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Re: personal growth classes? Soulwave I: Initiation April 27-29, 2007 NE Portlan

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  • Jen Schlee
    Hello Laura C. and other PDX Rawsome people! This is the most holistic and transforming work that I have been involved with, and it is coming to Portland next
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2007
      Hello Laura C. and other PDX Rawsome people!

      This is the most holistic and transforming work that I have been involved with, and it is
      coming to Portland next month - this is a chance to learn some powerful new tools that
      can change your life! Participants over the years have ranged in age from 13 to 84!

      As with anything experiential, it can be hard to describe with words. Hopefully the
      attached text and subsequent testimonials give enough of a taste that you decide to see
      for yourself!

      I'd be happy to answer any questions, based on my own experiences - I took my first
      'Wave 1' in June of 1998, and have been assisting periodically ever since.


      Jen aka 'nifer :)

      jen'nifer schlee
      (650) 619-8665


      Soulwave I: Initiation will initiate you into Soulwave Experience.

      How is all this accomplished?...
      You will learn the Soulwave technology, which demonstrates that everything is a wave-
      form. The many techniques of the Soulwave Experience are all based on surfing waves––of
      breath: (wave-breathing™); within the body: (body-waving™); to evolve old beliefs: (belief-
      waving™); and more. The core of the work, along with the Meltdown, is the Wave Zero™
      practice which combines all of it, and can be accessed in a few seconds... for the rest of
      your life!

      Soulwave I is more fun than you may think is reasonable, with gentle breathwork, music,
      movement that you can do even if you hate exercise, fun individual, paired and group
      practices, guided meditations, slideshows and/or movies, fascinating lectures on chaos
      theory and how it relates to your personal evolution... and the ecstatic waves of your own
      soul reemerging into the physical plane!

      Soulwave I is presented over one 3-day weekend.

      Upcoming Training:

      Trainer: Kathryn Darling and Friends
      Dates: April 27-29, 2007
      Location: NE Portland, OR
      Investment: $395 30-day advance / $450 regular

      Please call Kate Michaels for more information and to register @ (503) 939-9675.

      The Soulwave Website, with videos and other articles, can also be explored at:



      "Soulwave is a wisdom comprised of all of knowledge combined. No rock unturned, no
      vision turned down. This is the real deal. Honest, clear and propelling. It will change your
      life." –Xo

      "I love the magical blend of science and spirituality, so that I absorb the material on more
      than one level. I love the way there is no judgment in the room about anything! Wow! I love
      the energy of the teachers and how their commitment to EACH soul is so evident. A group
      event with personal attention. Soulwave has converged all the rivers of my past spiritual
      and psychological experience into one gentle but vital flow. I will be riding the wave into
      the future, grateful for this opportunity of personal ritual coupled with challenge. This is
      an ancient mystery school revealing secrets known and unknown." – Beverlee, Ph.D.

      "This class was amazing! It took me places where I didn't think I could go. Katie makes
      everyone feel at ease. These are true learnings that I plan on carrying forever." –David

      "The experience has taken me to my roots and has shown to me the missing piece which I
      needed to begin the healing process. This piece has become the foundation from which I
      will move forward." –Rory

      "Soulwave has pretty much saved my life. I am experiencing a major crisis in my life, and
      the knowledge and processes have kept me from spinning out of control emotionally. Each
      day I am more able to witness and be in the experience without getting stuck in the
      emotional turmoil. And when I do get caught up in feeling bad I have the tools to "melt it
      down" and regain my sense of inner peace and deep knowing that all is okay." –Janean

      "To Soulwave: What I love most about you is your ability to move me safely through
      emotions that I previously have gone around. I love the way I was walked through riding
      the wave and the awareness I acquired through "zero" part. Soulwave connects and gives
      movements to the tools I have been collecting. Soulwave allowed me to move through the
      element of my life that has made me feel stuck. In a sense it freed me from internal mind
      tangles that have kept me in a static place, both emotionally and mentally. I feel as if I
      finally have a tool that can allow me clarity and joy in the process." –Zig Zag

      "What a blessing! I have struggled for years with the imbalance in my life, but soulwave
      gave more clarity and peace and balance in a short period of time than I have ever gotten
      in any work I have ever done before." -Pearl Cook, CEO, Founder of Corporate Intentions

      "The negative messages that I have been carrying around with me for 30 years are literally
      being melted away. Through the power of the soulwave, I can become the kind of man that
      I want to be. My soul is emerging." – Josh Harben, CEO, Strategic Solutions Partners

      "I have searched and practiced many meditation and breathing techniques in my 70+
      years. Soulwave is for me the most integrated and direct approach to experience more of
      myself. I highly recommend it." -Christl von Drateln

      Soulwave is emerging as an integral path to self-realization, providing comprehensive
      tools for
      personal and planetary transformation (and that's just the tip of the waveberg)." - Tawn
      Kennedy, Sustainability Facilitator

      "This is an exciting new way of becoming more whole. You do not want to miss it. I got so
      much out of one weekend it is ridiculous. I feel like I have a new way of being - that I have
      more of myself. Soulwave is enlightening, freeing and very exciting. I am ready for more."
      --Marilyn, Personal Coach and Bookkeeper

      --- In RawPortland@yahoogroups.com, Laura Carley <carleyfam@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Hope you don't mind that this is "off topic".
      > I'm wondering if anyone knows or can suggest how I might find out:
      > personal growth programs, groups, classes etc for teens or that teens would feel pretty
      welcome at. Something along the lines of creative visualization, personal success.
      > THANK YOU!!!
      > Laura C.
      > ---------------------------------
      > 8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time
      > with theYahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.
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