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Re: [RawPortland] Trailer for inspirational film. Story of Elements for Life

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  • Pamela Melcher
    You are very welcome, Stacey. There is so much that is so good developing right now. Eating/living raw fits right in, indeed.  I never felt better than with
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      You are very welcome, Stacey.

      There is so much that is so good developing right now.

      Eating/living raw fits right in, indeed.  I never felt better than with my 100% raw diet.  For almost 9 years now. 

      Superfoods are a big part of why it works so well for me.

      Happiness, Health and Well Being for All!

      Many Blessings,
      Pamela Melcher

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      Subject: Re: [RawPortland] Trailer for inspirational film. Story of Elements for Life
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      Date: Saturday, April 4, 2009, 10:13 AM

      Thanks So Much Pamela!  This trailer is excellent! 
      A new world is on it's way and eating/living raw fits right in!
      Thanks Again!

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      From: Pamela Melcher <dancingcedar@ yahoo.com>
      Subject: [RawPortland] Trailer for inspirational film. Story of Elements for Life
      To: rawportland@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Saturday, April 4, 2009, 3:20 AM

      Dear Friends,


      http://www.Flowerof LifeFilms. com/




      Aloha and Blessings,
      What a wonderful and powerful time we are living in, and what an honor to be part of such an important movement, the movement we call Elements For Life! This is not just a business opportunity, as many of you know, nothing like this has ever been created, and yet so many of our hearts have been waiting to get involved with something big, Really Big- something that quite literally has the potential to radically shift the consciousness ofthe planet, as well as heal our bodies and the planetary body as a whole.
      This is already happening and we are just getting started, all the while attracting thousands of eager people who are dedicated to being of service to something that is bigger than us and includes all of us. What makes us unique is our story and the quality of the people who have come together to make this massive vision a thriving reality. We have many new members who have joined in the recent weeks and months, so I am going to share a bit of my story with you...
      I believe with every cell in my being that things happen for a reason, and that there is no such thing as a coincidence. The seemingly subtle choice of turning left instead of right quite literally changes the course of the world forever and is especially potent when you are following the guidance in your heart.
      Six years ago I was traveling with nothing but a backpack when I met Chad Ashley Vandenberg. After our first conversation I had the feeling that life would never be the same and I was right. Chad’s big heart and brilliant mind inspired me deeply. We conversed about sacred geometry, spirituality and mono-atomic elements, all of which hit a strong resonant chord inside my heart. Just months before, I had met Drunvalo Melchezidek, the author of “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”, while traveling by myself in the jungles of Central America. I had accompanied Drunvalo to many of the Mayan pyramids and he had taught me much about sacred geometry and the ancient use of gold as a potent nutrient that carried with it the vast secrets of the universe.
      After my first experience of sun gazing (looking into the center of the sun an hour before sunset), I felt something click inside of me concerning the relationship between gold and the sun. That day, I walked through the forest in a meditative state for miles until I suddenly saw Chad walking up a dirt road with a bottle of gleaming pink liquid in his hand and a smile from ear to ear. I immediately asked, “What is that in your hand"? Chad said it was gold and I got chills up and down my spine, as everything inside of me told me it was what I was looking for. Chad mentioned that he never sold a bottle before, but he knew the value and asked if I would pay 34 dollars (a Phi number). I looked in my wallet and saw that I had exactly $34, this being the entire amount I had
      to my name. I remember handing the money to Chad, who exploded with gratitude saying, “This is going to a really good place.” He handed me the bottle of Gold Rush, and I walked home and took my first sip. I can’t
      even begin to describe how much this event has changed my life and improved it in every way. After almost two weeks of drinking the gold, I noticed that my ability to focus had sky rocketed. It used to be very hard for me to sit still and read a book, and as a child I was mis-diagnosed with A.D.D. Now I can read a book cover to cover in a couple days and retain all the information. And as many of you know, the dream recall blew my mind, I could now remember what seemed like hours of detailed dream sequences. I knew that I was blessed beyond belief by meeting Chad and experiencing the Gold Rush. Soon after, I saw Chad give a talk on fractality in a crowded event in San Francisco. After his talk, I approached him and thanked him for sharing such a potent alchemy with me and explained the many amazing results I experienced. He smiled and said, "That bottle is bottomless, as long as I make it, it’s free for you”. We talked for hours and realized we had much in common.
      Chad explained his huge vision for Elements For Life and said that he needed a brother of light to help him build a massive vehicle for planetary transformation. I shook his hand and we immediately started to collaborate and co-create. We had no budget, no lab, almost no money, and we both spent time couch surfing. We made Gold Rush in a 3 gallon pickle jar with a very dangerous quantum field based resonance system that Chad had developed over the previous year. That system was his first working prototype and it represented years of study, research and experimentation on Chad’s part. He trusted me and taught me how it worked and we took turns churning out the best colloidal Gold available in people’s kitchens, selling just enough gold to buy paper labels that we would then tape on the bottles by hand. All the while Chad maintained the vison that one day we would have a proper lab and warehouse, employees, and a vast product line of the best of the best superfoods, distributed by thousands of people alligned by a common vision. It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of work but we were starting to attract more and more wonderful people who saw the value of this ambitious endeavour.
