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March 10: FREE Amazing Teleseminar/Webinar Starts Today

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  • Pamela Melcher
    Dear Friends, Another dear friend, Jennifer McLean, presents HEALING WITH THE MASTERS - THE DAILY WORK  an amazing FREE Teleseminar/Webinar Series starting
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2009
      Dear Friends,

      Another dear friend, Jennifer McLean, presents


      an amazing FREE Teleseminar/Webinar Series starting March 10

      She will talk with the luminaries on the leading edge of cultural evolution on our planet who appear below.  You will find more information about the speakers at the bottom of this email. 

      Renowned Spiritual teacher, and New Times Best Selling author ,
      Neale Donald Walsh

      4 Times New York Times Best Selling Author,
      Gary Zukav

      Scientist and Best Selling Author of The Biology of Belief,  Bruce Lipton

      Best Selling Author of
      The Divine Matrix,
      Gregg Braden

      Psychiatrist, and  Best Selling Author,  Dr Judith Orloff

      Best Selling Author ,and "World Thought  Leader"
       James Ray

      Best Selling Author,  Speaker, and  America's #1 coach ,
      Jack Canfield

      Cutting-edge Metaphysical Best Selling Author,
      Gary Renard

      Author and Zen Master
      Genpo Merzel, Roshil

      Author, Minister, and "A Complaint Free World" founder,
      Will Bowen

      Hay House Author, and Medical Inuitive Caroline Sutherland

      Author, and Intuitive Guide,
      Sonia Choquette

      Healer and  Founder
      of The Reconnection,
      Dr. Eric Pearl

      EMC2/AIM Founder, and Author,  Steven

      Speaker, Radio Host, and Best Selling Author,
      Guy Finley

      Author, and Executive VP of HeartMath, Howard Martin

      Visionary Thinker, Teacher ,and Author,  Richard Moss

      Founder International Academy of Self-Knowledge Libby Adams

      Spiritual Teacher, and Mindset Expert  
      Shelby Collinge

      Best Selling Author, Transformation and Leadership Expert,
      Sonia Ricotti

      Author, Speaker, and Strategic Success Coach,
      Jen Blackert

      Healer, Creator of H.E.A.R.T. and L.E.T. and EFT Specialist, Mary A. Hall

      A gifted author herself, Jennifer draws out the very best from the people she interviews.  Her questions go right to the core of the speaker's message, making it easier to understand.  They touch on our most pressing needs.

      There is an opportunity for listeners to ask questions.

      Jennifer is a gifted healer as well.  She quickly and easily facilitated my uprooting of a deep pattern which was not serving me.  She is empowering, egalitarian, compassionate, wise, unpretentious, grounded, practical, generous, visionary and bursting with enthusiasm.

      Here she is on a recent radio show:

      Everyone who registers will also receive as gifts several of Jennifer's healing offerings as downloads.

      If you would like to avail yourself of this special treat, click on this link:  http://tinyurl.com/healingmasters3


      will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm Pacific time, 7pm Eastern time, from March 10 through May 27th.

      The calls will be recorded and available FREE for 48 hours.

      You can listen by phone or, if you wish to avoid long distance charges, by webcast.

      If you want to register, click on this link:

      Happiness, Health and Abundance for All!

      Many Blessings,
      Pamela Melcher

      Alkaline, clustered ionized water:

      Raw, organic superfoods:

      Detoxification with purified, liquid zeolite:

      Here are some more details about the speakers:

      Neale Donald Walsch


      Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. Neale spent the majority of his life thriving professionally, yet searching for spiritual meaning before beginning his now famous conversation with God. His With God series of books has been translated into 34 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.

      In addition to authoring the renowned With God series, Neale has published 16 other works, as well as a number of video and audio programs. Available throughout the world, each of the CwG dialogue books has made the New York Times Bestseller list, Conversations with God-Book 1 occupying that list for over two and half years.

