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Fw: Grand Opening of New Vegan Boutique This Saturday

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  • Celeste Crimi
    NW In Defense of Animals AnnouncementI ll be there, for sure. Hope to see some other vegan raw fooders... Celeste Crimi Beaverton ... From: NW In Defense of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2004
      NW In Defense of Animals AnnouncementI'll be there, for sure. Hope to see some other vegan raw fooders...

      Celeste Crimi
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      From: NW In Defense of Animals
      To: Celeste Crimi
      Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 7:36 PM
      Subject: Grand Opening of New Vegan Boutique This Saturday

      NW In Defense of Animals News, Updates and Action Alerts

      Dear Celeste,

      May 1 (Saturday), 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm - Grand Opening of Vegan Boutique

      From noon-8pm, we're having a party. A grand opening party, to be exact, for OTSU (www.otsuportland.com)

      (Forwarded by Chad and Emiko / Food Fight! Vegan Grocery)

      OTSU, a new vegan boutique selling shoes, handbags, vegan resource/cookbooks, and other cruelty-free items is having its grand opening party. All of Otsu's goods are made using fair labor. Located at 4181 SE Division St., next to Food Fight! Normal store hours are Wednesday thru Sunday, noon to 8 pm. The Grand Opening will feature presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (at 1:00 pm) as the judge for a cookie bake-off. You can contact OTSU at (503) 233-3800 or visit www.otsuportland.com. If you want to print out a flyer and put it up somewhere, you can download it from: www.fourteenlittlemen.com/downloads/flyer.pdf

      We need everybody to come hang out and make them feel welcome and appreciated.

      And to bribe you into hanging out, we're going to jump through some hoops to try and make it fun for all involved.


      Here's a few things going on:

      DENNIS KUCINICH (www.kucinich.us) will be here from 1-1:30. He will be the celebrity judge in our vegan chocolate chip cookie contest. More on that later in the email. Come give a cheer and a high five to the guy who should be our next president.

      HOT DOG EATING CONTEST, probably around 2 o'clock. Limited number of space for contestants, email us telling why you feel you could win and maybe you can earn a place in vegan history.

      RAFFLE to benefit the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Salem. Prizes include dinners and whatever else we can scrap together this week.

      SAMPLES of lots of stuff. Not sure what, but some of it will be grilled. So there.

      PIZZA BY THE SLICE will be available to purchase from Kalga Kafe.

      And probably some music...probably.


      About the chocolate chip cookie contest. Again, numbers of contestants is very limited, maybe like 5 cookies. So, if you want to enter, email us soon, and let us know why you think your cookies are so much better than everybody else. And remember, they have to be VEGAN, including non bone-char sugar, please keep that in mind.

      Ok, thanks again for reading and being our customers and hanging out and keeping us TOTALLY RICH. You're nice, and we appreciate it.

      Chad and Emiko / Food Fight! Vegan Grocery
      4179 SE Division
      Portland, OR 97202


      Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this. www.foodfightgrocery.com www.fourteenlittlemen.com/downloads/flyer.pdf


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