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Not War, NUT War :) (Almonds are here)

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  • Nora Lenz
    Hi Portland Raw Fooders, Usually in war there are no winners, but price wars are the exception. In a price war, buyers win. Due to the pressures of the local
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2009
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      Hi Portland Raw Fooders,
      Usually in war there are no winners, but price wars are the exception.  In a price war, buyers win.  Due to the pressures of the local almond market, I have seen fit to lower my almond price for Seattle (all of Washington, actually) and Portland area customers only.  $9/lb for orders less than 20 pounds and $8.50/lb for 20 pounds and over.  10 pound minimum.  This is not the lowest price going, but is darn close to it and is by far the lowest price you'll find for unpasteurized, unfumigated, certified organic almonds direct from the farm.  These almonds were still on the tree 9 days ago.  They are the Non Pareil variety (light color, tender texture, flat shape and variable in size from medium to large).  The Non Pareil is the variety you most often see in stores.  I will have other varieties later, if you prefer a smaller, crunchier, more flavorful almond. 
      I'm planning to make a delivery to the Portland area sometime in October.  Details of the pick up time and location will be announced later.  If anyone would like to volunteer their home for the pick up site, please email me privately.  My almond price is already so low that I can't offer a better deal but perhaps a large (banana) box of Hachiya persimmons (to be delivered in late November) would be sufficient compensation?
      If you didn't place an order, it's not too late.  The pre-ordering was done only so I might have some idea of the demand.  To order you can either enter your info in the database or email me directly.
      Market fluctuations being what they are, I can't guarantee the price will stay this low for the entire year.  When supplies dwindle and demand remains constant, value increases.  Best to stock up now and properly store your almonds so you'll be assured to have the most digestible almonds possible throughout the year.
      I'm sure I've forgotten something so feel free to email me privately if you have questions:  nmlenz@....
      Thank you!
      Best wishes,
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