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Re: [RawPortland] UNpasteurized almonds and pistachios

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  • Nora Lenz
    Hi Robyn, and All, I ve just created a database in the Raw Portland Yahoo group for nut orders. If you ve never used one before, don t be intimidated, it s
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 25, 2007
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      Hi Robyn, and All,
      I've just created a database in the Raw Portland Yahoo group for nut orders.  If you've never used one before, don't be intimidated, it's very easy.  All you do is click on the "Visit Your Group" link either to the right or below this post.  Once at the Yahoo home page, you'll see a list of links on the left, once of which is "Database".  Click on that and it will bring up a table.  Click on "Add Record" and you'll get a list of boxes into which you can type your contact information and the quantity and type of nuts you'd like. 
      I'm hoping that almost everyone who wants to order is a member of this Yahoo group, so I can cut down on the number of emails and phone calls I'm having to field, which is becoming unmanageable. :)  PLEASE NOTE:  Even if you've already talked to me on the phone or emailed your order, I'd appreciate it if you'd go to the database and add your order.  
      THE DATABASE WILL CLOSE THIS FRIDAY AT NOON.  That means you'll have until then to add your order.
      In answer to your question, Robyn, there are three options for payment, below.  I prefer checks since Paypal charges a fee.
      1.     Mail a check or money order to:  Nora Lenz, 14447 SE 16th St., Bellevue, WA, 98007
      2.     Give your check directly to the person who will be coming to pick up the nuts (Annette)
      3.     Paypal (to: nmlenz@...)
      Annette indicated it would be at least a couple weeks before she'll be able to come up.  All orders that she picks up will have to be paid for in advance.   
      Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks muchly for your cooperation!
      Best wishes,
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