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Re: [RawPortland] Food Dehydrator

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  • Stephen F
    Or, if you don t want to buy one... I ve got one you can use. I just moved here and haven t quite unpacked yet, so it s still sitting in it s box all ready
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 14, 2007
      Or, if you don't want to buy one... I've got one you can use.  I just moved here and haven't quite unpacked yet, so it's still sitting in it's box all ready for you to use if you'd like it:)

      Tara <earthotter@...> wrote:
      Hey guys, on thursday im going up to Hagg lake to pick from a very
      large wild black bery patch that we found last year while geo-ceching.

      i expect to get a few bucket fulls, i dont have a food dehydrator yet
      so i was wondering if someone would loan me one for a few days?

      i can give you my state id card to hold for security, to show you that
      i dont plan on stealing it or something. ... i just dont want these
      berries to go to waste because there is no way we could eat them all
      before they would go bad. and I want to make leathers and stuff.

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