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Re: [RawPortland] Re: Slightly OT -- Vaccine-Autism

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  • Cori Barth
    We have such completely different views- however, I respect your beliefs.  If one kept a very healthy lifestyle, I do believe their body would stave off
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      We have such completely different views- however, I respect your beliefs.  If one kept a very healthy lifestyle, I do believe their body would stave off disease.  I'm glad that we can have such diversity in our views on healthcare- if one studies all of the different theories, they can come to an informed decision about their own healthcare.  Sorry if I was being offensive last night.

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      Transfusing carries risks of its own, even setting aside the fact that it does not remove the cause of the problem.  Wouldn't it be better to know why the platelet count was dangerously low?  Most of the time this kind of condition is caused by the body's defenses being overburdened by the regular consumption of inappropriate foods and substances (herbs, medicines, vaccines, etc.) that precipitate a defensive reaction in the body.  The body always gives plenty of indication that there's a problem before it gets to the stage of emergency.  Medical intervention, on top of original cause, is what typically causes a situation like that to get to a crisis level.  Administering a risky transfusion at that point is seen as the only way to save the life, but the truth is that it only further burdens an already overwhelmed body.  When the child or person pulls through, the transfusion is credited.  When s/he doesn't, the "disease" is blamed.  It's a self-fulfilling little device that is used by all doctors.  In reality, when the body heals, it always does so in spite of treatment, not because of it, and in most situations when people are thought to die of "disease", it's really the treatment that killed them.  I know this is a difficult idea for most people to embrace, so entrenched and seductive is the belief in "cures". 
      To deal properly with that kind of situation, you'd have to address the early indicators of disease, identifying the causes, and removing them.  Then the body would be able to heal itself.  A doctor couldn't help with that process, since they are not taught this information.  Children don't die of low platelet counts spontaneously, indiscriminately, randomly and without cause.  There are always, ALWAYS gigantic, obvious, death-dealing mistakes being made on the part of the caretaking adult(s), including vaccination and medical intervention (suppression) when constructive illness (colds, flus, etc.) strikes. 
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      If I had a child who was dying of a low platelet count or low rbc, I would transfuse them in an instance.  I respect your opinion, and agree that our bodied are designed very intelligently. 

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