      One of these people is Paul Filinson, who is now our CEO. Paul, who is a long time friend of mine, and one of the world’s finest singer- songwriters, was the first to invest money in Elements For Life. Paul’s very small
      investment enabled us to buy a large 10 gallon glass crucible to make larger batches of gold. After several more months of making and selling gold out of household kitchens, we signed our first lease to a very small warehouse. Then Chad, Paul, Brian and myself went to work turning the place into a proper lab, with one small office and a modest storage loft. We built walls, put down food grade floors and made as much gold as we could. Chad spent
      endless hours on the computer orchestrating the daunting task of starting a network marketing company from
      scratch. It is impossible to explain just how much work this difficult process requires. It is completely amazing now to see our professional and beautiful website with a back office, compensation plan, advanced software
      and modes of operations, because it took years and years of dilligent focus and endless dedication from Chad to pull this together. We have been constantly blessed along the way by many quality, big-hearted individuals who have joined our team. Another person I would like to mention is Rory Ballard, whose constant contributions and commitment to being of service to the highest good have helped us in countless ways. He is now our customer service specialist, who many of you enjoy speaking with on the phone.
      Over the years as we have grown, we have attracted several investors who have helped us get into a quality facility and to buy important equipment, etc... all of it contributing to where we are now and where we are going...
      People have believed in us because they feel the sincerity of our hearts, and resonate with the importance of our vision.
      Brian Smiley, another close friend and musician, joined our team and has been a super star, helping us with anything and everything that needs to be done, whether it is building our new lab, making gold, or programing our website. Brian has been a real team player with unshakable dedication and love for what Elements For Life stands for.
      I also want to mention beautiful Patricia, who has been a rock solid member of our office team, always sweet and helpful, and who cares deeply for all of our members. Patricia was with us early on before we got busy and I remember her saying, “Adam do you think people are going to start ordering products?” I warmly replied, “Enjoy this time because you are going to be so busy your head will spin”, and indeed she couldn’t be more busy.
      Only a handful of people have been in our state-of-the- art lab to see the Gold Rush being made. Those that have seen it have had the pleasure of witnessing a very advanced and rare form of alchemy performed by our very unique alchemists, Francisco and Matt, both of whom are talented singer-songwriters. Every drop of Gold Rush made by Francisco is infused with stunning opera- yes, opera - he sings the most beautiful opera music while making the best colloidal gold ever made. All of our alchemists pour loving energy and prayers into every bottle (an essential ingredient to this alchemy), knowing full well that their deliberate intentions are being ingested by thousands of people who love the Gold Rush.
      I would also like to mention Maryam, a fantastic woman and healing arts practitioner, who has been a huge support behind the scenes, always encouraging and believing in us, even when our success has taken years longer than we thought it would.
      There are many others that have been an integral part of our success story. I can’t name them all here but we are forever grateful and blessed to have such a glorious team!
      So here we are in 2009, and almost all of Chad’s original vision has come true, and yet we are just getting started. Our growth is at quantum level, every month we are seeing more and more people joining us and our sales are soaring. People from all over the USA are benefiting from our products immensely and the opportunity to be a member and a part of this momentum is increasing the quality of countless lives.
      When I say we are just getting started, I mean it. A part of Chad’s vision that deeply touched my heart, spoke for the large amounts of money generated by this network. We, as a collective, are going to fund massive non- profit projects aimed at healing the earth and all of its inhabitants. We will literally be funding the important visionary projects that our governments fail to support! All of you are contributing greatly to this goal. We have been blessed to have the full support and dedication of David Wolfe and Jim Kwik who have made giant leaps in spreading and supporting our network, and they too are just getting started.
      I write this letter to you all to show the heart and soul that is behind Elements For Life. We are not a group of stuffy millionaires, scheming to make a fat corporation that only benefits the elite. We are a grassroots group of
      real people who truly believe in a better way of doing business that is in complete harmony with the principles of nature. This opportunity to get involved is the answer to the prayers of many, for as our global economy nose
      dives, our industry is booming. People want and need extra revenue streams more than ever, and are delighted to get involved with a company that is clean and fair and offers a real opportunity to help you own your birth right to abundance and health!
      Please share your stories and testimonials with us and support each other as much as possible. As I have previously mentioned, this is bigger than all of us and includes all of us. We, at Elements For Life, are honored and grateful to co-create with all of you.
      I am now traveling the world pretty much full time, spreading superfoods and making a wonderful film staring David Wolfe, Drunvalo Melchezidek, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and many more, entitled “Our Seed Of Life”:
      (please check out the trailer on the website ~)
      I am happy to report that people all around the world are ready and calling for Elements for Life’s expansion. We are working hard to make this happen and we intend to open several new countries soon.
      From my heart to yours,
      Adam Russel




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