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Raw food Festival & Wedding in S. Oregon!

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  • Mike Snyder
    Hi all, I just read today s newsletter from Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes, copied below. They are getting married June 21 in Southern Oregon! They are hosting
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      Hi all,

      I just read today's newsletter from Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes, copied below.

      They are getting married June 21 in Southern Oregon!

      They are hosting a festival along with the wedding. It is at the Angel's Health Food Institute, http://angelshealthfoodinstitute.com

      Details on the event are at

      They have an impressive list of speakers!


      P.S. Don't forget to pick up tickets to see Matt and Angela on Friday, April 17th in SE Portland: http://rawmatrix.net/april.html

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      Sent: Tuesday, April 7, 2009

      Greetings from Matt Monarch

      In this Newsletter you can find:

      • Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes are REUNITED!!!!!... AND... You are invited to our wedding!!!
      • The 'Miracle Mineral Supplement' (MMS), ***NEW MIRACLE PRODUCT!!!***
      • "At Cost!" Specials: Living Tree Community Raw Almond Butter!!! (The very LAST of a Limited Supply), Maca, Macadamia Nuts & More!!!
      • "Below Cost!" Specials: Two BRAND NEW Products from Nutiva!!! John Roulac and I want you to experience Nutiva's NEW Hemp Protein 50% and NEW Hemp Oil in a dark glass bottle...
      • New Products: CERTIFIED ORGANIC Chia Seeds, MMS, Rawnola Cereal!, "Everything Raw" Bars!, Freeze Dried Durian (& other Fruits!), Perfect Prescription Tooth Brightener, Pumpkin Seed Butter (Living Tree Community... Wow!), Olive Oil (Living Tree Community), Psyllium & Bentonite, & More!...
      • The RevitaLive Plan... What People Are Saying!!!
      • Shining The Spotlight - Giacomo Marchese (NY Raw Vegan Body Builder!!!)

      Ladies and Gentlemen!!! After almost two years of paperwork and patience, we are SO excited to announce that Angela FINALLY got her Fiancee Visa to enter the United States... We are now in Ecuador and we will arrive in the US tomorrow to start our lecture tour and GET MARRIED on June 21st - Summer Solstice!!! We are REUNITED once again... Check out our 'Reunited' video to the right or by clicking HERE.

      Yes... we are getting married... We have the dates and details... AND... YOU are Invited to our very special "Raw Union"!!!...

      We have lined up an entire fun-filled week of events in S. Oregon to mark this special occasion, including a Raw Expo/Festival, The Wedding & Celebration, and a Honeymoon Retreat. The theme of the week's Raw Union festivities will be Raw Foods, Healing, Permaculture and LOVE :)

      You can attend as many of the planned activities as you wish - everyone is welcome :) The actual Wedding is free for all to attend and all expo attendees are also welcomed as our guests at the Wedding Post-Celebration Feast and Party on June 21st.

      We are very excited to announce that our Raw Wedding Cake will be created by none other than The Raw Family themselves... the wonderful Boutenkos!

      They have plans forming for an entire three-tier raw cake for this fabulous Wedding Celebration. I am so excited for the moment when Angela and I cut the cake!!!

      There are going to be many AMAZING Speakers at the event including Angela, myself, David Wolfe, Shazzie, the Boutenkos, the Gianni's, Philip McCluskey and many more to come...

      The Expo/Festival will take place on Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st.
      The Wedding and Celebrations will be on June 21st.
      The Honeymoon Retreat will run from June 22nd - June 28th.

      We encourage you to explore the www.RawUnion.com website and discover which speakers are coming, costs, available accommodation, activities and so much more...

      We are very excited about this event and look forward to seeing you at the Raw Union :)

      The 'Miracle Mineral Supplement' (MMS), ***NEW “MIRACLE” PRODUCT!!!***

      The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

      Ok... I have to be careful what I say here, as certain "authorities" have a close watch on this product... Jim Humble, the creator of this product, actually left the US to live in Mexico as a safety measure... I have been in contact with Jim and he has agreed to do an interview with me in the near future about his ground-breaking work...

      So, for now, let me introduce you to MMS... The 'Miracle Mineral Solution' is sold as a "water purifier". When you add the appropriate amount of citric acid (lemon juice) to MMS, within three minutes it converts the solution into chlorine dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide destroys pathogens on contact and therefore cleans any water it is in contact with.

      So, this is where I have to be careful... There have been many reports that MMS can be taken internally to destroy pathogens within the body. For instance all over the internet you'll find accounts of Jim Humble having a 100% success rate with Malaria victims who take this product. Additionally, Jim has helped thousands of other people treat hundreds of diseases.

