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Viktoras on 20/20

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  • Annette
    Viktoras Kulvinskas, the Father of the raw foods movement, sent out an email with information about an interview he did on Friday with John Stossel of ABC s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2008
      Viktoras Kulvinskas, the "Father of the raw foods movement," sent out
      an email with information about an interview he did on Friday with
      John Stossel of ABC's 20/20. The interview, Victoras thought, was to
      be about the raw foods movement. Apparenyly, instead, it was John's
      way of exploring the varieties of people with orthorexia, some of
      whom turned to raw foods and their disease worsened, "as a result."
      The letter is below, in case you want to share your experience or
      opinion with 20/20.

      Viktoras' email below:

      "Dear Raw Food Friends,

      On Saturday, September 5th, Viktoras appeared on national
      television on ABC's "20/20" where he was interviewed by journalist
      John Stosell.

      Unbeknownst to Viktoras, it was Mr. Stosell's intent to discredit the
      raw foods diet and to challenge the time honored principles of health
      which Viktoras has established over the forty years of his renowned
      healing ministry. In a very real sense Mr. Stosell appeared to be
      blaming the raw diet for the eating disorders which sometimes occur
      in various individuals.

      The content of the show highlighted people who are suffering from
      what is now being described by physicians as "orthorexia". Many of
      the people suffering from this disease turned to the raw foods diet
      in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms of their severe emotional
      and physical ailment. Many of them were not successful in
      implementing the health principles which Viktoras has worked so hard
      to establish.

      The interview demonstrated Mr. Stosell's negative bias against and
      one-sided approach toward the raw foods diet and the health
      technologies established by Viktoras and the late Dr. Ann Wigmore .
      Indeed, we do not think it an exaggeration or overstatement to say
      that Mr. Stosell "ambushed" Viktoras in a national venue. Further,
      this hard-core journalist did stoop to a rather underhanded personal
      attack on the Viktoras who we love and who has inspired and helped us
      all for so long.

      As we all know, these principles are widely and successfully
      practiced at many leading natural health institutes worldwide. When
      rightly practiced, Viktoras' principles have cured cancer, diabetes,
      HIV/Aids, and many of the other diseases which plague humankind. They
      have been a boon to the lives of so many many. Mr. Stosell's
      interview with Viktoras did not elaborate at all on these positive
      points which we know to be true. It was apparent that he wanted to
      discredit Viktoras and the health choices which so many of us have
      made to our benefit.

      We would like to request that you review the blog which ABC has
      established for commentary on this interview. We would like to
      suggest specifically that you share there your positive experiences
      with the Raw Foods Health Principles. Here is the web address:

      Additionally, we request that you contact the editors at ABC to urge
      them to broadcast the evidence of the positive experiences and cures
      associated with Viktoras' health knowledge and also to complain about
      their public treatment of Viktoras and his teachings. Here is the web

      If possible, please forward this edition of our RAW ENEWSLETTER to
      interested persons on your email list who may wish to participate in
      this write-in campaign to ABC News in defense of Viktoras and the
      truths about health and healing which he has so successfully shared
      with us over many decades.

      Thank you.
      Your friends at Raw Enewsletter"
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