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Yummy Tummy Oasis cafe

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  • Mike Snyder
    From: Cell Rejuvenation Center Newsletter Sent: Thu, September 23, 2010 9:53:09 AM Subject: Celebrating Expansion!
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      From: Cell Rejuvenation Center Newsletter <info (at) cellrejuvenationcenter.com>
      Sent: Thu, September 23, 2010 9:53:09 AM
      Subject: Celebrating Expansion! You're Invited.


      YUMMY TUMMY Party Time!!

      Bring a friend, and come celebrate our Yummy Tummy Oasis Grand Opening Friday, October 1st, from 6:30 to 9:00pm. We’re expanding our Café with more delicious menu items, and lovely outdoor seating in our new Cobb structure.  We’ll have lots of tasty samples and items for purchase.

      If you are a musician please bring your drums, flutes, guitar, didgeridoo, harps, harmonica, chimes, trashcans, yes ANY instrument you play! Let’s see what kind of music we can create together with a Cobb structure jam session at our October 1st party!

      We are also expanding our line of live food products and supplements! From herbs to nuts, books to blenders, snacks to dinners, we’ve even surprised ourselves with some of the goodies we’ve added to the shelves, all to support your healthy lifestyle and make it easier for you to succeed daily.


      Starting Monday, October 4th, The Yummy Oasis will be open from 7:30am to 2:00pm Monday- Friday.

      With expanded seating in the covered Cobb Structure, it’s a perfect meeting place for breakfast and lunch meetings by the fire. The circular layout is great for large or small meetings.


      Simplify for Success

      Ever think you’d like to give live food a real try, but don’t know where to start or how to make sure you’re getting plenty of good food to eat? We make it easy. The Yummy Tummy Oasis has programs to prepare all of your meals for a day, week, month, or year! You just come pick it up and enjoy.

      Our fall schedule for group food prep classes will be up soon! We also offer classes in the kitchen for one-on-one private lessons in live food preparation. Bring your friends and family to make it even more fun and offset the cost. For more information about classes and/or pre-made daily meals, email us at info@....

      The Cobb Structure

      It’s coming along beautifully!  We are so grateful for all of the volunteer support in the building process.  Just imagine sitting by the fire, enjoying your lunch, or some quiet time, knowing that you helped build what will surely be a place of both community and sanctuary for all of us. Thank you! We will be doing all we can to collect recycled, natural burning materials for our evening fires. If you have untreated scrap wood sitting around bring it on in. Also, Thai coconuts make great firewood! Please save us your coconuts to use in the fire! 


      Will Work for Yoga!

      From time to time we have trade positions available for complementary yoga. We are currently looking for individuals who love to clean, garden, compost and compute.

      Clean: The cleaning position will be one night a week for 3-4 hours.  

      Grow: We need someone with gardening knowledge who can help us grow herbs and veggies to use in the kitchen! The gardening help is mainly with our vegetable garden and composting bin. 

      Go: We need help from time to time with our computer systems. Are you an IT person who loves Mac and appreciates the PC? Let’s create a win-win partnership.



      September 25th and October 16th at 6:30.  This sound meditation will carry you into a deep meditative state where your brain reaches theta and delta frequencies. The chakras and meridians of the body are balanced as your soma, psyche and soul reconnect to the natural rhythms of the universe, bringing about personal healing. 

      $15, Pay at the door. Bring a blanket and pillow for your comfort.


      One-on-One Individual Cell Rejuvenation Consultations!

      Get personal support for a lifestyle change that will jump-start the chemistry in your body, and revitalize your energy. This is not a cookie cutter, made for the masses program. We will meet you where you are in your journey, and walk by your side as long as you would like. You’ll be making some very simple, affordable additions to your lifestyle to enrich your quality of life.

      To begin, just schedule a consult appointment to meet with both Terri and Christy for ½ hour each. They will be able to assess your needs and formulate the right herbs for your body’s needs to start the cell rejuvenation process. You will even be able to look at your live blood; this will give you some amazing incite to how your body is functioning.

      Consultation cost: $100.00. 



      Remember Second Sundays at the CRC. 

      We offer Community Yoga day at 11:00, free to first timers. Any student who refers someone will earn a free week of yoga! To make Second Sundays even sweeter, we have our amazing Live Food Potluck at 6pm. it’s a great way to support your intention for eating more Live Foods. If you’d like to come, but don’t know what to bring, please stop by the front desk for our flyer listing websites with recipe ideas.


      Honoring Excellence

      Beginning in October we’ll be featuring a student of the month. It’s our way of recognizing outstanding commitment and growth in yoga. We know you’ll be inspired by their stories. Who knows, you might even see yourself in the next newsletter, inspiring others!

      Enjoy this day in your life as a gift. Hope to see you soon on the mat!

      - Christy, Terri, and your friends at The Cell Rejuvenation Center


      Cell Rejuvenation Center
      5816 SW Hood Avenue
      Portland, OR 97239

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