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Holiday special on discounted superfoods!

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  • brion.oliver
    Hi, everybody! I decided to start selling discounted superfoods locally when I discovered through my restauranteur supply chain just how inexpensive these
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2008
      Hi, everybody!

      I decided to start selling discounted superfoods locally when I discovered through my restauranteur supply chain just how inexpensive these foods could be. In the hopes that more people will make goji berries, raw organic nori, organic sun-dried incan berries, and other vibrant goodies a part of their diet if they were easier to afford, I'm selling the best quality items on the market as cheaply as I can, in many cases saving the prospective buyer $5 to $8 per pound for these items. My organic nori sheets are half the price you'll find in stores, and they are raw!

      I'm able to do this because my overhead is low and I am more interested in getting these amazing life-enhancing foods into your hands than I am making a killer profit from the sale. Prices are high elsewhere because, I suspect, demand for quality items is high and the supply chains are still not well-formed. My product comes from the best distributor out there, who sells directly to the gourmet raw and living chefs; it's the best quality you can find, and I don't think you'll locate better prices anywhere.

      And the really special news is that, for the next ten days in a blatant attempt to earn your business, I'm taking an additional 10% off my already discounted prices!

      If you place an order before Monday, December 15th, you can get:

      Goji Berries for $12.38/lb
      Incan Berries for $14.86/lb
      Cacao Nibs for $10.80/lb
      Cacao Powder for $11.25/lb
      Sun-Dried Banana Spears for $8.55/lb
      Nori Sheets for $.27/sheet [$13.50 for 50 sheets, $27 for 100 sheets]
      exceptional Raw Agave Nectar is $16.20/quart

      There is detailed information on these products -- where they are grown, why they are good for you generally, and what makes this supply better than other supplies -- on my website (http://www.therawlife.net), but let me mention briefly the banana spears and agave nectar here.

      These banana spears are organic, tree-ripened, sun-dried bananas grown in mineral-rich soil in Ecuador, from heirloom banana trees. Because of how they are picked, their soil, and their more limited hybridization, these bananas have a lower glycemic index than other dried bananas... you can actually eat a handful of them at a sitting and not get the sugar rush you'll get from most of the dried bananas on the market. The only thing you have to watch out for with these is that they are incredibly addictive! While I've managed to give out some samples, I've munched my way through most of a 5 lb bag of what was supposed to be my product for sale! Their soft, chewy texture and amazing taste makes these the 'all-natural banana bread' of the living food world. Ask me for a sample with your order if you're interested; they really are the most amazing treat I've found.

      Agave nectar is a confusing topic right now for raw foodists. Some swear by it, others are starting to avoid it. There is some concern that it may not be as glycemically healthy as we've been led to believe, and we're starting to learn that a number of suppliers that claim their product is raw are extracting the syrup by boiling the cactus. If you are getting agave syrup that is brown or golden in coloration, it is *not* truly raw.

      The agave nectar I am making available to you is the one I use in my chocolate mousses, and it is 100% organic, truly raw, clear agave nectar grown from the Blue Agave Tequilana Weber variety, which has the highest concentrations of minerals. The agave leaves are crushed and the nectar extracted through high-velocity centrifugal straining, and is also kosher-certified! There is a lot more information about it on my website, but this product stands out immediately from anything else due to its utterly clear coloration and amazing taste.

      I plan on continuing to make these products available as part of my The Raw Life label, so if you've got the supply you need for now you can try what I have at a later date. If you want some extra super-stuffs now, though, the extra 10% off special will end on Monday, December 15th. You can pay with cash, check, Paypal account, or credit card.


      Have a fabulous solstice and approach to winter, everyone!

      Yay Raw!


      Brion Oliver
      The Raw Life
      Raw Events, Foods, and Inspiration
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