      I first heard about MMS when Dr. Fred Bisci suggested I take it once. MMS is EXTREMELY powerful and the recommendation is to start out taking just one drop and then build up to a maximum of 15 drops over a 1 - 2 month period. Many people get nauseous and some even vomit after taking too much MMS. This nauseous feeling is said to be a die-off of pathogens within the body. If you do too much MMS at once, the 'die-off' of the pathogens may be too much for the body to handle all at once. This is why it is important to start out slowly and build up. I personally have built up to taking 16 drops a day over a two-month period and I continued to take it for quite some time. It's pretty intense stuff, however, I feel that it did a lot of good for my body.

      There is a great deal of information on the internet about this product. I highly recommend spending a couple of hours researching it for yourself, if you are interested. Some say that there is no better parasite cleanse than using this product... And... I agree 100%. People have used it topically for skin disorders and hundreds of other things. Jim Humble also states that it doesn't affect any beneficial bacteria or healthy cells in the body and it ONLY destroys the harmful pathogens. He has done many different tests with the product, the results of which are often profound.

      A bottle of MMS may last a lifetime, as the quantities used are so small and a bottle only costs $20. I feel that it would be useful for anyone to have a bottle of two of MMS in their home. Even if only to purify water at some time in the future, or disinfect a bath tub, deal with Malaria or any of the countless other possible applications. I feel it is simply good to know that a product like this is around! At the link below, we also offer Jim Humble's highly recommended 146 page e-book for free on our website. Do the Research!!!

      To order MMS, click HERE!

      "At Cost" & "Below Cost" Specials & Coupon Code!

      The 'Living Tree Community' Raw Almond Butter is the best Almond Butter that I have ever tasted!!! It practically tastes SWEET!!! Additionally... This looks to be our last ever chance to get this Raw and Organic almond butter. Living Tree Community feels that it is ESSENTIAL to support the California family farmers, as they are threatened like never before. Many growers of organic almonds have watched their operations disintegrate as a result of the almond treatment mandate, as consumers and retailers have turned to foreign suppliers instead. (This entire situation makes me sick to my stomach...)

      So... the owner of Living Tree has decided to go back to using California Almonds... I BEGGED them for one last batch of their AMAZING Raw Almond Butter. I GOT HUNDREDS OF JARS!!!! I personally am going to stock up with about 4 - 5 cases, as I feel almonds are the most nutritious nut available and this almond butter tastes soooo good!!!

      I am also going to BLOW OUT these Raw Organic Almond Butters AT-COST!!! Unfortunately, after this sale, we will no longer carry their almond butter anymore... During the process of making Living Tree's new almond butter, the California Almonds will be heated to 221-220F on their surface and 110- 115F at their core. I know that once almonds are exposed to excessive heat they actually become damaging to the body. Therefore, I do not want to carry this almond butter anymore after this final batch of truly RAW almonds...

      So... Now is your final chance to STOCK UP and SAVE on the BEST TASTING Raw and Organic Almond Butter on the market...

      Last month's sale on the Tahini and Cashews was ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!! I stocked up massively and we still ran out in the snap of a finger. So this time I REALLY stocked up on the At-Cost Almond Butter, Maca, and Macadamia Nuts. ENJOY!!!

      Nutiva Does It Again and offers us an OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME deal on a couple of their NEWEST and MOST POPULAR products. John Roulac and I were talking and we wanted to get these products into as many hands as possible, so we thought this would be the BEST way.

      Angela and I LOVE Nutiva's NEW "Hemp Protein 50%" powder. I thought it tasted like Chex Cereal, and Angela says it tastes like Weetabix Cereal from the UK. It practically tastes sweet and works well in either a sweet or savory meal. It also has more protein and is more nutritious than all the other Hemp Protein powders on the market. Additionally, NaturalNews.com just wrote an article on it. Mike Adams said he never liked the taste of hemp protein before until he got his hands on Nutiva's Hemp Protein 50%. You can check out that article at NaturalNews.com by clicking HERE.

      Additionally, you can get Nutiva's NEW 16oz Hemp Oil in this attractive dark green glass bottle. Make sure you have a corkscrew handy, to open this product - the 'Best Protected' Hemp Oil on the market.

      The following specials are available until April 30th... Enjoy!