      Neale's work has taken him from the steps of Macchu Picchu in Peru to the steps of the Shinto shrines of Japan, from Red Square in Moscow to St. Peters Square in Vatican City to Tiananmen Square in China. And everywhere he has gone-from South Africa to Norway, Croatia to The Netherlands, the streets of Zurich to the streets of Seoul, Neale has found a hunger among the people to find a new way to live, at last, in peace and harmony, and he has sought to bring people a new understanding of life and of God which would allow them to experience that.

      Gary Zukav

      Gary Zukav for years has conveyed the most complex insights in language all can understand. Over and over, he challenges us to see the depth of our potential in the world… and act on that awareness.

      He is the author of four consecutive New York Times Bestsellers. In 1979, The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics, plumbed the depths of quantum physics and relativity, winning The American Book Award for Science. In 1989, The Seat of the Soul led the way to seeing the alignment of the personality and the soul as the fulfillment of life and captured the imagination of millions, becoming the #1 New York Times bestseller over thirty times and remaining on the New York Times bestseller list almost three years. Soul Stories (2000), as well as The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness (2002) and The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice (2003), both co-authored with Linda Francis, also became New York Times Bestsellers.

      Gary will guide us to our highest human potential in his talk with us on Healing With The Masters.

      Bruce Lipton PhD

      Dr. Bruce Lipton is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit. He has been a guest speaker on dozens of TV and radio shows, as well as keynote presenter for national conferences.

      If the existence of what is referred to as the ‘mind/body connection’, which has spawned a massive industry of complementary medicine and given rise to a radical new mindset, still sounds like bunkum to you, hold onto your seat and read on.

      The new sciences quantum physics and epigenetics are revolutionising our understanding of the link between mind and matter, challenging established scientific theories and prompting a complete re-evaluation of life as we have known it.

      One of the shining lights to emerge from these new sciences is cellular biologist and best selling author, Bruce Lipton PhD, whose book, The Biology of Belief, was awarded 2006’s Best Science Book of the Year.

      Bruce will walk us through these principles and guide us to a new scientific understanding of the mind/body connection.

      Dr. Judith Orloff

      As a board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Orloff blends her traditional medical skills with intuition to enhance patient care. Her new book Emotional Freedom (Harmony Books, March, 2009) helps readers liberate themselves from negative emotions and develop hope, compassion, and courage. It is a roadmap for those who are stressed, discouraged, or overwhelmed--and for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel better. As Dr. Orloff shows, each day presents opportunities for us to be heroes in our own lives: to turn away from negativity, react constructively, and seize command of any situation. Her previous bestsellers include Positive Energy, Guide to Intuitive Healing, and Second Sight, a trilogy of books exploring new breakthroughs in intuition, energy, and how to combat an epidemic of exhaustion overtaking our world. Positive Energy is a national and Los Angeles Times bestseller which has been translated into 24 languages.

      Transforming the face of psychiatry, Judith Orloff, MD is an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality to achieve physical and emotional healing. She passionately asserts that we have the power to transform negative emotions and achieve inner peace.  

      On Healing With The Masters, Dr Orloff will offer practical strategies to overcome frustration, stress, and worry and how to quiet our overactive minds that won’t shut off.

      Gregg Braden

      New York Times best selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science and spirituality. Following a successful career as a Computer Geologist for Phillips Petroleum during the 1970s energy crisis, he became a Senior Computer Systems Designer for Martin Marietta Defense Systems during the last year of the Cold War. In 1991 he was appointed the first Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems where he led the development of the global support team that assures the reliability of today’s Internet.

      For more than 20 years, Gregg has searched high mountain villages, remote monasteries, and forgotten texts to uncover their timeless secrets. To date, his work has led to such paradigm-shattering books as The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, The Divine Matrix and his 2008 release, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits. Gregg’s work is now published in 17 languages and 27 countries and shows us beyond any reasonable doubt that the key to our future lies in the wisdom of our past.

      Gregg will share the insights about his new book The Spontaneous Healing of Belief... Scientific evidence reveals that heart-based belief affects everything from the healing of our bodies to the atoms of our world. Is it possible that we’re born with the power to reverse disease, create peace and abundance, and even change reality itself? As we face the greatest challenges of human history, these new discoveries suggest that we’re about to find out!

