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Re: [RawPortland] Travel Food TIps Needed

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  • Celeste Tanit
    Hello Mary Lu, I spent a month in Costa Rica in 2004 and found it to be too big of a challange to stay raw as we travelled every two or three days. We usually
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      Hello Mary Lu, 
      I spent a month in Costa Rica in 2004 and found it to be too big of a challange to stay raw as we travelled every two or three days.  We usually did not have a room with a fridge where fruit would be safe from ants, roaches (found in the better!? hotels), etc.  Backpacking with bananas is a futile exercise!  I did not worry about bananas but as Robyn said, wash and peel all fruit and veggies. I bought the fruit plate when possible, ate cooked veggies (although CR uses a ton of pesticides and has the third highest rate of stomach cancer in the world) and ate a lot of rice and beans with salsa. Once I learned about the cancer rate, I began eating a little fish here and there to avoid the veggies!  
      If you can buy "spring water" bottled, it will be the best.  
      A woman I knew from Mexico told me to eat a tablet of Pepto Bismo before each meal (this was my first trip to Mexico 20 years ago and it worked).  Evidently, the pesky bacteria can not live in the "bismo" part.  However, this was before my knowledge of raw food and that Pepto Bismo is not very good to take.  Grapefruit Seed Extract works very well and is not harmful.  
      Fresh squeezed OJ is available many places.  
      I did get very sick in Mexico - not when I ate, but when I swam in the ocean near a hotel.  Not all places process their waste and often dump it into the ocean.  I had to take a heavy load of antibiotics in order to be well enough to get on a plane, took another dose when I got home as the problem still existed, and discovered years later that I had an overgrown population of the bacteria still in my system, which resulted in another load of antibiotics.  If you become ill, treat it soon as these bugs will take you down fast.
      You can take dried fruit, dehydrated items and Luna bars, but not fresh fruit. Some cacao would be good to chew on for a snack. You could make a raw "trail mix". 
      If you are only going for a weekend, you may be able to buy enough fruit at the local market to get you by.  As Robyn said, pass on the greens and salads unless in a high $$ resort.   If you can find a farmer's market (often on Saturdays) there may be an organic grower as they are beginning to cater to tourists.

      All the Best.

      On Apr 7, 2007, at 12:32 PM, Mary Lu Taylor wrote:

      Dear Raw foods friends.  I am going for a weekend trip to Mexico and wanted to take some fresh foods with me.  It looks like there are restrictions on bringing any fruits or veggies into the country.  Any suggestions?  I would like to bring something for breakfasts and lunches.
      I am new to raw foods---are there some "raw bars" I could find!
      Thank you!

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