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August 6th Juliano Gourmet dinner / dance at Hazel Dell Grange Update

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  • wMilmoe@aol.com
    This will be a fund raiser for Gabrielle and Thomas s UCC Church, Christ the Healer.? I am not a formal member but I have attended many of their events and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2008
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      This will be a fund raiser for Gabrielle and Thomas's UCC Church, Christ the Healer.  I am not a formal member but I have attended many of their events and have benefited greatly from their outreach work and knowledge so I want to give back a little in return.  It will also be a benefit for the Hazel Dell Grange (they need a better sound system for their events, a new roof and money to finish the commercial kitchen and to professionally outfit it.) So treat yourself to the second Juliano event this year (he will not be at the Raw and Living Spirit Retreat).  He is truly a pioneer for healing the planet.  Juliano is one of the funniest, loveable gurus in the raw food world and deserves a wide audience!!!!  If possible we will have a few openings at a price to be announce to take a yoga class or hike with guru Juliano....PS he requests that no one touch his feet on this visit but thank you for thinking about that blessing...

      Pricing will be for seats $200 at the door if available, 'Standing room only dinner' dance $95 at door please call for availability before you drive any distance as I expect a sell out crowd especially if we can get a press packet to the Seattle Times the Salem and Eugene papers and the Columbian and Oregonian.   Seats only $95 if purchased in advance of July 19th (one month from today no guarantee the 100 seats will last that long) or Standing room only dinner $50.  Seating is limited as we did not get one of the large halls I had hoped for.  As any $200 gourmet dinner I plan to have one waiter for each table, lead waiter inside the kitchen and in the dining room, Lots of kitchen staff/apprentices.  Linens etc.  the same thing we planned for the last event except the right donations/volunteers were not available because of the short (2 week) notice.  This time we all can plan our participation.

      Doors open 6:45, Dance lesson at 7 p.m. drinks will be available at that time, dinner is at 8.00. Dance exhibition at 9 p.m. dessert at 9.20 opening dancing to dj until the dishes are done and the hall cleared?! 10 p.m. or later.... Come live it UP!

      I have a DJ, jazz band, head waiter and produce procurement / cleaning person in mind and two waiters, a donation person and publicity/flyer person is needed!  Other volunteer positions maybe available. 

      Volunteer rules are below.  Donations gratefully accepted.

      Thank you so much for holding this intention for a successful life enhancing event.

      Thank you so much.

      William Milmoe
      Professor Crazy-legs Production
      360 695 4482

      Volunteer rules:

      Arch angels and angels need to post $100 good faith deposit to hold their spot.

      Supervisors and people authorized to work credit of 4 hours or more get food and full deposit
      at end of event.
      Human beings authorized to work credit of 2 or more hours get food and $50 of their deposit at the end of event.
      Other volunteers get Standing room only dinner and $25 of their deposit back.

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