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Re: [RawPortland] Blossoming Lotus info -- the good they (sometimes) die young....

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  • Chef Al Chase
    Thank you for taking the time to write this... it means a lot that there are so many supporters out there that want the best for vegan restaurants and
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 18, 2009
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      Thank you for taking the time to write this... it means a lot that
      there are so many supporters out there that want the best for vegan
      restaurants and businesses. Which brings me to ask that whenever
      possible, please take the time to visit and support our vegan
      restaurants and businesses here in Portland. I know money is tight
      for many people but even if you go for a snack versus a full meal, it
      helps. Pass the good word along to your non-vegan friends as to how
      good vegan eats can be especially here in Portland. As a vegan
      lifestyle educator and coach along with my husband Chef Al, we are
      always looking for ways to support this great community. Taking the
      time to write an article, an e-mail, a blog posting, anything that
      helps bring people to this delicious movement is welcome. Want to
      volunteer? there are so many opportunities in this community. Check
      out the Food Fight listings and NWVeg.org opportunities.

      NOTE: Chef Al and I are giving a talk tonight at 5pm about "Stretching
      Your Organic Vegan Dollar" at the Northwest Vegetarian Potluck (more
      information and location, visit www.nwveg.org)

      I invite you to do what you can and have fun.


      On 1/17/09, wMilmoe@... <wMilmoe@...> wrote:
      > Thank you for the tip on the Kauai location closing. I verified it with the
      > staff in the Pearl and also checked the web.
      > I am glad to have gotten one more visit to BL in Portland this week and I am
      > encouraging others to do the same, asap. The staff said the Hawaii closure
      > does not affect them here, but I wonder. Just goes to show that we often do
      > not appreciate something until we lose it.
      > I never expected to visit the Kauai location but still I feel a loss. Not a
      > word about new direction or ventures. What saddens me most is that I
      > understood there were 20-25 people who worked/cycled through the
      > restaurant. What a great place to work or have a working / vacation. Ah,
      > to be young, vegan or raw vegan!!!
      > Maybe next lifetime I can be so blessed.
      > Bill
      > here is blurb from one of their supporters.
      > First there was the banking bailout. Then, the auto. Unfortunately,
      > no one bailed out one of my favorite restaurants on Kaua'i (or
      > anywhere, for that matter). Blossoming Lotus closed its doors for good
      > on New Year's Eve.
      > My husband and I stopped by on the last day of the year for the
      > restaurant's $22 per person, first-come, first-served, mahalo buffet.
      > The restaurant opened at 6:00 p.m. When we drove by at 6:15, there was
      > a line out the door, down the block and around the corner. I wasn't the
      > only one sad to see this small business shutter its windows.
      > Some say there were too many cooks in the k
      > itchen. Others say it was
      > rent-related. It doesn't really matter why the award-winning restaurant
      > closed. The kitchen no longer emanates the garlic, red bell pepper,
      > green onion, cilantro, seal salt, Nama shoyu and cashews that made the
      > Nut Cheez for my favorite Senorita Bombia's Enchilada Casserole. No one
      > is blending Ancho chilis, sundried tomatoes, lime juice, and roasted
      > Jalapeno peppers with tofu and layering this chili sauce with the blue
      > corn tortillas in the casserole either.
      > Except for maybe me, some day, in my own kitchen, with the
      > Blossoming Lotus "Vegan World Fusion Cuisine" cookbook I picked up
      > before they closed. One glance at the recipe, though, for my entrée of
      > choice, and I realize I'll have to start preparing it in October in
      > order to be ready for a New Year's Eve treat.
    • Roger Padvorac
      Hi Pamela, There does seem to be some synergy between our thinking, emotions, and the food we eat, and depending on a person s choices, the synergy can support
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 18, 2009
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        Hi Pamela,
        There does seem to be some synergy between our thinking, emotions, and the food we eat, and depending on a person's choices, the synergy can support constructive or destructive spirals in our lives.
        I would appreciate hearing your perception of the relative energy levels of the different emotions. If you could list them in sequence, from the highest energy level to the lowest energy level, that would be very interesting, and might help me understand this better.
        Likely there is some variance between people, in that some people experience a specific emotion differently, and so the emotion has a different effect on them than on other people. So I'm not asking for a universal view, just your personal experience with emotions and how high or low their energy is for you.
        I'm asking about this because I think its harder to get a sense of the impact of emotions on our health, than the impact of thinking or food, because we are inside the emotions and so its harder to get perspective on them, and because of this the impact of emotions on our lives is harder to see.
        I think part of it is there is a clearer, more objective memory of our thinking and the food we ate. By this I mean a week later a person can remember many of the words they thought and said the previous week, and its pretty obvious if your diet the previous week was French fries and donuts or raw apples and almonds.
        Its not nearly as easy to be clear about how much time was spent with which emotions last week, so its harder to associate emotions with their effects on your life. Also its easy to fool ourselves about what emotion we are really truly experiencing, especially if we are experiencing two or more emotions at the same time. Once a person can accurately associate actions with effects, then what they are working with is more meaningful than just ideas or rules, and its easier to commit to change and devote yourself to learning new habits.
        A healthy diet without healthy thinking and healthy emotions won't be nearly as effective as all three being healthy together at the same time, so I think its important to work on all three as a group.
        Anyway, for me, I'm finding it harder to learn about the effects of my emotions and to improve my emotional habits, than it is to improve my eating habits or thinking habits, so I will appreciate any clues you could share about this.
        May your day be filled with clarity, grace, strength, progress, and warm laughter,

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        From: Pamela Melcher
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        Subject: Energy follows Attention Re: [RawPortland] Blossoming Lotus info -- the good they (sometimes) die young....

        Dear Friends,
        It has even been proven with double blind rigorous scientific experiments in quantum physics that thoughts affect the material world.
        I have also seen in my own life that my thoughts and feelings affect the material world.
        Fear is one of the lowest vibration emotions that there are.  I have found that high vibrational emotions help me manifest what i choose to see in the world.  And that when i am afraid i cannot see what options i have and do not have energy to take action.
        Happiness, Health and Abundance for All!
        Pamela Melcher
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