      James Ray


      James Arthur Ray is transforming the way the world thinks. James is a "World Thought  Leader" who has traveled the globe devoting over two decades to studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who create true wealth in every area of their life. James was a featured teacher in the hit movie The Secret, his current book, Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want, reached number five on the New York Times Best-Sellers list its first week on shelves.

      James has studied and been exposed to a wide diversity of teachings and teachers - from traditional college and the schools of the corporate world, to the ancient cultures of Peru and Egypt, and the jungles of the Amazon. As a result, he has the unique ability to blend the mystical and practical into a usable and easy-to-access formula.

      He has applied this formula to thousands of individuals and organizations assisting them to create harmonic wealth in their businesses and personal lives. Because of his comprehensive and integrated background, James considers himself a "practical mystic," and he seeks to share this unique way of living with individuals around the world.

      James has been featured on The Today Show, Larry King Live, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

      Jack Canfield

      Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of the best-selling book The Success Principles, jump-started his career with his mentor W. Clement Stone where he was taught fundamental success principles that he still operates from today.

      Over the years his association with individuals such as Mark Victor Hansen, Janet Switzer, John Gray, Bob Proctor… and others led Jack to form a Master Mind group where these and other leaders can share philosophies and brainstorm new ideas.

      Jack has also been a featured guest on more than 1,000 radio and television programs some of which include: Oprah, 20/20, Inside Edition, The Today Show, Larry King Live, Fox and Friends, The CBS Evening News, The NBC Nightly News, Eye to Eye, CNN's Talk Back Live!, PBS, QVC and many others

      Jack will guide us through how to live a life of success in ease and effortlessness.

      Gary Renard

      Gary Renard, is the best-selling author of The Disappearance of the Universe, Your Immortal Reality, and his new book Love Has Forgotten No One. He became a successful professional guitar player, but during the harmonic convergence of 1987, he heard a Calling and began to take his life in a different direction. At the beginning of the 1990’s, he moved to Maine, where he underwent a powerful spiritual awakening. As instructed, he slowly and carefully wrote  Disappearance over a period of nine years. In the fall of 2003, after much encouragement from other speakers and students, Gary began to present talks and workshops in public. His speaking career took off remarkably fast, and today he lectures internationally.

      Combining a disarming sense of humor with radical, cutting-edge metaphysical information and experiential exercises, Gary has been described as one of the most interesting and courageous spiritual speakers in the world. Over the past five years, he has spoken in 41 states, 13 countries, and was the keynote speaker at the International A Course in Miracles Conferences in Salt Lake City and San Francisco. Gary is also the most recent recipient of the Infinity Foundation Spirit Award. The award is given to a person who has made a meaningful contribution to personal and spiritual growth. Past recipients include Dan Millman, Ram Dass, Gary Zukav, James Redfield and Neale Donald Walsch.

        “A book that is destined to be one of the most significant contributions to spiritual literature in this century. The message in Gary Renard’s The Disappearance of the Universe is of great importance to the healing of ourselves and our planet.”  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

      Genpo Roshi

      Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi is a revolutionary in the tradition of the old Zen Masters who so embodied Buddhist teaching that they were able to revitalize and transform it for their own day and age. Genpo Roshi is working to transmit the essence of the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is readily accessible to Westerners and relevant to our everyday life.

      The core of his teaching is the unshakeable and contagious certainty that every one of us, regardless of our socio-economic, cultural or religious background, can instantly awaken to our true nature, like the great masters of old — like the historical Buddha himself, whose essential teaching was nothing less than this. This experience helps us shed anxiety and fear and learn to live more purposeful, compassionate and joyful lives. Roshi combines Zen tradition with the insights of such visionary western figures as Carl Jung, Fritz Perls, and Hal Stone, enabling virtually anyone to realize their true nature, a realization they can further deepen through meditation.

      He was ordained as a Zen monk under Zen Master Taizan Maezumi in 1973. Completing formal Koan study in 1979 he became Maezumi Roshi’s second Dharma Successor in 1980, the first being Bernie Tetsugen Glassman. He received Inka (final seal of approval as Zen Master) from Roshi Glassman in 1996, thereby becoming one of a small group of Westerners recognized as lineage holders in both the Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions.

