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A Precious Opportunity to Learn about Wild Edible Plants

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  • Pamela Melcher
    Dear Friends , I am forwarding (enclosed in this email) information about upcoming workshops about wild edible foods taught by John Kallas. I attended one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2007
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      Dear Friends , I am forwarding (enclosed in this
      email) information about upcoming workshops about wild
      edible foods taught by John Kallas. I attended one of
      his workshops on Sea Vegetables of the Pacific Coast
      last summer. It was packed with extremely accessible
      and useful information, and i thoroughly enjoyed every
      minute of it. On that basis, i rave recommend these
      workshops.***************************John is deeply
      sincere and his work is rooted in sharing his
      life-long love of nature on all levels. He is a
      thoroughly delightful person. He has a Ph.D. in
      Nutrition, a Master's in Education, and degrees in
      Biology and Zoology. He is also a nature photographer
      and writer. He has researched wild edible plants
      since 1970. He has taught thousands of people about
      wild edible plants all over North America, starting in
      1978. He gives abundant focussed information. This
      enables the conscientious student to accurately
      identify wild edibles, harvest them at the appropriate
      time, and prepare food the average person would
      enjoy.************************** While he has taught
      at numerous raw food events, he is not a raw foodist
      himself. He believes that humans are greatly
      benefitted by including generous amounts of raw food
      in their diets. He does not believe that the raw diet
      is best for everyone.********************I
      wholeheartedly recommend his
      workshops.********************** With Best Wishes,
      Pamela Melcher
      --- John Kallas <mail@...> wrote:

      > From: John Kallas <mail@...>
      > Subject: Wild Food Adventures Workshops & Rendezvous
      > for 2007
      > Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 21:20:39 -0800
      > To: John Kallas <mail@...>
      > Dear Friend,
      > Spring will arrive soon. I can just see those
      > scrumptious shoots of
      > asparagus, poke, nettles, and lady fern poking their
      > heads out of the
      > ground. I can't wait! I'm already eating chickweed
      > and miners lettuce.
      > So with all this greenery in mind, I thought it a
      > good time to give
      > you a heads-up on the workshops and Rendezvous
      > coming up. This is
      > only a partial list, more will come later.
      > ___________
      > CONTENTS
      > - 2007 Wild Food Rendezvous Dates.
      > - 2007 Workshops - March-May only
      > - Wild Food Adventurer newsletter update.
      > - Great Books on Wild Foods
      > - Contact Information.
      > 2007 RENDEZVOUS - Plan ahead for these 4 day
      > events.
      > > May 18-21: The Native Shores Wild Food
      > Rendezvous - Coastal,
      > Oregon
      > > June 22-25: The GingerRoot Wild Food
      > Rendezvous - Interior,
      > Oregon
      > See our web site for details and early registration
      > discounts. Take a
      > vacation here and visit our beautiful state!
      > 2007 WORKSHOPS
      > > Emerging Wild Greens of Spring March 25, 2007
      > Hoyt Arboretum,
      > Portland, OR
      > > Introduction to Wild Foods March 31, 2007
      > Mount Tabor,
      > Portland, OR
      > > Wild Foods of a Forest Park Spring April 7,
      > 2007 Forest Park,
      > Portland, OR
      > > Wild Foods of Oxbow's Old Growth Forest April
      > 15, 2007 Oxbow
      > Regional Park, Sandy, OR
      > > Sea Vegetables of the Pacific Coast April 22,
      > 2007 Pacific
      > Ocean, Lincoln City, OR
      > > Wild Gourmet Garden Vegetables May 12, 2007
      > Sauvie Island, OR
      > > Mount Adams Wild Food Expedition May 13, 2007
      > Lincoln Plateau, WA
      > See our web site for details
      > The Wild Food Adventurer newsletter ended
      > publication in 2006. But
      > since the information never goes out of date, and
      > they still remain
      > popular, all the back issues will remain available.
      > Even the
      > calendars remain useful since they include elaborate
      > contact
      > information. You can contact local sponsors and
      > teachers when their
      > current events will be happening.
      > Box sets containing all the newsletters from 1996
      > to 2006 are
      > available. They are a convenient way of managing and
      > finding
      > information in the newsletters. They include a
      > Primer, Index to all
      > issues, and index to all articles. These Box Sets
      > are especially
      > good to add to local libraries and can therefore be
      > available to
      > students of all types. Make requests for you local
      > libraries to order
      > then and guide them to our web site Box Set page:
      > http://
      > www.wildfoodadventures.com/newsletter.html
      > BOOKS
      > If you've been searching for wild food books, the
      > best around, check
      > the book review section of our web site.
      > For much more information on these events,
      > publications, and to keep
      > updated in general, visit our web site: http://
      > www.wildfoodadventures.com/
      > Respectfully,
      > John Kallas, Ph.D., Director, Wild Food Adventures
      > Institute for the Study of Edible Wild Plants and
      > Other Foragables
      > 4125 N Colonial Ave, Portland, OR 97217-3338
      > (503) 775-3828 mail@...
      > http://www.wildfoodadventures.com

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