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Forwarding email from School of RAWk re Fund Raiser

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  • Annette
    I received the following message from Erica of School of RAWk and am forwarding it to the group in case anyone s interested in traveling to Eugene for what
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2006
      I received the following message from Erica of School of RAWk and am
      forwarding it to the group in case anyone's interested in traveling to
      Eugene for what could be a fun night. Contact info is below. Please
      don't email me with questions. I don't know anything more than what is


      Dear Friends of School Of RAWk,

      One of the best things about venturing into a business like this is of
      course all the wonderful people that you come into acquaintance with.
      One of those incredibly wonderful people that I have met through the
      School Of RAWk is Mr. Joey Johnson.

      Joey came to one of my classes full of love, light, energy and already
      well on his way to healing his body with living foods. I was
      immediately impressed with his attitude, knowledge, personality and
      success, and a friendship was born.

      It is truly a joy and inspiration to know Joey. Joey has worked his
      tail off healing his body for the last year, pouring every ounce of
      his energy and strength into his healing, thus putting his dreams on hold.

      I am proud to announce that after much determination and grit, Joey is
      finally able to pursue his dreams of dancing, and has initiated a move
      to Phoenix where he has many auditions set up already.

      It is his aspiration and full intent to make it to Los Angeles as a
      professional dancer, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will.
      Furthermore, Joey intends to continue his natural health education,
      ultimately helping to bring the message of hope and healing to the
      masses on as large a scale as possible.

      As many of us know, natural healing isn't free. As a result, Joey has
      invested most all of his discretionary income over the last year into
      healing his body.

      He has asked for the blessing and support of the raw foods community
      that has helped him get to where he is today, and he is holding a
      Fundraiser at Snafu, a nightclub in Eugene, Oregon, where he has been
      employed. He will be performing a dance routine at the event!

      Joey is also selling Relax Into Healing CDs, a meditation that has
      been an integral part of his journey, in exchange for any donations
      people feel inspired to bless him with to assist him in his journey.

      Please join the School Of RAWk in sending Joey off with all the love
      and support we can. Having been a manager at Creative Health Institute
      I have seen many people learn about and attempt the living foods
      lifestyle, and I can honestly say that Joey's intensity is rare and
      noteworthy. He has earned all the blessings that have been and will be
      bestowed upon him!

      If you are unable to attend the fundraiser and won't be able to see
      Joey SHINE yet are still interested in helping Joey increase his
      abundance so he can follow his dream, please contact him directly
      using the information listed below.

      Joey Johnson's Fundraiser / Send Off Party
      Club Snafu
      (the alley behind John Henry's---email Joey for directions)
      Thursday 12/28/06
      9pm - Close

      Joey can be reached at: (541) 513-0598 or expresun@...

      Hope to see you there!

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