      Roshi’s publications include The Eye Never Sleeps, Beyond Sanity and Madness, 24/7 Dharma, and The Path of The Human Being, and several DVDs. His latest book, Big Mind/Big Heart: Finding Your Way, published in the Fall of 2007, is also being published in translation in Holland, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Romania.

      Will Bowen

      Will Bowen is the Lead Minister of the One Community Spiritual Center in Kansas City, MO. In July 2006 he suggested his congregation use purple bracelets to monitor their success at eradicating complaining from their lives. His idea exploded around the world and nearly 6 million purple Complaint Free bracelets have been sent to people in more than 105 countries.

      Bowen has been featured on Oprah, NBC's The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, The ABC Evening News, Fox News Channel and in hundreds of TV and radio interviews around the world. Stories about him and the movement he created have been written about in over 200 newspapers, "People" magazine, "O" magazine, "Self" magazine and Chicken Soup for the Soul. In 2007, he was dubbed one of the most innovative Christian leaders in the U.S. by Church Solutions magazine.

      His first book, A Complaint Free World, published in October, 2007 by Doubleday, is an international bestseller .  The book has been  published in more 14 foreign countries to date and is an audio book, read by Bowen, published by Random House Audio.   His second book, Complaint Free Relationships will be published October 2009 by Doubleday.

      Guy Finley


      Guy Finley's encouraging and accessible message is one of the true bright lights in our world today. His ideas cut straight to the heart of our most pressing personal and social issues -- relationships, fear, addiction, stress/anxiety, peace, happiness, freedom ­ and lead the way to a higher life.

      Guy is the best-selling author of The Secret of Letting Go and  his new book The Essential Laws of Fearless Living and more than 36 other books and audio albums that have sold over a million copies in 16 languages worldwide. In addition, he has presented over 4,000 unique self-realization seminars to thousands of grateful students throughout North America and Europe over the past 20 years and has been a guest on over 400 television and radio shows, including national appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, Wisdom Network, and many others.

      In addition to his writing and appearance schedule, Guy presents four inner-life classes each week at his non-profit Life of Learning Foundation headquarters in Merlin, Oregon. These classes are ongoing and open to the public.

      Dr Eric Pearl

      Internationally recognized healer ERIC PEARL has spoken by invitation at the U.N, presented to a full house at Madison Square Garden. As a doctor, Eric ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day when patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them - even though he hadn't physically touched them. For the first couple of months, his palms blistered and bled. Patients soon reported receiving miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, birth disfigurements and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Eric simply held his hands near them. To this day, it continues.

      Find out what has the medical community baffled. Discover why hospitals and universities across the country are investing time and money in an attempt to explain these extraordinary healings, and how you too, can master this extraordinary work! Eric will discuss his remarkable story of how this energy, light and information first came to him and how it changed his --and many other's-- lives.

      Eric Returns once again for volume III of Healing With the Masters.

      Sonia Choquette

      Sonia Choquette is a unique and extraordinary spiritual teacher, intuitive guide and masterful catalyst whose special gift is to energetically activate the highest vibration and free the authentic Spirit in everyone she meets. She releases people from the restriction and fear of the ego and guides them through the portals to joy, wholeness, and personal empowerment in every area of their life. She has also been a personal Intuitive advisor to such New Age Leaders as Louise Hay, Julia Cameron, Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne Dyer, pop icon Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins rock band, and professional consultant to international business leaders such as Charlotte Beers, Fortune 500 Company CEO.

      A third generation intuitive and prolific writer, she is the best-selling author of ten books published in over Thirty countries: The Psychic Pathway (Three Rivers Press), Your Heart's Desire (Three Rivers Press), The Intuitive Spark (Hay House), True Balance (Three Rivers Press), The Diary of a Psychic (Hay House/Publishers July 2003), Trust Your Vibes (Hay House 2004) Ask Your Guides (Hay House 2005) Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose (Hay House 2006) The Time Has Come (Hay House 2008) and numerous audio editions and meditations.

