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Organic Pecans & Nut Butters

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  • Nora Lenz
    Hi Portland raw fooders, I will have fresh pecans coming in on December 30th or so, and am taking advance orders. They are organic, hand harvested and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2010
      Hi Portland raw fooders,
      I will have fresh pecans coming in on December 30th or so, and am taking advance orders.  They are organic, hand harvested and hand-shelled, grown by small hobbyist growers in Northern California.  I've sampled them and they are very good & sweet, much better than what is available in stores.  If you eat lots of nuts, the smartest way to buy them is in bulk from a trusted source at harvest time.  That way you can store them yourself.  Nuts need to be refrigerated or they lose their nutrient value, especially the softer nuts like walnuts and pecans.  Most stores do not store nuts properly, and can't even tell you if what you're buying is this year's harvest.  Even if you buy on line, it's often difficult to ascertain if the nuts are from the current harvest. 

      I'm also going to have raw nut butters, made fresh to order, around mid-January.  I'll have almond, almond/pecan and pecan.  If you like almond butter but want something sweeter, the almond/pecan tastes very sweet and is easier to spread than almond butter.  The reason why I only make nut butters to order is because they have a fairly short shelf life.  Subjecting a food to a processing method that greatly increases its surface area accelerates decomposition.  Nut butters that are sold commercially are often processed at high temperatures and are not refrigerated, so they quickly lose their nutrient value.  All you have to do is taste them and compare the flavor to fresh nut butter.  You can't always taste rancidity but typically there is a marked lack of sweetness and flavor, which means nutrients have been lost.  

      The pecans are $11/lb and the nut butters are $20 per 16-ounce jar.  There is a 5-pound minimum unless you're buying nut butter, then you can buy any quantity of pecans down to 1 pound.  I use flat rate postal boxes ($11 and $15) which hold 7 and 10 lbs of pecans, respectively.  If anyone wants to order both nuts and nut butter, I'll have to let you know once I receive the nuts how many pounds & jars will fit in each size box.    

      Orders and questions should be emailed to me privately: 

      Thank you!

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