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Our Community Pantry orders due this Friday

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  • brion.oliver
    Hi, RawPortland! Our Community Pantry orders are due this Friday (October 15) at 12 noon, for distribution on Sunday, October 24th. The pickup location is in
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      Hi, RawPortland!

      Our Community Pantry orders are due this Friday (October 15) at 12 noon, for distribution on Sunday, October 24th. The pickup location is in SE Portland off Hawthorne, and we have a drop site Tuesday morning in NE Portland and one that same morning in SW Portland at Cedarwood Waldorf School, with the possibility for building more. Folks can always schedule an alternate time to pick up their goodies with 24 hours notice.

      In addition to our staple nuts and seeds, OCP this month is featuring organic tri-color quinoa, raw organic medjool dates picked fresh from the tree, rare 'rutab' or 'wet' medjool dates (also raw and organic), two strains of seaweed freshly harvested from the Pacific ocean near Mendocino and dried in the redwoods, raw organic wild rice, non-organic gluten-free oats, raw organic pecans, split-shell pistachios, and sesame seeds, and transitional organic dried and pitted bing cherries.

      Our Community Pantry orders items monthly, and functions as a buying club for our members. There aren't any dues or fees, and we focus on freshness of product. Our items are refrigerated the moment we get them, and distributed to you within a few days. Since we only order what you order, we reduce waste in transportation, storage, and expired product. Check us out!


      Our organic tri-color quinoa this month is from a region in Bolivia that has been growing three strains of quinoa together in the fields for generations, making a bio-diverse and extremely sustainable crop. The red variety is more resistant to drought, the black is more resistant to frost, and the white quinoa has superior resistance to insects. Quinoa is a complete protein in itself, and the seeds can be sprouted and eating raw or soaked and cooked like a grain.

      Fresh medjool dates and 'rutab' or 'wet' dates: It's date season, and for the next three months, OCP will be featuring dates from the best date farm we know of. Their 10 acres is a labor of love, growing a special crop in unusual conditions. Two folks with a farm in the desert, picking their crop by hand and distributing it to date-lovers around the globe. Their dates are 100% raw, never frozen or heated, grown entirely without chemicals, on a small farm practicing veganic farming principles. They grow over forty varieties of dates.

      As a food source, dates are higher in potassium than bananas, rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins, and are an extremely alkaline food. Some of the dates we will be featuring are lower than other dates on the glycemic index, due to their strain and the time at which they are picked.

      Each month October through December, we'll be featuring their freshly picked medjool dates, and we'll have one additional specialty date each month. This October, we're featuring the 'rutab' or 'wet' medjool. When dates first begin to ripen, many varieties have very high water content. Most growers allow them to dry on the tree so that they can be handled more easily, but a 'wet' date is a valuable harvest because they are incredibly delicious and a rare delicacy. Their stage of growth also makes them more digestible. These dates need to be refrigerated. They are too delicate to handle very much, so they will have pits.

      To order organic tri-color quinoa or raw organic fresh and rutab medjool dates by Friday, October 15, please visit our website: http://ourcommunitypantry.com/ordering.html 

      Be well!

      Brion & Kyler

      Our Community Pantry
      Real Food Purchased Together

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