      "At Cost":
      Raw Organic Almond Butter, 16oz, Living Tree Community - $16.07, Normally $22.95 - with 7% coupon $14.94, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coupon $14.14 Maca, 16oz - $13.97, Normally $19.95 - with 7% coupon $12.99, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coupon $12.29 Macadamia Nuts, 16oz - $11.17, Normally $15.95 - with 7% coupon $10.38, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coupon $9.83

      "Below Cost":
      Nutiva's Hemp Oil in a GLASS Bottle, 16oz - $7.65, Normally $15.49 - with 7% coupon $7.11, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coupon $6.73 Nutiva's Hemp Protein 50%, 16oz - $7.65, Normally $14.95 - with 7% coupon $7.11, and 12% 'Inner Circle' coupon $6.73

      To access these offers, click the link below, or type - wddg - in the search field at the top right hand corner of www.TheRawFoodWorld.com.

      Click Here For "At Cost" Specials

      Additionally, you can redeem this coupon at www.TheRawFoodWorld.com by typing in - WEDDING - in the coupon number section, to get an additional 7% off your order. This coupon will be good through April 30th 2009 and can be redeemed at:


      You can get 12% off your order and ALL FUTURE ORDERS by joining the Inner Circle Community HERE for ONLY $9.97 a month.

      New Products at The Raw Food World

      We have just SO MANY AMAZING New Products, that I decided to detail out many of them below!!!

      "Everything Raw" Bars!!!
      After I heard that the 'Yoga Bar', a luscious raw vegan white chocolate bar was chosen by NaturalNews.com as the 'Best Raw Food Bar', I just had to get a sample and try! This White Chocolate 'Yoga Bar' is INCREDIBLE... and... my other personal favorite 'Everything Raw' bar is the 'Raw Decadence Organic Dark Chocolate Bar'... WOW!!! We got ten cases of each of their bars and the White Chocolate Yoga Bars sold out before I even put them in this Newsletter!!! We luckily JUST got more, in time for this Newsletter...


      We are extremely blessed to have a ONE TIME limited offer!... Paul, the owner of 'Everything Raw' and Steve, the owner of 'Sacred Chocolate', got together this one time ONLY to create the 'Sacred Yoga Bar': a Yoga White Chocolate bar, covered with a Sacred Dark Chocolate coating! ;O They even went so far as to double the size of the bar and these uniquely luscious treats are ready to order now. They only plan to do one run of them and that is it!!! We got in on this special deal and it is now available to you! Get 'em while you can!

      Introducing: Rawnola, from the makers of 'Jakes Unbaked Goji Bar'!!!
      We now have TEN Raw Food Cereals on our website... You would think that maybe after nine I would stop. However... If you ever say Rawnola to Angela and I, our eyes will light up BIG... It is our FAVORITE cereal of all... lol... Check out the 'Reunited' video at the beginning of this Newsletter for evidence, as we review the Rawnola! If you like Jake's Unbaked Goji Bar, then you will absolutely LOVE their Rawnola. It has a very similar quality to the goji bar, and believe it or not, it tastes even better than the bar and it's in a cereal form...we LOVE it...! Enjoy...

      Pumpkin Seed Butter, 8oz, Living Tree Community
      Living Tree Community sent me a sample of their Pumpkin Seed Butter and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! There is something about their process and how they grind nuts/seeds down that produces such a wonderful consistency... I am actually going to go and visit them soon to film this process for our TV Show. I can sense that it is the most nutrient-protecting process currently being used. If you like how peanut butter used to get sticky in your mouth (I did ;), then this pumpkin seed butter is for you. There is nothing added to the pumpkin seed butter except for a pinch of Celtic sea salt, which simply tops off and accentuates the amazing taste.

      You know when you go to a health food store, they often have either those pale light green pumpkin seeds or for a bit more money, they have those Big Luscious Dark Green Pumpkin Seeds??? Well!... The Living Tree Community Pumpkin Seed Butter is made out of those Big Luscious Dark Green Pumpkin Seeds. They are extremely nutritious and taste amazing. You will also notice that the Living Tree Community Pumpkin Seed Butter is a darker green compared to all the other Pumpkin Seed Butters on the market...


      Certified Organic Chia Seeds!!!
      Until now... It has been IMPOSSIBLE to get CERTIFIED ORGANIC Chia Seeds. There weren't any growers who were certified. Well... Now they are finally available... and we are one of the ONLY suppliers offering them. You can even go check out the Organic Certification on our website by clicking HERE!!!

      These are truly the HIGHEST QUALITY Chia Seeds on the market and we are excited to bring them to you... Enjoy...

      Freeze Dried Whole Fruits, Including Durian... are BACK!!!... AND... even less expensive!!!
      The Freeze Dried Fruits are BACK!!!... which of course, include the decadently delicious freeze-dried Durian. We ordered MASSIVE QUANTITIES of these products this time, so that we could extend a greater discount to you! All the following Freeze Dried Fruits have absolutely no colors, additives or preservatives added:

      Durian - Only the finest durian is selected to produce this unique snack. You can experience the real taste of Durian. I LOVE blending this freeze-dried durian into my meals or mixing the chunks into Raw Cereals, to let them soak up the Nut/Seed Milks. AMAZING!!!

