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FREE Teleconference: Messages From Within: Exploring Symptoms and Senses (02/07/2007 CE - #2 of 4 in Setting Started series)

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  • Elchanan
    Because we believe this message is important and timely, we are sending it directly to everyone in the PathOfHealth Yahoo! group. We recognize that many in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2007


      Because we believe this message is important and timely, we are sending it directly to everyone in the PathOfHealth Yahoo! group. We recognize that many in the group are behind in reading posts and digests. We promise to do this only sparingly, and if you would like us not to send any announcement messages directly to you, just reply to this message and let us know.

      Hi everyone,


      The Path of Health community is pleased to announce our upcoming free teleconference, entitled "Messages From Within: Exploring Symptoms and Senses". Please note that the scope of this program extends far beyond diet. We encourage you to invite friends and family who are interested in the pursuit of health and vitality, regardless of whether they embrace raw foods to any degree. A complete program description appears below.


      This teleconference is the second of four in a certificated program called "Getting Started on the Path of Health".


          DATE: Wednesday evening, February 7   


          TIME: 8:30 PM EST / 7:30 PM CST / 6:30 PM MST / 5:30 PM PST

                      1:30 AM ( London , GMT), 12:30 PM Thursday, 1/24 (Sydney, GMT + 11)


          COST: FREE


          RSVP:  RSVP@...   (NOT via the Yahoo group, please)

                        (In case Yahoo ate the above, it's: "RSVP @ PathOfHealth dot org",

                        only remove the spaces and change "dot" to a period.)


                        NEW!!!  Please include your full name and the telephone 

                        number from which you plan to call in. This enables us to

                        identify you, so that you can "raise your hand" to ask a

                        question during the call. 

      NOTE: If you do not receive an automated response within a few minutes, 
                       please send a brief message to
      Teleconference @ PathOfHealth dot org.

                       (Remove the spaces and change "dot" to a period.)


          DURATION: Approximately 90 minutes



      As always, our goal is simple: to share from our own success, so that others may experience similar success. Over time, we hope to foster and nurture, along with others, a healthful and uplifting sense of connection and community with all who choose to share together in this way.


      We freely give this teleconference, and the entire Getting Started on the Path of Health curriculum, as a personal, private gift to anyone who wishes to receive it. We will not be selling anything, no books, tapes, workshops, or anything else. 


      We will record the teleconference, and we will give a copy of this recording to all participants for their private, personal use only, subject to our Copyright Notice and our Teleconference Recording Sharing Agreement. These appear at the end of this message and again, both in the automated response you will receive to your RSVP and in the message we will send you with the recording link. 


      If you find value in what we share, we invite you to join our PathOfHealth Yahoo group to participate in an ongoing inquiry about health and well-being.


      THEME: Messages From WithinExploring Symptoms and Senses  

      This evening, we consider the real nature of what people typically call "symptoms". We explore what separates creating health, from "medical model thinking". And we offer an opportunity to embrace an entirely new paradigm about cleansing and healing.
      Many people seek better health—more energy, pain-free living, easier movement, greater clarity and focus—but feel confused about how best to succeed. Regardless of whether you have an interest in raw food, there are certain principles, or core ideas, that can make a profound difference I your health by giving you greater clarity, a sense of freedom and ease in making future choices.
      Almost all approaches to healing, from mainstream allopathic medicine to New Age energy work, share a common understanding of symptoms: they are something to be "healed",  "cured", or at least "relieved". During this teleconference, we explore an entirely different perspective, where we learn to value and embrace our symptoms and the information they provide. rather than seeking to avoid, mute, and destroy them. We offer a new paradigm for understanding our relationship with the Universe/Divinity, with Nature and Nature's design, and with ourselves and our "symptoms".
      Wthen apply this understanding, by exploring how we perceive and experience through our senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, and beyond. Using a synthesis of ideas drawn from physics, biology, philosophy/religion, and experience, we describe key factors that influence how we perceive "reality".
      Finally, we come full circle to our underlying focus on creating health: 
      • Where does health "come from"?
      • How much choice and control do we really have?
      • And ultimately, how can we empower ourselves to create and sustain the health we desire?
      Although this teleconference is offered within the framework of a raw food discussion group, our focus during this program will be more general in nature. Our intention is to provide a comfortable and fascinating discussion that appeals to many people, regardless of dietary choice, and also to people who enjoy having a little science to back up what is being said.


      What we have to share may surprise and delight you. We hope you'll join us!


      Wishing you all the best that love and life have to offer,

      Bob and Elchanan  


      The following apply to any and all of our PathOfHealth-sponsored audio programs and recordings.


      Copyright Notice

      The audio recordings of the teleconference program(s) listed or described above are copyrighted material of The Presiding Emissary for Vibrant Living Ministries, and Successors, as provided in the common law and under natural law. The Presiding Emissary for Vibrant Living Ministries, and Successors owns all title and rights to each of these teleconference audio recordings as an absolute possessor of hereditaments.


      This office hereby grants to any natural man, woman, or child permission to use all or any portion of any of these teleconference audio recordings for private, personal use only. You may make copies of any of these teleconference audio recordings to give to your friends and family for their private, personal use only, but you may not place a copy of any of these teleconference audio recordings, or any link to download any of them, on any Web site or elsewhere on the Internet or in any publication or otherwise distribute copies of any of these teleconference audio recordings.


      Teleconference Recording Sharing Agreement

      By downloading any of the teleconference audio recordings listed or mentioned above, you agree with the following terms and conditions regarding sharing of the teleconference audio recordings: (1) You acknowledge and agree that the entire recording of any such teleconference is copyrighted material owned by The Presiding Emissary for Vibrant Living Ministries, and Successors (hereinafter "Vibrant Living Ministries") as an absolute possessor of hereditaments. (2) You agree to use any such teleconference audio recording for your own private, personal, noncommercial use only, and you agree not to distribute all or any part of any such teleconference audio recording to others. If you have a special need or desire to use any such teleconference audio recording in some other way, you agree to contact Vibrant Living Ministries beforehand seeking permission, which the office may grant or deny, in its sole discretion.


      Please note that all American "nonprofit corporations" are commercial in nature and are therefore excluded from the permission granted in the foregoing paragraph.


      We thank you for your cooperation!



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