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FANTASTIC! STILL FREE til 5pm Pacific, Nov. 16

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  • Pamela Melcher
    Dear Friends, This is FANTASTIC! It concerns raw food and the raw food lifestyle. If that is not interesting to you, i apologize for irritating you. You can
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2007
      Dear Friends,

      This is FANTASTIC!

      It concerns raw food and the raw food lifestyle. If
      that is not interesting to you, i apologize for
      irritating you. You can stop reading now and not miss
      anything you would like to know about. I meant well.

      There is an aspect of this which is free until 5 pm,
      Pacific time, November 16, 2007, so here are the
      details, if you are interested.

      This is a Raw Food Summit which already started, but
      which you can still catch up on for free until 5pm
      Pacific time, November 16, 2007. After that, the
      remaining interviews will be free for 24 hours after
      they start. You can purchase modestly priced
      downloads. When you click the link below or type the
      letters and numbers that comprise that link into the
      white space at the top of your computer and click
      'enter,' (i am self taught with computers, so i make
      up my own 'technical' terms) you will arrive at a page
      that will explain this and open up access.

      The raw food summit runs every night for two weeks, i
      think [anyway for a generous amount of time] except
      for Thanksgiving. It is comprised of interviews with
      many of the luminaries of the raw food movement on
      topics relating to the raw food lifestyle.

      This information was sent to me by the Tree of Life
      Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, which is
      the raw food healing center of Dr. Gabriel Cousens,
      one of the world leaders of the raw movement.

      I hope this interests you, or at least that i did not
      annoy you.

      Have THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Many Blessings,
      Pamela Melcher


      RAW SUMMIT 2
      > Raw Summit 2 brings Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dr. Brian
      > and Anna Maria Clement, Terces and Matthew
      > Engelheart who founded Cafe Gratitude, Sergei
      > Boutenko, and many more wonderfully helpful
      > professionals to you, who can assist your path of
      > the Culture of Life. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., helped
      > get Raw Summit 1 going, and encourages the
      > strengthening of your path with the inspiration of
      > these speakers on Raw Summit 2.
      > http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=682396
      > Raw Summit 2 emphasizes the personal nutrition
      > aspects and taking health into PERSONAL LIFE AND
      > BUSINESS.
      > Starts Thursday, November 15!
      > Please click, or cut and paste, here to sign up:
      > http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=682396


      If that interests you, perhaps the following will

      > Join Rebbe Gabriel Cousens, M.D., as he is
      > interviewed for the global launch of the satellite
      > and web television network, known as Supreme Master
      > Television, that broadcasts spiritual, peace, vegan,
      > and positive stories, entertainment, and education
      > The launch is Thursday November 16. [Thursday is the
      16th. Good luck.]
      > www.suprememastertv.com

      Again, Many Blessings,
      Pamela Melcher

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