      Mango - A premium variety of mango is the choice for producing this best–tasting freeze-dried Thai mango.

      Jackfruit - For customer satisfaction, only excellent quality jackfruit is selected to produce this unique snack. Enjoy the real taste of jackfruit.

      Pineapple - This deliciously sweet and sour fruit snack is a highlight of this range. Natural taste and color is well retained.

      Banana and Rambutan - The scent of these bananas is amazing and the Rambutan are as sweeeeeeeeet as can be...

      Here are all the latest new additions to The Raw Food World Store:

      Psyllium & Bentonite
      I've been wanting to get these two products onto the website for quite some time now. If you have read my book 'Raw Spirit' then you will be familiar with the EXTREME Psyllium and Bentonite Cleanse that I did during my first year of a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle, which blew open access to my third eye chakra. When I did this cleanse, I replaced a lot of the recommended supplements with a simple green juice. On my blog I actually documented the procedure I did, which is a lot less expensive than buying the entire cleanse. You can view that procedure by clicking HERE.

      AAAAAAAAND... Many More New Products COMING SOON!!!

      The Revitalive Plan - What People Are Saying!!!

      We've had SUCH an amazing response for Revitalive - our 30 day weight release program:

       Check out what people are saying after experiencing 'The Revitalive Plan'...

      "'The Revitalive Plan' is excellent... I thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos and learned some very key things, along with a lot of great general information.... so thank you very very much for being here and sharing all of this with the world... It's a Brilliant program. I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you!"

      "I joined three days ago and am loving the plan!! Love the menus! I'm noticing more clarity in my life and I feel more vibrant. I've lost 5 lbs in three days. Thank you thank you for the plan and for your example."

      "Thank you so much for this wonderful program. I've been eating raw for 5 days now and I already lost 10 pounds. Is that possible?! I cannot believe how fast it's going and how good I feel. I feel like a new person!
      This is coming from someone who has been a compulsive overeater all her life. I don't feel like I need to overeat anymore."

      You can sign up for the RevitaLive Plan Here:


      Shining The Spotlight - Giacomo Marchese

      I met Giacomo at an event that I did in NYC... I got an email from him asking if he could give me some FRESH FIGS from his tree in Brooklyn. If you know how much I LOVE fresh figs, then you know how much I would jump at this opportunity... Giacomo met me in NYC one day and he gave me the most AMAZING, RIPE Fresh Figs. They totally hit the spot at that moment. I was I awe of his kindness. In addition to the figs, Giacomo also gave me two huge 32oz jars of olives that he had personally cured, a BIG bag of raw fudge he had made, PLUS a bag of savory onion rings... WOW!!! What a HEART this man has... You can learn more about Giacomo's health and fitness journey by clicking HERE

      Who says you can't be muscular on a Raw Vegan diet??? Check out Giacomo's Video Blog by either clicking on the video to the left or by clicking HERE. Giacomo has been enjoying a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle for two years now... and for the first time in history, there will be public recognition and media attention on the eyes of three vegan bodybuilders all competing in the same contest on April 25th this year, in Phoenix, Arizona: our buddy, Giacomo Marchese (RAW Vegan Bodybuilder), Robert Cheeke (President of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness) and Jimi Sitko (Top Vegan Bodybuilder; CFT).

      In addition to this historic endeavor, a documentary is being filmed about the four month journey these guys are taking to the bodybuilding stage. The movie will be distributed this coming fall and you can see a teaser of it by clicking HERE. These guys want to help out by showing others just what is possible with a plant based, whole food diet. What better arena to highlight this, than in the world of bodybuilding, where the viewpoint is usually overwhelmingly at the opposite extreme! Bodybuilders typically consume an exorbitant amount of animal protein and believe it's the only way to gain real muscle...

      You can support the guys on their BODY BUILDING journey by purchasing T-Shirts, Sunwarrior Protein Powder, Spirulina or just making a donation. All of this info is better described in detail on their fundraising website www.veganproteins.com. You've gotta LOVE IT!!!! These guys are going for it FULL THROTTLE... They definitely have my LOVE, APPRECIATION and SUPPORT.

      Thank you Giacomo, Robert, and Jimi for making a difference!!!

      ~Many Blessings to you from The Raw Food World~
      Thank you for continuing to let us serve you.
      We wish you and those you love, the very best of everything!

      Matt Monarch 406 Bryant Circle, Unit E Ojai, CA 93023

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