      Her book Your Heart's Desire is currently required reading at the University of Santa Monica and her book The Wise Child was a featured topic at the first International Conference on Children's Spirituality in Atlanta, sponsored by the University of Atlanta.

      Sonia will discuss her newest book how we can each discover our gifts.

      Howard Martin

      Howard Martin is author of The HeartMath Solution and the Executive Vice President of HeartMath, part of the Global Coherence initiative which manages the heart coherence research being done on an individual and global level.

      HeartMath measures the heart rhythms and electromagnetic energies and teaches individuals how to regulate them to enhance one's life. HeartMath's most recent endeavor is the Global Coherence Project which is establishing a network of 100 centers around the world. The current research he sites includes a paper from Dean Radin noting a weather satellite detecting changes in the earth's electromagnetic field in the days following Sept. 11th, 2001. The proposed Global Coherence Project will expand HeartMath's research with individuals changing their heart coherence to changing it on a global level.

      In this call, you will learn how you can break free from stress, maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos, raise anti-aging hormone levels, and immediately lower stress hormones.

        “The key to understanding our emotions is not in the brain but in the heart”~Howard Martin

      Caroline Sutherland

      Caroline Sutherland has a vast clinical background as an allergy-testing technician in environmental medicine, where her intuitive gift developed. She was raised in a medical family: Her mother was a dietician, and both her father and grandfather were medical doctors. As a child, the blueprint of her family lineage created important seeds for her future career as a medical intuitive.

      Caroline askds, "is it possible to actually slow down the aging process?" and her answer is yes; and when you look at this vital, energetic woman who’s in her mid-60s, you can tell she has a few secrets that are worth sharing. This is a book that certainly comes along at the right time: With much of the population moving into retirement age, and billions of dollars being spent annually on vitamins and anti-aging therapies, men and women are eagerly seeking healthy approaches during their later years. Men and women are often wary about what might befall them as the numbers tick away. Fortunately, Caroline has answers for the chronic degenerative breakdown that leads to mobility issues, decrease in hearing and vision, osteoporosis, and arthritis—not to mention memory loss. With her expert wisdom and sparkling sense of humor, Caroline covers the four components of a vibrant-aging program, showing in the process that the body has a phenomenal capacity to repair.

      For the past 23 years, she has lectured internationally as a medical intuitive, and her intuitive impressions have positively affected the lives of more than 100,000 people. Caroline is the founder of Sutherland Communications, Inc., which offers medical-intuitive training programs, weight-loss programs, and consultation services for adults and children. She is a frequent guest on radio and television.

      Richard Moss


      Richard Moss is internationally respected as a visionary thinker, teacher and author of six books on transformation, self-healing, and the art of conscious living. More than 30 years ago, he left the practice of medicine after a life-changing realization to dedicate his life to help others realize their multidimensional nature and achieve self-mastery. His teaching bridges science, psychology, energy medicine, and spiritual/awareness practices. He is most well known for the deep experiential nature of his work where people learn holistically with their mind, body, and feelings.

      His philosophy is entirely pragmatic: work on consciousness must alleviate human suffering and address the root causes of why and how we create so much conflict in ourselves and our world.

      His books include: The I That is We (1981), How Shall I Live (1985), The Black Butterfly (1986), The Second Miracle (1995) and Words That Shine Both Ways (1997). His newest book is The Mandala of Being: Discovering the Power of Awareness, published by New World Library, 2007. His works have been translated into Spanish, French, German, and Danish.

      For over thirty years Dr. Moss has taught in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. He has been interviewed in magazines and newspapers worldwide, and has presented at numerous conferences and at such institutions as Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Chicago Medical School, U.C.L.A., U.C. Berkeley, American University, Washington DC, Georgetown University, and John F. Kennedy University.

