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Raw Wildfood Nutrition Seminar 5/11 10am-3pm.

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  • Pamela Melcher
    Dear Friends, I just found out about this today. You need to register by May 5. RAW WILD FOOD NUTRITION SEMINAR: A UNIQUE NUTRITIONAL APPROACH TO HEALTH
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      Dear Friends,

      I just found out about this today. You need to
      register by May 5.

      APPROACH TO HEALTH "Enjoy Heightened Mental and
      Physical Well-Being with Delicious Gourmat Raw
      Superfoods and Wildcrafted Edibles."

      Please contact Earl Switzer, 503-206-7332, or
      ecswitzer@... for more information and seminar
      reservation by May 5 if you are interested, so they
      know how many people are coming to the buffet.

      This is a brief excerpt from a two page flyer at the
      Daily Grind and other similar stores.

      Presented by Dr. John Switzer, M.D., Ayurvedic and
      Homeopathic Physician

      Dr. Switzer studied medicine in Munich, Germany and
      went on to specialize in Ayurvedic and Homeopathic
      medicine. He has avidly researched nutrition for 25
      years. He recommends incorparating wild plants in the
      diet due to their nutrient density. He has studied
      with German herbalists about the traditional use of
      wild plants in food preparation.

      Dr. Switzer will demonstrate delicious recipes using
      easy-to-identify local wild foods.

      Studies show that wild food often contains up to 10-15
      times more nutrients than domesticated food. Their
      mineral content is staggering. Anti-oxidants,
      phyto-chemicals, enzymes, chlorophyll, biophoton solar
      energy and various bitter properties stimutlate our
      metabolism and immune system in ways that domesticated
      food does not. Wild food is even superior to organic
      food. By tapping into the unique strength and healing
      properties of wild food, our health can take a quantum
      leap forward.

      Dr. Switzer will demonstrate appetizing and
      tantalizing recipes.

      He is not emphasizing any particular style of eating.

      Many people find that the higher nutrient content of
      wild foods satisfies appetite, resulting in effortless
      weight loss, and automatic gravitation to foods that
      best resonate with one's individual physiology.

      Diseases develop when missing nutrients leave behind a
      vacuum, which is soon filled by toxins which we take
      in through foods, stress or our environment.

      Discovering the health benefits of wild foods is a
      healthy, fascinating, tasty, and economical
      alternative to the health destroying effects of
      industrial farming.

      The Seminar takes place at The Grotto, NE 85th and
      Sandy in Portland. There will be signs posted to
      direct you to the Nutrition Seminar in the Auditorium.

      Seminar Fee, which includes a buffet and recipes, is

      Dr. Switzer lives in Germany, so this is a rare
      opportunity to learn from him.

      I talked with Earl Switzer about this and i would not
      miss this for the world!

      I posted this as soon as i could!

      Best Wishes,
      Pamela Melcher

      The fish are biting.
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