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    Perhaps you know about these excellent groups.. Re: Good News On TV for Once! Posted by: Nick Hein nick.hein@verizon.net ? heinnick Fri Jan?4,?2008 2:26?pm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2008
      Perhaps you know about these excellent groups..

      Re: Good News On TV for Once!

      Posted by: "Nick Hein" nick.hein@...   heinnick

      Fri Jan 4, 2008 2:26 pm (PST)

      A few years ago someone from the Cancer Society called me for a donation and
      I replied that I would donate for ounces of prevention, but not pounds of
      cure. After hanging up I wondered if there's anyone like that and found
      cancerproject. org after a short websearch. They are not only doing the
      right research and publicizing it, but promoting the right (affordable,
      effect, attainable) diet for prevention. I've passed on their literature to
      friends and neighbors who have had cancer. They have all since succumbed,
      none of them changed their diets as far as I know. It's going to take a
      major publicity campaign to get things moving, but I'm glad to hear that
      it's starting.
      Nick Hein
      Morgantown, WV

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      Subject: [RawWashington] Good News On TV for Once!

      Hi all,

      Last night I was sooooooo excited to see a commercial on a major TV
      channel during prime time that actually stated that a vegan diet
      prevented cancer and that children should be fed more vegetarian
      meals!!! It was done by cancerproject. org. I think I know who I will be
      donating some money to soon! They showed pics of yummy looking
      vegetarian meals that were bright and colorful. It was awesome!

      It is a start!!!

      Good news on TV for once!



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