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OT: I will REACH THE SUMMIT with YOUR Help! (Long)

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  • Annette
    Greetings ~ I am about to embark on something I never thought I d ever be able to do. It s crazy and wonderful at the same time … a description of me, right?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2007

      Greetings ~


      I am about to embark on something I never thought I'd ever be able to do. It's crazy and wonderful at the same time … a description of me, right? I am so excited! I have signed up to join 79 other individuals this June to climb the tallest mountain in Oregon – Mt Hood (11,239 feet) – as a fundraiser for the American Lung Association of Oregon.


      Why, you ask?  Well, I have a great sense of wonder and a love of adventure. I can't wait to watch the sun rise from the top of the mountain! My life-long battle with weight, and then my broken ankle, held me back. Having accomplished two-thirds of my weight loss goal (I'm down 115 pounds) and regained much of the mobility of my ankle, my desire to make up for lost time is giving me the courage and strength to climb Mt Hood and to raise the funds needed for this climb.


      It is highly significant to me that my raw foods diet has brought me to this point. As far as I know, Doug Walsh is the only other raw food person who has made a mountain ascent. (Doug hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (2001), the Continental Divide Trail(www.RawHike.com) in 2005, and climbed Grand Teton (13,770') - all on raw foods.)  For me, this mountain climb will be an amazing testimony of the health-restoring benefits of my living foods eating plan. I will be sharing the message while training with the other participants and through journals, reports, and talks after the climb.


      So, the reason for this letter to you?  Not only did I want to share with you what I am about to do, but also I wish to ask for your support in this endeavor. In order for me to make the climb, I need to raise $3,000 by April 2, 2006 .  My personal goal is $5,000. Your generous and tax-deductible contribution to the American Lung Association of Oregon on my behalf will secure my place on the June REACH THE SUMMIT team, as well as help the American Lung Association in their efforts (e.g., (a) Being pro-active in the fight against outdoor air pollutants and environmental health, and (b) Striving to reduce tobacco use, especially among young people, that is responsible for over 400,000 deaths in the United States each year.). In order to reach my goal, I am asking everyone to donate $100.  Please know that a donation of any amount is sincerely appreciated.


      You can sponsor me whichever way is easiest for you:

      • Cash – please check with your employer for matching contributions.
      • Check – payable to the American Lung Association of Oregon and mailed to me.
      • Credit card – log onto the internet and go to www.reachthesummit.us, click on Sponsor A Climber and type in my name (Annette St-Pierre).

      Check out my summit website at www.reachthesummit.us. I'll be adding info about my training and fundraising efforts. Please tell your friends and ask them for support.


      This is really scary and exciting at the same time. Knowing you are there to encourage and support me all the way is really going to help. I thank you in advance for your contribution to me and to the work that the American Lung Association does.


      Sending BIG hugs!



      P.S.  Remember, my deadline is April 2 so please contribute TODAY! Also, would you please send this on to your friends on my behalf?

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