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Re: [RE][RawPortland] Macadamia Nuts update

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  • Carolyn Loubiere
    Nora Hi,I had only ordered 3 lbs.So that should be 39.00 plus shipping right? Nora Lenz wrote:  I was going to hold all the nuts
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 10, 2008
         Hi,I had only ordered 3 lbs.So that should be 39.00 plus shipping right?

      Nora Lenz <nmlenz@...> wrote:
      I was going to hold all the nuts I'm getting this week for local pickups but as of right now all of them have not been spoken for so I can ship yours if you will go ahead and pay via Paypal.  The shipping will be $9 (I use the flat rate Priority Mail boxes).  Send your payment to:  nmlenz@speakeasy. net.  The total is $74.  Thanks, Tanya.
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      Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 3:37 PM
      Subject: [RE][RawPortland] Macadamia Nuts update

      Hi Nora,
      I will most likely keep my order in, but will need to have them shipped instead of waiting until the end of May for a possible pick up. I'll try to change my number of pounds in the database, but I think I'll order just 5 pounds. I'll send you payment in paypal, but could you reiterate what the shipping will be so I can include it?


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      Subject : [RawPortland] Macadamia Nuts update

      Date : Wed, 9 Apr 2008 10:06:56 -0700

      From : "Nora Lenz" <nmlenz@speakeasy. net>

      To : <RawWashington@ yahoogroups. com>, <Rawschool@yahoogrou ps.com>, <RawPortland@ yahoogroups. com>

      Hi All,

      The good news is that the farmer says he will finally be shipping the first 25 pounds to me today.

      He'll be sending the rest in 25 pound weekly increments.

      Now the bad news. It turns out he normally sells his mac nuts in the shell to a local co-op and

      wasn't fully aware how labor intensive and time consuming the shelling process was going to be. It

      isn't so much the shelling (he sends them out); the hitch is that they have to be dried first at low

      temps to harden the shell. The bottom line is that he has seen fit to significantly increase his

      price, which means I'm going to have to raise my price too. I don't like having to do that and I

      strive to avoid making changes once I've offered a product at a certain price. One of my goals is

      to not only bring people the best, freshest food possible but at lower prices than they have to pay

      elsewhere. Even at the higher price, these nuts still qualify on both counts. Anybody who has

      placed an order can cancel, of course, or buy fewer pounds. The price is $13/lb., which is still

      well below even the price for conventional macs, and these are fresh, uncertified organic. As

      usual, you are welcome to try before you buy. I would like to stick to the 2-pound minimum.

      Please email me privately if you'd like to come over this weekend and pick up your order. They

      should be available starting Friday evening. The first people to email me will get this first

      shipment, until they are gone. You can either pay by check or cash when you pick up, or in advance

      by Paypal (to: nmlenz@speakeasy. net). I'll be shipping nuts out of state after all the local

      orders are filled. For those in Portland, I'll be traveling through in late May and it may work out

      that I can drop orders off at a central location. We'll see how the timing plays out.

      Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

      Best wishes,


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