts. Run by Linda Perrine, it's a one-woman show in its second year of operations, and Honor Earth Farm is one of only two Oregon farms selling organic hazelnuts to Oregonians (a third local organic farm sells its supply to California exclusively).

      2010's erratic weather led to a smaller crop yield this harvest, and some of Honor Earth's direct sales recently fell through, leaving Linda holding 100 lbs of shelled whole filberts and about 400 lbs of shelled filbert pieces. Her nuts are the smaller, super-cute and extraordinarily flavored nuts that came to the rescue in local stores like People's Food Co-Op last winter, when organic Oregon hazelnuts were otherwise taken off the market because of some salmonella concerns. They're the best hazelnuts I've ever tasted.

      I'm hoping our community may be able to lend Honor Earth Farm a hand this winter after they saved us from a hazelnut-free existence last year. Linda is selling her whole and broken filberts for $6.00/lb in 25# cases, but I'm hoping to see her get as much as $7.00/lb while selling through her current supply.

      If you are or know of someone who can make use of a 25# case of organic, non-pasteurized locally-grown hazelnuts, it'd do a world of good to buy them directly from this farm this year. If you have some neighbors or friends who you'd think would be interested in going in with you on a 25# case, you won't get a better price for the best nuts on the market, in terms of both quality, appearance, and taste. If you belong to a buying club or shop at a smaller local store, urge them to consider going direct to the farm this year for some filbert supply -- they won't be disappointed, as these filberts are simply spectacular.

      If you'd like to participate in this, contact me. I'll put together a list of potential buyers and get it to Linda, as a free service to her farm and the community. Let me know as well if you think you could go higher than her $6.00/lb price as a way of helping out with this year's lower harvest -- organic hazelnuts in the stores go for anywhere from $9.00 - $12.00 or more, so it's a deal either way and even an extra $.50/lb makes a difference when you're trying to get a farm off the ground.

      If a 25# box is too large of a purchase for you, you can always buy her nuts in 1# increments from me through Our Community Pantry. We collect orders and distribute once every month, and this Friday the 14th is January's ordering deadline: http://ourcommunitypantry.com/ordering.html

      You can read about Honor Earth Farm here: http://www.honorearthfarm.com

      Thanks, everybody. Be well!


      Our Community Pantry
      Real Food Purchased Together

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