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Re: [RE][RawPortland] dental filling question???

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  • Robyn Cornwell
    Tanya, I have a dentist that uses no mercury whatsoever. In fact, they said that if a dentist gives you the option to have composite, that means there is
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 7, 2007
      I have a dentist that uses no mercury whatsoever. In fact, they said that if a dentist gives you the "option" to have composite, that means there is mercury in every surface (the chair, rug, curtains, etc.) and the air in that dentist's office because mercury is a gas. Of course, that also means that every time you chew it is released into your system.
      Dr. Larry Bowden (503-675-7300) would be considered a holistic doctor, though "holistic" has no scientific definition. He works with naturopaths (that is how I was referred to him) and if you have concerns about sensitivities to a substance can have you tested by a lab for every component he has in his office.
      As for using composites in a molar, they are much stronger than they were ten years ago and work fine. If you want the stronest material that would be porcelain. When they do the procedure to remove the silver filling they use a dam over the tooth, give you medical air (oxygen has a complicating affect) and constant air suction to ensure that the mercury is taken out of the room as effectively as possible.
      I spoke with them about the possibility of it affecting your baby. They said that with all these precautions you will not be absorbing the mercury; in fact, keeping it in your mouth is continuing to release it into your system. If you have other questions you should probably consult a naturopath.
      Hope this helps. I had mine replaced many years ago by a dentist who used the same precautions as described above.

      Tanya Petrich <tanyapetrich@...> wrote:
      Just realized I may not be supposed to ask such a question on this board---I do so apologise if it was inappropriate. If someone has a similar experience that could email me offline or if someone could recommend a holistic dentist in the portland area, I would appreciate your help.

      Thanks and sorry,

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      Subject : [RawPortland] dental filling question???

      Date : Fri, 07 Sep 2007 01:17:50 -0400 (EDT)

      From : "Tanya Petrich" <tanyapetrich@ lycos.com>

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      I'm hoping that someone will have some advice for me...my dentist told me today that I need to have two of my silver fillings replaced as they are beginning to "pull up" and could lead to problems. I am concerned about the mercury to be released when the old fillings are removed and also am wondering about the best option for re-filling. He tells me that the procedure they use has very good "suction" and removal of dust, etc and that even though I am a nursing mother it shouldn't be a problem (i.e. there shouldn't be much mercury released into my system). He is recommending having them re-filled with the "white" (I guess composite?) fillings even though they are molars (I always thought the composites were only good for front, non chewing teeth).

      Is anyone out there familiar with this that might have some advice? Or, does anyone know of a holistic dentist in the portland area who could give me a second opinion (I am not currently going to a holistic dentist)? I've been reading a little online about preventative detox regimes prior to undergoing filling replacement (mega doses of vitamin C among others about a week before the procedure) and am just really sure if it's worthwhile doing this right now, especially since I am still nursing.

      Thanks so much for your help!



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