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Raw and Living Spirit Retreat- Updates

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  • Rylee K
    Hello Everyone! The Raw and Living Spirit Retreat is a few short weeks away! It is happening August 26-29, 2010, just
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      Hello Everyone!

      The Raw and Living Spirit Retreat is a few short weeks away! It is happening August 26-29, 2010, just outside of Portland, Oregon. Our website,  www.rawandlivingspirit.org,  has a new look and the front page features a great little video by Chefs Ronnie and Minh. Check it out! :)

      Registration- Have you registered for the retreat yet? You can register online or by phone! Please visit www.rawandlivingspirit.org and clicking Register for all the details.

      Promotion- Please help spread the word about the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat. Go to www.rawandlivingspirit.org and 1) share the link with your friends, 2) connect with us on Facebook, and 3) download the flyer, and forward or print it to share it with your friends, neighbors, and community.

      Scholarships- Portland-area volunteers have raised enough funds to offer scholarships covering half of the retreat price for a few people. If you or someone you know would like to donate additional funds, lease let us know as soon as possible. For information on applying, go to http://rawandlivingspirit.wordpress.com/scholarships/The deadline is this Friday, July 23rd.

      Lineup Updates TBA- Our organizers, presenters, chefs, and other volunteers have been working hard to put together a stellar lineup for this year. On the front page of our website you can preview what will be offered. Within the website you can look at last year's menu and workshop schedule. We'll post more details about this year's schedule within the next couple of weeks. We're just as excited as you to get this information out there and welcome any questions you have!

      Volunteering- One of the ways we foster community is in the kitchen. All attendees are encouraged to assist with preparation and/or cleanup of a few meals at the retreat. Signup sheets will be available upon arrival. As the retreat is fully volunteer-powered, we also love our super-volunteers who make a commitment to help out with additional shifts, whether in the kitchen or in the other areas we need assistance. As a thank-you to our super-volunteers we can offer a partial discount on the retreat price (typically 25%). It's a ton of fun to be a part of making the retreat happen! Email rylee@... with the subject "RLSR Volunteering" to step-up!

      Please feel free to forward this message. I look forward to seeing you all at the retreat! :)

      In Peace & Health,
      Rylee Keys

      Co-coordinator, Raw and Living Spirit Retreat
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