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Thomas was interviewed by G.Cousens today!

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  • Mike Snyder
    Hello friends, I listened to an awesome interview today on Gabriel Cousens radio show! Listen to the recording at
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2006
      Hello friends,

      I listened to an awesome interview today on Gabriel
      Cousens' radio show!

      Listen to the recording at

      "Physician of the Soul

      Raw Spirit, with Thomas Chavez

      Thomas Chavez was a co-facilitator of the 2006 Raw
      Spirit Retreat, one of several organizations across
      America - from Oregon to Arizona to L.A. - which have
      adopted this name, "Raw Spirit." What is it about
      spirituality and live (or raw) food?

      Thomas C. Chavez has been successfully teaching the
      art of "how to gourmet raw" and supervising raw
      catering extravaganzas since 2002.

      Thomas enterered the world of active health care in
      1975 as an Emergency Medical Technician, and soon
      became a student of massage, shiatsu, herbalism, Bach
      flower remedies, nutrition, shamanic exploration,
      neuro-linguistic programming, and Ericksonian

      He became a practitioner of homeopathic medicine in
      1979, and since 1998 has confined his homeopathic
      practice to consultation for other health care
      professionals. He has been facilitating and teaching
      seminars to Body Electronics groups in California,
      Oregon, and Washington since 1984.

      Thomas is a major contributor to the Integrative
      BodyMind Information System (IBIS), an extensive
      medical database of integrative medicine and
      alternative therapies (www.ibismedical.com). He is the
      current president of the non-profit Alchemical
      Medicine Research & Teaching Association

      As an editor of Portland Reflections Quarterly
      Magazine and Resource Directory, he regularly hosted
      the Healing Connection Breakfast, a monthly
      round-table networking event for the Portland, Oregon
      alternative healing and complementary medicine



      Enjoy! This is a great interview, good work Thomas!

      Mike Snyder
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