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April 17-19: Dr. T's health lecture, skin appointments, & detox seminar

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  • tashifieldofgreens
    Dear fellow Portlanders who care about your health and the health of the people you love, Please join us at these events and share the good news! Best regards,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2010
      Dear fellow Portlanders who care about your health and the health of the people you love,

      Please join us at these events and share the good news!

      Best regards,
      Tashi Rana

      Sunday, April 18

      The Portland Ecopolitan Community warmly welcomes back Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T") for another lecture packed with cutting-edge, practical health information. Dr. T will speak about pH in relation to a person's overall health -- more details about this lecture are forthcoming, and all information will be related to Dr. T's Proactive Science-Based Metabolic Detoxification Seminar on Monday, April 19 (see below for details).

      Adiel Tel-Oren ("Dr. T"), MD (Europe), DC (ret.), LN, DACBN, DABOM, CCN, FABDA, DABCT (c), is a holistic scientist who educates doctors and the public about nutritional and environmental medicine, functional medicine (science-based holistic approaches to diagnosis and therapy), and disease prevention via truly natural lifestyle and dietary modification. He consults with patients internationally during his many lecture trips or via phone and internet. Dr. T has established practices in many states and several countries. He has consulted for various commercial, military, government, and community organizations and is writing books and producing CD's of his popular "Ask Dr. T" lecture topics.

      Learn more at www.ecopolitan.com

      Kairos-Milwaukie UCC
      4790 Logus Rd
      Milwaukie, OR 97222

      Investment in your health:
      $15-20 sliding scale
      All donations support the production of this event, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

      Monday, April 19

      Dr. T will be offering FREE 15-minute personal assessments in Portland for gentle, safe, non-surgical mole and blemish removal.
      • Moles, birth marks and other skin blemishes and protrusions may have a 10 to 20 times increased risk of developing skin cancer
      • Skin tags and skin lumps could signify hormonal imbalances and can cause neurological irritation
      • Natural, painless, non-invasive treatment
      • Learn how thousands of people are using a "lost technique" to get rid of unsightly skin blemishes
      • Leaves skin soft, clear and scar-free

      Appointments will be held at a wellness center in SE Portland. For more detailed information and to schedule your appointment, please contact Tashi Rana (Ecopolitan's Portland coordinator) at 503-789-1727 or info@...

      Monday, April 19

      Special Workshop With Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren
      The Real Path to Optimal Health

      We can't truly detoxify our tissues from years of accumulated toxins in just weeks. Your body has physiological mechanisms to detoxify at a slow, safe pace when the necessary conditions for this process are present. When these pre-conditions are met the actual detoxification is initiated within your body, assisted by clinically proven, professional, hypoallergenic products used appropriately.

      Here you will learn the twelve oft-neglected factors crucial to creating these ideal conditions. You will understand why incorrect detoxification may fail to eliminate toxins, cause toxic re-distribution in critical organs, or lead to "pathological detoxification" – resulting in permanent damage in the brain and other tissues (regardless of symptoms). With good science, we can avoid or overcome these risks.

      Understanding how we metabolize toxins is the key to medical detoxification. Having physiology on your side - not "wishes and marketing ploys" – guarantees powerful elimination of toxins without side effects, immensely enhancing health and longevity.

      Taught step-by-step, making the process easy to understand and implement, this can easily be the last "detox" you'll ever need!

      Investment in your health:
      $175 for five hours, including a step-by-step instruction folder and resource list -- plus an incredible healthy raw dinner!
      Compare with $250 for a one-hour consultation with Dr. Tel-Oren.

      This very special event will be in Oregon City, OR and RSVP's are required. To reserve your space, contact Tashi Rana at 503-789-1727 or info@...
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