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Earth Hour, March 29, 8 pm; Planetary Healing Meditation, March 31, 11-noon, Pacific Time

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  • Pamela Melcher
    Dear Friends, ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALSO: Planetary Healing Meditation: Monday March 31, 11am-12noon PST (That is what
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2008
      Dear Friends,

      > Something big is happening tomorrow, March 29th at
      > 8PM...
      > There's a huge global event taking place tomorrow
      > night. I know
      > it's late notice, but it's really just that
      > important.
      > By now you're aware that I'm extremely committed to
      > keeping our
      > planet in an ever-increasing state of harmony.

      > Now I'm asking you to step up to the plate tomorrow
      > night...
      > So here's the scoop. It's called Earth Hour, and
      > it's so simple
      > to participate, yet it's powerful beyond
      > imagination. You won't
      > even believe the impact you'll make.
      > How? By turning off all lights for just one hour
      > tomorrow night,
      > Saturday, March 29, starting at 8PM (your local
      > time).
      > That's right, for just one hour.
      > This event was created by the World Wildlife Fund in
      > Sydney,
      > Australia in 2007... and the impact it created was
      > so huge that
      > it's blossomed to a global event within only a year.
      > Last year,
      > it reduced Sydney's energy consumption by a whopping
      > 10.2% for
      > one hour, which is the equivalent of taking 48,000
      > cars off the
      > road for a year!
      > Well, they're doing the same thing tomorrow night,
      > but this time
      > it's global and with many more millions of people
      > around the
      > world involved. Imagine the impact!
      > Please join me in bringing harmony to the earth
      > tomorrow night.
      > Go ahead, turn out those lights!
      > For more information about Earth Hour and what you
      > can do, watch
      > the video at:
      > http://www.earthhour.org



      Planetary Healing Meditation: Monday March 31,
      11am-12noon PST (That is what the people who sent
      this to me said. But everyone in the Pacific time
      zone is on daylight time...., so check the time as
      they show you below. It will be streaming on the web,
      so you want to get the time right.)


      Gary Malkin We're excited to invite you to join us for
      a planetary healing meditation from 11am-12noon PST on
      Monday March 31. The meditation will link by
      videoconference groups at the California Institute of
      Integral Studies (California), the Tree of Life
      Rejuvenation Center (Arizona) and the Findhorn
      Community (Scotland) for a one hour spiritual ceremony
      involving contributions from all three venues. Emmy
      award winning musician Gary Malkin will perform live
      at CIIS as part of the ceremony. The videoconference
      will be streamed live on Ustream.tv. To tune into the
      live broadcast, go to http://
      www.ustream.tv/channel/gaiafield-spring- equinox-08.
      (There's also a link to the broadcast at our website -
      http://www.gaiafield.net). Please register and login
      to Ustream.tv before the show begins to enable you to
      use the text chat feature.

      To find out when the broadcast will be showing in your
      timezone, please go to http://


      Please let me know if you do not want emails like this
      from me. Just send me an email with 'Stop' in the
      subject line, and i will stop.

      Peace on Earth,
      Pamela Melcher

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