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Re: any local raw/juice retreats?

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  • Emily Troper
    Hello beautiful raw people! Here I am again, still looking for help for the raw life. I wrote the below in late November 2009, then we moved (we have an acre
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      Hello beautiful raw people!

      Here I am again, still looking for help for the raw life. I wrote the below in late November 2009, then we moved (we have an acre in the city!), and then a large tumor was discovered in my right lung - it was completely blocking my bronchi and therefore also the two lower lobes of my lung - so pneumonia was recurring and THAT was the cause of my breathing problems. I had a bronchoscopy (a terrible procedure!) and they were unable to biopsy it, so in late April, I underwent major open chest surgery to remove the tumor and 2/3 of my right lung. It turns out the tumor was a carcinoid - low-level malignancy, neuroendocrine, and not associated with smoking, and they were able to remove it all - but the surgery, 10-day hospital stay (including several days in ICU) and LONG and very painful recovery have been challenging to say the least.

      I have a ten-inch scar across my back and side, and chronic nerve pain from where they cut my intercostal muscles and spread my ribs apart to access my lung. I also have four kids to raise. I HAVE to get control of my life and health once and for all. I need help/support/advice. Anyone here have MAJOR health issues and turn to a raw food diet to help heal? Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy for continuing to talk about going raw after all this...but I still truly feel it's the way to health for me.



      On Nov 29, 2009, at 9:39 AM, Emily Troper wrote:

      > Hello friends,
      > I posted last year about my quest to find a raw food coach, and I did find some wonderful people to help me, but I just wasn't ready. I have struggled all my life with asthma and bronchitis, was hospitalized often as a child, and as a teenager I took up smoking cigarettes, mostly to deal with the pain of a horrifically abusive childhood. I have done a lot of healing from my past in so many ways, but I have kept coming back to smoking...though I gave it up during my pregnancies (I have 4 children who were born naturally at home).
      > During the first week of November, I contracted H1N1, and, along with my chronic bronchitis it was REALLY bad - I was hospitalized for four days, put on prednisone and new inhalers, and given breathing treatments and O2 and of course the worst food imaginable. Of course it scared me and my family very much, I quit smoking (it's been a month!) and have truly started to focus on my health this time. I've signed up for yoga class, and have decided to eat raw...I don't imagine it will reverse my permanent lung damage (I was diagnosed with COPD) but I am hoping it will halt it enough for me to finish raising my children and meet my grandchildren! I'm also about 25 lbs. overweight and I need to exercise for my lung health, but lightly at first.
      > So, though my husband and children are supportive of me, they are eating cooked (whole) food, and I don't see them giving that up anytime soon. They enjoy eating all of the things I am addicted to, and it is difficult to stay raw here in our busy stressful home (so many triggers, and needs to meet and people to serve food to), and I am already using up a lot of my self-disclipline to refrain from smoking! I was wondering if there are any retreats available here in the Portland area? I would LOVE to go away for 4-5 days and eat raw food/juices...it doesn't have to be anything fancy, but I need someone to prepare the food for me (or with me) and it would be awesome if there was yoga/massage available as well. I've looked at retreats online, but they are either not offering programs during the dates I need (anytime between Dec. 2nd and 12th) or are too far away and too fancy ($$$). Does anyone know of anything somewhat local? I thought about just staying in a local hotel and getting juices from Laughing Planet everyday...I know I need to do something to jumpstart my healing transformation.
      > Any ideas or advice or leads greatly appreciated!!
      > Blessings,
      > Emily
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