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Fasting information for "J" and anyone else who is interested

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  • Janna Blake-Allan
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8 2:00 AM
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      > FASTING...
      > Shortly after I was born, my mother was told she would be lucky if
      > she lived for two years (that means that she would have died by the
      > time she reached 35). The drugs that they had given to my mom while
      > she was in the hospital had caused her and me to become very ill. I
      > almost died during my first few months. I was born healthy, but the
      > drugs had poisoned her milk.
      > Shortly after that, she read a book called "The Grape Cure." (I am
      > not sure if it is still in print.) She went on a grape juice fast
      > that lasted 45 days. All she consumed was purified water and grape
      > juice. Later during my early childhood, she went on the same 45 day
      > fast again. She out-lived the doctor's grim prediction and lived
      > until I was 35 and she was 70. Now that I know what I have learned
      > in the past 12 years...I am certain that my mother could still be
      > alive today. (Unless, of course our Heavenly Father wanted to call
      > her home.)
      > The fasting details?...if you get squeamish about bodily functions...
      > then read this at your own risk!
      > During the fasts, she took at least one enema every day. She was
      > able to get rid of fossil-like matter that (as she put it)"looked
      > like my intestines were coming out!" We now refer to that as "mucous
      > or mucoide plaque." Mucoide plaque is like a rubber hose that lines
      > the intestinal wall (it is made of old cooked carbohydrates and other
      > old dead waste).
      > When fasting(on water or juices), whether it is one day or 45 days...
      > daily enemas (or colonic irrigation is a necessity!) The toxins that
      > are released during a fast will continue to circulate throughout your
      > body and give you all of those "yucky" symptoms that are associated
      > with fasting.
      > Also, never fast while pregnant or nursing! The reason for this is
      > not so much because the baby would not get enough nutrients...but,
      > because the toxins (including heavy metals and other toxic man-made
      > chemicals) are stored in our fat cells. When we fast, our body
      > releases them into the blood stream...and the baby would receive them
      > (even through the placenta!)
      > I personally have been on many water and juice fasts...from one to 28
      > days. I have fasted while I was ill (to overcome the sickness) and I
      > have started many fasts when I was "healthy." The longest I have
      > been on water is 8 days. When I was 18, I decided to go on a 28 day
      > water fast that would be followed by fresh juices... "just for fun!"
      > I wanted to see what condition my body was in. I started on a water
      > fast for eight days and then added carrot juice and finally I added
      > other juices. I never mixed fruit juices with vegetable juices. I
      > always drank them separately.
      > On about the fourth day on just water, I had a terrible case of
      > halitosis and all kinds of flu-like symptoms...such as fever and body
      > aches. Since I had always had a tendency to get canker sores (I do
      > not get them any more)...my mouth was literally filled with wall-to-
      > wall canker sores (even all down my throat!) By about the tenth day,
      > I was mostly well. After two weeks, I felt so good...like my spirit
      > had left my body (if that even makes any sense?!) I just felt sooo
      > goooood! I wanted to dance around and jump for joy! My energy level
      > was amazing!
      > My skin has always been nice. But, after that fast...it glowed! I
      > am tall and have always been on the lean side. During the fast I
      > lost about 10 pounds...mostly in mucoide plaque.
      > When it is possible, I like to fast on just water one day a week
      > ...usually on Sundays. My fast begins from the time I get up in the
      > morning until the next morning at breakfast...get it?"break[the]fast!"
      > I always like to break my fast with some fresh fruit and eat simply
      > the first day. Eating a heavy meal when breaking a fast can undo all
      > of the good that your fasting did...and even cause dam mage to the
      > body.
      > Over the years, my mother was able to get rid of all kinds of health
      > challenges by fasting on a regular basis. As a child she would have
      > tonsillitis about twice a year. She would get headaches quite often.
      > Starting in her teens, every month she would endure horrible menstrual
      > cramps. All of these problems were eventually relieved by the
      > fasting.
      > My mom had a large dark mole on her cheek that was gone by the time I
      > was a born. She showed me the slightly raised skin-colored bump on
      > her face (that was hardly noticeable). She had also told me about how
      > her feet use to smell when she was little. That problem was also
      > long-gone by her late 20s and 30s.
      > Fasting can be a wonderful tool for the body to stay healthy. But,
      > it can be very dangerous too...if you don't know what you are doing!
      > I AM NOT A DOCTOR...no medical degree or letters after my name. I
      > have just been studying and applying what I have learned ever since
      > my childhood (it started by listening to my parents and continued to
      > blossom from there!) I love to help people who are interested in
      > learning what I know. And the more I study, the more I realize how
      > much I need to continue to learn. Thanks to Lou Corona and many
      > other raw/vegan health experts, my family and I continue to improve
      > our health! I was raised as a vegetarian in the 1960s and early
      > 70s. My husband and I raised our four children the same way that I
      > was raised. In 1995, we changed our lifestyle to vegan. We have
      > been mostly raw for over a year and a half. My husband and I
      > recently decided to take the plunge and be as close to 100% raw as
      > possible. (In my opinion, a person must grow everything that they
      > consume on their own property to be truly 100% raw!)
      > I am looking forward to this year's International Raw and Living Food
      > Festival (coming up in August). Hope to see everyone there!
      > Blessings!
      > Janna
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