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This Thursday! Lecture by Ecopolitan's Dr. Tel-Oren

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  • Natasia Rana
    Adiel (“Dr. T”) Tel-Oren, MD (Europe), DC, LN, DACBN, DABOM, CCN, FABDA, DABCT(c) is a Holistic Scientist who educates doctors & the public about
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      Adiel (“Dr. T”) Tel-Oren, MD (Europe), DC, LN, DACBN, DABOM, CCN,
      FABDA, DABCT(c) is a Holistic Scientist who educates doctors & the
      public about nutritional & environmental medicine, approaches to
      diagnosis & therapy, and disease prevention via a truly natural
      lifestyle & dietary modification. Trained as an MD in Europe and in
      the USA, Dr. T is board-certified with the American Board of Oxidative
      Medicine, American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and the American Board
      of Chelation Therapy (candidate). He is a Certified Clinical
      Nutritionist and a professor with the Clinical Nutrition Certification
      Board of the International & American Association of Clinical
      Nutritionists; a doctor of chiropractic (trained & licensed in the
      USA); a Licensed Nutritionist (Minnesota); a Fellow of the American
      Board of Disability Analysts; a member of the ACA Nutrition Council;
      And President Emeritus of the University of Natural Medicine (Santa
      Fe, NM), where he serves as Dean of Medical Sciences and Professor of
      functional, nutritional, & clinical medicine.

      Dr. T is founder and president of: The Functional and Dental Health
      (FDH) Foundation (2001), with local and international chapters; the
      famous Integrated Healthcare Clinics, Inc. (1994-2000), Minnesota’s
      first multi-practitioner (23 clinicians), multidisciplinary,
      integrative clinic; America’s first urban Eco-Spa & Eco-Hostel
      (2005-7, now converted to the Eco-Stay Health, Diet & Detox Budget
      Retreat, utilizing scientific lab & professional clinical nutrition);
      and The Ecopolitan (2001), America’s most ecological & environmentally
      friendly urban complex, including America’s first sustainable
      restaurant offering 100% organic living cuisine, an Eco-Shop, and an
      educational resource center.

      Besides seeing patients and lecturing internationally & on radio/ TV
      shows to doctors, nurses, & the public, Dr. T consults for
      nutritional, military, government, and community organizations and is
      currently writing books and producing CD’s of his popular ‘Ask Dr. T’
      lectures. He also practices wilderness and humanitarian medicine in
      remote areas; organizes and guides humanitarian Eco-Treks in Nepal;
      and leads ecological health and education retreats in Wisconsin,
      Thailand, and in Nepal, where he is also the co-founder of CCODER’s
      Community Health Plan (www.ccoder.org), managing the health of nearly
      200,000 people.

      For more details on Dr. T's incredible research and extensive
      biography, please visit:

      Dr. T's lecture will be on the topic of pre-cancerous skin blemishes:
      Moles, birth marks and other skin blemishes and protrusions
      …may have a 10 to 20 times increased risk of developing skin cancer
      Skin tags and skin lumps
      …could signify hormonal imbalances and can cause neurological irritation
      Natural, painless, non-invasive treatment
      • Learn how thousands of people are using a “lost technique” to get
      rid of unsightly skin blemishes.
      • Leaves skin soft, clear and scar-free

      People's Co-op Community Room
      3029 SE 21st Ave., Portland

      Thursday, January 29th

      Investment in your health: $12

      Appointments for gentle, safe, non-surgical mole and blemish removal
      (which include FREE personal assessments) will take place from
      8:00am-12:00pm on Friday, January 30th.

      For more info, contact Tashi Rana: info@... or 503-789-1727.
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