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Raw Food Class in your hometown?

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  • Gideon Graff
    Would you like to have a Raw Food Class in your hometown? Good news for 2009! Jackie and Gideon Graff, with almost a decade as raw food chefs and educators,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2009
      Would you like to have a
      Raw Food Class in your hometown?

      Good news for 2009! Jackie and Gideon Graff, with almost a decade as
      raw food chefs and educators, will be on the move beginning in January
      2009, bringing a variety of raw-food preparation and lifestyle classes
      to your area.

      A diet of mostly raw food has proven to be the easiest way to improve
      and sustain your health. Testimonies of thousands over the world are
      evidence of its effectiveness.

      Over the years we have found that it is easy for everyone to
      understand the power and benefits of Raw Food, but for some it is much
      harder to implement for a long-lasting regimen of good health. Many
      get good results in the beginning. However, lack of knowledge, food
      addictions, boredom with their food choices or lack of diverse,
      delicious raw food options, drive some people to return to old eating
      patterns. As a result, they experience a return of many symptoms and

      We have taught hundreds of people the practical ways to make kitchen
      magic with delicious recipes for simple every day food and food for
      entertaining. We teach practical ways to shop, keep, and rotate your
      produce, reducing spoilage and waste. We also offer short cuts in food
      prep, and how to get the most out of your kitchen tools. We teach all
      the techniques and principles of why each recipe works for any raw
      food recipe and solve the frequent question, "Does this take a lot of
      time?" We teach you how you can spend part of a day in the kitchen and
      eat the rest of the week. We use only organic foods for our classes
      and ourselves.

      Our seminars held predominantly in Georgia and North Carolina, and
      Florida, have attracted a global following with participants traveling
      from all over the country and world, to attend our classes. In 2009 we
      will come to you! You will be able to attend the Graff's classes
      without all of these expenses, in your hometown. We offer a variety of
      classes that last from two hours to 12 days, and a price range of $35
      to $750, making our services affordable and accessible to people
      across the country.

      We are looking for individuals to host us who will assist in finding a
      location for our classes, help promote the program and enroll a
      minimum of 10 class participants. Prior classes have been held in
      churches, clubhouses, health food stores, and private homes, all with
      easy access to a sink. We will provide promotional material,
      advertising and PR. In return for your help, each host will
      participate for free, and will receive a set of Jackie Graff's theme
      recipe books, a DVD and a monetary benefit per student.

      If you are interested in hosting our class, or know some one else who
      will, please email us, and we will mail you back the complete program
      Please contact us at info@... to get your program scheduled.
      Or call 770 992-9218

      Jackie & Gideon Graff
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