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"Destination BLISS" Women's Workshop THIS SUNDAY!

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  • harikrishankaur
    Dear Raw Portland, I am honored to participate as a member of the newly formed Tribe 7 and co-present this Sunday s workshop for women entitled Destination
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2010
      Dear Raw Portland,

      I am honored to participate as a member of the newly formed Tribe 7 and co-present this Sunday's workshop for women entitled "Destination BLISS: Free Yourself, Find Your Purpose, Live Your Dream". This workshop will be presented to a maximum of 25 women (and yes -- we are intending to expand the program in the future to include men!) and is a full-day event. I will be giving a talk and doing a raw food prep demonstration as well as providing lunch for all workshop participants & leaders (see Step 4).


      Destination BLISS: Free Yourself, Find Your Purpose, Live Your Dream

      This six-step experience is designed to help you discover your bliss and claim it! By naming your truth, learning empowerment techniques, setting your intention and starting the process of manifestation, you will move further along the path toward actualizing your dream. Coming from a whole life perspective, we will focus not only on what we put out into the world, but how we care for and nourish every facet of our lives. The formula is simple: how we provide for ourselves is how we honor the path before us and inspire others.

      Step 1: Meditation & Drawing Back Your Power.
      In every encounter we have on a daily basis we either have a reciprocal exchange of energy, we take on what may be projected, or we unknowingly empty our own cup without having it replenished. Through meditation & visualization we can reclaim what is ours & what is vital to our authenticity. Cheryl will be leading this step to open this day of limitless possibilities.

      Step 2: Yoga & Centering
      The seven major chakras represent powerful energy centers in our physical body which also correspond to emotional and spiritual manifestations in our lives. Keeping these chakras `plugged in' and clear support your true intentions. Through Yoga you can open these energy centers and reconnect to your highest self. Stasia will be taking you through a guided yoga routine that will heighten and enliven your chakra energy.

      Step 3: Integrative Coaching
      Mindie will walk you step by step through the discovery process to determine your purpose, or "what you're here to do." This understanding provides the foundation for you to live each day deliberately, as opposed to on autopilot. You'll leave with tools to help you create and experience your personal destiny.

      Step 4: Raw Foods & Nutrition
      We have all heard the phrase "We are what we eat". When we choose to eat 'live' foods we are taking in the energies of the living planet and enhancing our own vital life forces. Healthy, raw foods elevate us
      physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Eating well can also be regarded as an affirmation that we deserve to nourish and nurture ourselves! Tashi will be presenting you with easy, fabulous foods that feed the soul and are simple to prepare.

      Step 5: EFT & Vision Boarding
      Emotional Freedom Technique is a process which has foundations based on the tried & true pressure point system in the body. Through tapping or rubbing these places you will be able to begin erasing old, negative thought patterns which no longer serve your best interests and replace them with a truth that will help you to bring your dreams into reality. Vision Boarding is used as a tool to bring you closer to your dreams. Producing a detailed, creative, colorful
      representation of the future you wish for that evokes an emotion in you similar to how you would feel if it all already existed gives your subconscious something to strive for. Before you know it, you will see it starting to appear right before you! Nichole will be walking you down this path to this glorious manifestation!

      Step 6: Dynamic Exercise
      Tapping into our inner strength then allowing it to been seen physically is a most empowering experience. Movement, along with the ability to control our own bodies through space is key in health & wellness. Kara will be introducing you to your dynamic, strong physical self!

      Closing Meditation & Gratitude Ceremony
      To close our workshop we will be coming together in a silent expression of our commitment to our individual betterment which, in turn, helps to create a better future for all! To end, we will be offering up words of gratitude to the universe for the loving support we are provided with daily.


      Tribe 7 is:
      Cheryl L GreatHouse, Massage Therapist & Energy Worker

      Stasia Bliss, Yogi & Life Alchemist

      Mindie Kniss, Success Coach, Speaker & Writer

      Tashi Rana, Food and Lifestyle Counselor

      Nichole Feuz, Energy Practitioner & Personal Transformation Coach

      Kara Sandavol, Personal Trainer & Coach

      Terrie K, Marketing Guru & Admin Wiz


      Cost: $75
      When: March 14, 2010
      Where: 1016 SE 12th Ave
      Time: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

      Please contact me directly to RSVP, and feel free to forward this information to any woman who may be interested in attending.

      Yours in peace,

      Tashi Rana, MA
      Food and Lifestyle Counselor

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