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Persimmons & Nuts

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  • Nora Lenz
    Hi All, I have just returned from California with 400 pounds of persimmons, and if there is sufficient interest, I ll be bringing them to Portland next
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2008
      Hi All,
      I have just returned from California with 400 pounds of persimmons, and if there is sufficient interest, I'll be bringing them to Portland next weekend.  There are two varieties, Hachiya and Hyakume, both the kind that need to get super squishy before eating.  If you've been discouraged trying store bought persimmons, please don't think that's what all persimmons are like!  I'm not quite sure how to account for it but when I buy persimmons at the store, they don't ripen, they just shrivel.  I'm not sure if it's the refrigeration or too early harvesting, but for some reason the sugars just don't form properly.  When I pick persimmons off the tree, I choose only the ones that are fully colored.  I know that tomatoes will only ripen off the vine if they have lots of color before they are picked, and that seems to be the case with persimmons as well.  
      Here in the Seattle area, conventional persimmons are selling for $2.59/lb and up.  The persimmons I'm selling are not only better (much better), they are organic and they are cheaper.  Only $2/lb, 5 pound minimum.  I will post some photos on the Yahoo homepage so you can see what they look like.  Fyi, an average persimmon weighs about 1/2 pound.  I'm not going to set up a database for ordering this time; if you'd like to order just send me an email with "persimmons" in the subject line.  If I get enough orders to justify the trip, I'll bring them either next Friday or Sunday (the 12th or 14th).  Deb Solheim has graciously offered her home as the pick up location.
      In addition, I also have really sweet & fresh raw organic pistachios (in the shell) for $9/lb, unpasteurized raw certified organic almonds for $12/lb, and raw, organic English Walnuts (Chandler variety) for $8/lb.  I got the walnuts from a backyard grower in Northern California who planted the trees himself 34 years ago.  They are completely unprocessed and hand shelled.  I will have samples of everything available so you can try before you buy but for the purpose of knowing whether I can make the trip, please give me some indication of the quantity you're interested in buying.
      Please email questions and orders to:  nmlenz@....  Thank you!
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