        "I have admired Dr. Moss's work for many years & highly recommend The Mandala of Being." ~Deepak Chopra

        "Richard is one of the most important teachers of transformational knowledge." ~Marianne Williamson

      Stephen Lewis

      Stephen Lewis is the founder of EMC2 and co-author of the novel Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, had been exploring energetic balancing for more than twenty-five years. His extensive studies and research led him directly to the insights upon which the spiritual energetic balancing technology of EMC2 is based. Lewis's technology called AIM, has been used by tens of thousands of individuals worldwide and has earned the endorsements of Dr Wayne Dyer, The Secret teachers Dr Michael Beckwith and James Ray and others.

      Stephen created the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing after extensive study of the intersection of quantum physics and spirituality. Essentially, the AIM Program locates an unbalanced energy frequency in someone's consciousness and sets it right by delivering the corrected frequency around the clock. Stephen has identified about half a million frequencies, and is adding more all the time. Stephen will be discussing the nuances of his AIM program and how it has positively impacted the thousands who have worked with this energy.

      Mary A. Hall

      Mary A. Hall is passionate Healer with her own H.E.A.R.T and L.E.T. systems of healing, and she is a renowned E.F.T. specialist. Mary incorporates these modalities when working with clients. She is a self-educated, life empowering "coach" that has many tools at hand to coach her clients from an energetic, cognitive and physical perspective, into health.

      Her versatility is one of the key ingredients to her success--that, combined with her remarkable ability to quickly hone in on the subtle energies and the core issues allows her to guide clients gently and in a focused way to release blocks and therefore attain their desired goals.

      Mary's perceptions and understanding of the energetic system is profound and intuitive. In fact she has used this intuitive gift to define a new healing paradigm called H.E.A.R.T. (Heart Energy Application Resonance Technique) that imbues an energy healing session with the primary essence of love energy creating a field of new possibilities to shift tissue, cells and beliefs into a new form. well as her  L.E.T.

      During her talk, Mary will be offering an EFT and potentially an L.E.T. (Life Empowering Technique) tapping/Chakra technique session, helping to move you into a new place of wholeness.

      Shelbey Collinge


      Shelby Collinge is an author, spiritual teacher and master of mindset and limiting beliefs. She has trained and spoken in front of tens of thousands of individuals and helped them identify limits and barriers to their success. Shelby has a B.A. degree in Development Psychology and brings insights, stories and inspiration that is unmatched by many. She is President and CEO of Limitless Possibilities, Inc., an organization she founded to serve the needs of individuals who are looking for solutions to 'WHY' things are not working as apposed to solutions to try and fix them. Shelby has clients in over 28 countries and speaks to groups all over.

      Shelby's extensive 12 year sales experience was pivotal to Shelby's success and this too is a technique that Shelby uniquely brings to the table. Shelby has been trained by the top trainers in the world including: Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill and Dr. Wayne Dyer, as well as countless others. Her inspired unending quest for further growth and higher spiritual knowing, Shelby feeds her mind by reading, listening to audios, master-minding with brilliant colleagues and attending trainings and seminars regularly. Shelby not only brings a wealth of knowledge, solid real life experience of ALL that she teaches, brilliantly sharp business knowledge and skills but also a solid balance of energy, enthusiasm and a zest for life that is truly contagious.

      Shelby's programs, events and services are unparalleled in offerings and new levels of understanding. Listen to Shelby's call and explore the many insights and ideas she can share with you, your personal growth and the growth of your spiritual path.

      Sonia Ricotti

      Sonia Ricotti is the President of Lead Out Loud, #1 bestselling author of The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple, a transformational and leadership expert, and the co-host of the popular radio show Lead Out Loud Talk Radio.

      As a renowned motivational speaker, Sonia has inspired many thousands of people all around the globe to live their greatest lives. Sonia often incorporates her past experience with her humanitarian efforts into her keynote speeches, seminars and literature with stories that move and inspire the audience. Sonia is interviewed regularly by the media (TV, radio, and print), and has been a guest on shows such as Oprah and Friends Radio, the Steven and Chris Show, and many others. As a leadership expert, Sonia has held several leadership titles over the years in the insurance and health club industries and has been the recipient of several coveted leadership awards. As a humanitarian, she has participated and led several humanitarian trips around the world, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Thailand.

      Sonia dec

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