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  • vml1002
    Hello everyone, The event with Matt Monarch has come and gone (thank you for organizing, Mike!), and Tonya Zavasta s seminar is coming up! If you plan to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      The event with Matt Monarch has come and gone (thank you for
      organizing, Mike!), and Tonya Zavasta's seminar is coming up!
      If you plan to attend and have not reserved yet, because I am
      coordinating registration, I certainly encourage you to reserve a
      Details concerning registration and where to go are in the text
      Proper Eats Cafe & Market will prepare the raw dinner plate; food
      will be served at 6:30p and the seminar will start at 7pm.
      For your information, Tonya will also make an appearance on AM NW,
      the local show from KATU Channel 2 (ABC) at 9am on Monday August 6.

      See you there!


      --- In RawPortland@yahoogroups.com, Mike Snyder <mike@...> wrote:
      > Hello friends,
      > I would like to announce two events coming up with raw food authors.
      > The first is with Matt Monarch and the second is with Tonya Zavasta.
      > Talk soon,
      > Mike Snyder
      > 1) Tomorrow, Tuesday evening at 6pm, I am interviewing Matt
      Monarch, author of 'Raw Spirit. You may listen in over the phone or
      computer at http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=270678
      > 2) Tonya Zavasta visits Portland. She is the author of "Beautiful
      on Raw" and "Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of
      Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You"
      > You may view the flyer at
      > http://www.TheRawDiet.com/pdf/tonya.pdf
      > supported by latest scientific research
      > Fun Lecture with Raw Food Demonstration
      > by Raw food expert, one-of-a-kind dynamic speaker and humorist
      Tonya Zavasta,
      > Author of the books Beautiful On Raw: UnCooked Creations and
      > Your Right to Be Beautiful: Miracle of Raw Foods, named a finalist
      for 2004 Health Book of the Year Award
      > Optimal Health!
      > Vibrant Energy!
      > Youthful Glow!
      > At this 2- Hour seminar you will learn the secrets of:
      > - How to alleviate or completely eliminate any degenerative disease
      > - How to reach an ideal weight and have boundless energy
      > - How to reverse the aging process and enjoy impressive youthfulness
      > - How to get rid of eye bags, eliminate puffiness, and add a
      polished glow to your face
      > - How to prepare delicious green smoothies that act in your body
      as "Elixir of Youth"
      > Monday, the 6th of August 2007
      > 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
      > Proper Eats Market & Café
      > 8638 N Lombard Street Portland, OR 97203
      > (In the St.John's district next to the historical St.John's Theater)
      > Special Low Fee: $30 per person, pre-registration required by July
      > Includes a Sample Gourmet Plate: Vegan Raw Food at its finest,
      served at 6:30 pm
      > Space is very limited, reserve your place with a payment now
      > For reservations send a check payable to
      > Tonya Zavasta
      > c/o Véronique
      > 20312 SW Verona Ct;
      > Beaverton, OR 97006
      > Or contact Véronique @ 503- 259-9724, email: vml1002@...
      > the email again: vml1002 (at) yahoo.com
      > To learn more about Tonya Zavasta visit: www.BeautifulOnRaw.com
      > Warning: this event will change your life!
      > What people are saying:
      > I SO much enjoyed your presentation at Hacres this weekend. You
      were my primary reason of going this year, and
      > you exceeded my expectations. I was fascinated with your beauty,
      your poise, your wonderful speaking ability,
      > your intelligence, your wonder skin, and I could go on. - Linda
      > Tonya, I have thought about you almost all of the time and have
      told the ladies at my Hallelujah Acres meeting
      > about your speech. Because of you I am now committed to change my
      diet to all raw food. I've told my co-workers
      > about you and just about everyone I've come across. You have
      impressed me very much. Pat yourself on the back
      > because you are making an impact on people's lives, saving them
      from ill health and giving them the knowledge to
      > perfect health and the beauty that results from it. - Liza Soviak
      > Hi Tonya!Thank you SO much for coming to Chicago and speaking at
      Cousin's. You were delightful, informative,
      > and inspiring! I love the humor with which you present your
      information - my meat and potatos boyfriend did not
      > at all feel alienated from the subject matter, and appreciated
      where your husband was at in his health journey. He
      > is now interested in adding some more raw to his diet. I will take
      so much away from this event, and know many
      > others will as well. oh, and you are even more beautiful in
      person! - Shannon Morris
      > Hi Tonya, I really enjoyed your talk tonight. It was different from
      a lot of raw food talks I've been to, and it was
      > very informative, and I am amazed about your research. I learned a
      lot and was very glad I was there. I am going
      > to start that facial brushing tonight. Thanks. - Carol Rodgers
      > It was great this week to have Tonya as a guest on Raw Dish! talk
      show, but seeing her in action during a lecture
      > was amazing. She's got that gift of being able to speak very
      confidently and yet very disarmingly. Also, she knows
      > her information inside and out. - Stephen Parker, www.rawdish.com
      Raw Food Blog, Raw Food News and
      > Raw Food Living
      > Dear Tonya: I just returned from your wonderful lecture at the
      Nubian Village in Richmond. I loved hearing your
      > stories, but most of all I appreciated your achievements in health.
      You are very beautiful and a good example for
      > all of us. Thank you for serving the delicious chard and mango
      pudding. I will definitely try to make that at home.
      > Thanks so much for your work! - Marcia Perkins
      > Thanks so much for the talk and the inspiration! Even my boyfriend
      has been 100% raw since the talk, eating
      > mostly green "puddings"! Love, Nicoletta
      > Dear Tonya, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you
      and Nick on Sunday at Pure Food and Wine.
      > You made all of us laugh so much and the two hours went by so
      quickly! - Alicia Matz
      > I was greatly inspired by your talk and am enjoying your books. I
      want to disprove the French woman's credo that
      > at a certain age you have to either sacrifice your face or your
      body. Your appearance certainly belies this
      > statement. Thank you for your pioneering work in this area. - Susan
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