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  • Gabrielle
    ... Subject: A message from Victoria Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 14:50:47 -0500 (EST) From: Victoria To: chavez@iefx.com Dear Friends,
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      Subject: A message from Victoria
      Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 14:50:47 -0500 (EST)
      From: Victoria <victoria@...>
      To: chavez@...

      Dear Friends,

      There is an email that is being circulated about having raw food
      families appear on a reality based television show. Many people are
      unaware of the possible negative consequences that accompany such an offer.

      Three months ago this TV company from New York called me several times
      and asked for the addresses of raw families in the US. They promised
      $2,000 to me if I help them find one and $20,000 to the participating
      family. I replied to them that while there were probably hundreds of raw
      families in this country it was unlikely that any raw family would want
      to be exposed. Now, as the word is out, I am concerned for some raw
      families who might agree to participate for the sake of money.

      Just last weekend I was in Eugene and met my friend Nancy B., whose
      ex-husband (a former raw foodist) is suing her for "improperly" feeding
      her two boys (ages 7 years and 2 years). Both boys have developed well
      according to their doctor but she is afraid to live at home and is
      living in her van.

      It is not just a fear, it is a reality. Raw food is not officially
      recognized yet. Since 2005 my family has been financially and
      psychologically supporting five different families whose children were
      attempted to be taken (or were taken) away by authorities. If similar
      children will get exposed, there will be some viewers out of millions
      that would want to help “poor” children to be fed “properly.” Especially
      if professional TV producers will get kids to talk. Children are often
      naïve and they can say things like, “Yeah, I also like pizza but my
      parents never allow me to eat it!” For years, my kids were questioned
      about their diet by many strangers on the street. We were able to escape
      by constantly moving.

      I strongly believe that to expose the benefits of the raw food diet,
      adults have to act first without involving children, and this process is
      already happening. When it will become more normal and acceptable to be
      on a raw diet among adults than we can expose our kids.




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