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HUGE collection of Rare Raw Food Live Audio CDs ! Incredible information

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  • Dave
    If anything on here interests you, Just write to me at DJ7510@AOL.COM Dave 2004 Audio CD s CD# Author Title 1. Jameth Sheridan, N.D. How to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      If anything on here interests you, Just write to me at DJ7510@...


      2004 Audio CD's

      CD# Author

      1. Jameth Sheridan, N.D. "How to Cleanse and Nourish,
      Deeply and Safely" (2 Discs)
      2. Jameth Sheridan, N.D. "Fasting and Supplements"
      (1 Disc)
      3. Jameth Sheridan, N.D. "The Benefits of Exercise"
      (1 Disc)
      4. Jameth Sheridan, N.D. "Raw and Dental Health" (1
      5. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. "Nutrition for the Spiritual
      Life" (2 Discs)
      6. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. "Spiritual Nutrition for
      Yoga" (2 Discs)
      7. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. "Rainbow Green Live Food
      Cuisine" (2 Discs)
      8. Fred Bisci, PhD "Successful on 100%
      Raw" (2 Discs)
      9. Fred Bisci, PhD "Raw Foods
      Misinformation" (4 Discs)
      10. Ruza Bogdanovich, PhD "Nature's Path" (1 Disc)
      11. Ruza Bogdanovich, PhD "How to Have Healthy Children"
      (2 Discs)
      12. Halanna Matthew "Healthy Pregnancy and
      Children" (1 Disc)
      13. Halanna Matthew "Children's Health and
      Obesity" (1 Disc)
      14. John Kallas, PhD " Wild Edible Plants of
      North America" (1 Disc)
      15. John Kallas, PhD "Wild Food Adventures"
      (1 Disc)
      16. Cherie Soria "Gentle Transition
      to a High Raw Lifestyle" (2 Discs)
      17. Cherie Soria "Sharing the Raw
      Lifestyle with Others" (1 Disc)
      18. Len Watson "The Roots of Health:
      How to Detoxify Your Colon,

      Regenerate Your Liver, and Evaluate Your Colon

      Health" (4 Discs)
      19. Rick Dina, D.C. "Understanding
      Essential Fats" (2 Discs)
      20. Tim Trader, PhD "The Key to Health" (1
      21. George Hom, PhD "Seven Steps to a Healthy
      Body, Mind, and Spirit" (1 Disc)
      22. Dr. Chris Melitis "How to Optimize
      One's Well Being" (1 Disc)
      23. Brigitte Mars "Dispelling the
      Myths About Raw" (1 Disc)
      24. John Kohler "Staying Raw While
      Traveling" (1 Disc)
      25. Victoria Boutenko "The Spiritual Power of
      Raw Food" (1 Disc)
      26. Chad Sarno "Vital Creations" (1
      27. Bruce Horowitz "Paradigm Shift: The Raw
      Revolution and Ecological

      Consciousness (1 Disc)
      28. Tony Mostajir "Effortless
      Prosperity: Another View" (1 Disc)

      2003 Audio CD's

      29. Fred Bisci, PhD "Raw Food Nutrition and
      Physical Degeneration" (2 Discs)
      30. Fred Bisci, PhD "Raw Myth vs. Raw
      Science" (1 Disc)
      31. Ruza Bogdanovich, PhD "The Relationship of Poor Nutrition

      Degenerative Disease (1

      32. Ruza Bogdanovich, PhD "How to Stay Healthy in Today's
      Environment (1 Disc)
      33. Viktoras Kulvinskas "The Spirit of Live Food and
      Your Dharma" (2 Discs)
      34. Viktoras Kulvinskas "Raw Enzymatic Therapies for
      the Incurables" (1 Disc)
      35. Doug Graham, DC "Are You a Candidate for
      Candida? (1 Disc)
      36. Doug Graham, DC "Keynote Address: Nutritional
      Analysis of a Raw Food Diet

      37. Victoria Boutenko "Twelve Steps to Raw" (2
      38. Juliano "Secrets for Raw
      Ecology" (1 Disc)
      39. Paul Nison "How to Be 100%
      Raw" (1 Disc)
      40. Bijan "Effortless
      Prosperity Beginnings" (1 Disc)
      41. David Wolfe "Exotic Health" (1
      42. Forum #1 Informal Q&A with
      Featured Speakers (1 Disc)
      43. Forum #2 Informal Q&A with
      Featured Speakers (1 Disc)
      44. Forum #3 Women's
      Perspective Panel (1 Disc)

      2000 - 01 Audio CD's

      45. Art Baker "The Biology of
      Raw Foods" (1 Disc)
      46. Art Baker "The Ten
      Commandments of Health" (2 Discs)
      47. Doug Graham, DC "Essential Habits" (2
      48. Doug Graham, DC "Smooth Transitioning" (2
      49. Doug Graham, DC "What Scientists Report
      about Raw Foods" (2 Discs)
      50. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. "Experiencing Sacred
      Awakening" (1 Disc)
      51. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. "Shining Light on Living
      Foods" (1 Disc)
      52. Rick Dina "Nutritional
      Abundance/Raw Vegan Foods" (1 Disc)
      53. Rick Dina "Fasting: Facts
      and Fallacies" (1 Disc)
      54. Tim Trader, PhD "Essenes and Raw
      Food" (1 Disc)
      55. Tim Trader, PhD "Making It Easy -
      Making It Work" (1 Disc)
      56. Loren Lockman "Fasting: Nature's
      Cleanse" (1 Disc)
      57. Loren Lockman "Looking to Nature for
      the Answers" (1 Disc)
      58. David Wolfe " How to Self
      Publish" (1 Disc)
      59. David Wolfe "About Enzymes"
      (1 Disc)
      60. David Wolfe "Raw Food
      Nutrition" (1 Disc)
      61. Rose Lee Calabro "Nature's Guide to
      Radiant Health" (1 Disc)
      62. Tom Quackenbush "Relearning to See -
      Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

      (1 Disc)
      63. Howard Lyman "The Mad Cowboy" (1
      64. Kofi Kwatamani "Shattering the Power
      Base of Deceipt:

      The Divine Case for Raw and Living Food" (1 Disc)
      65. Bijan "Effortless
      Prosperity" (2 Discs)
      66. Bijan "Effortless
      Healing" (1 Disc)
      67. Fred Bisci, PhD "Raw Food: Myth and
      Reality" (1 Disc)
      68. Thomas Chavez "Body Electronics" (1
      69. Robert Cohen "Genetic
      Engineering" (1 Disc)
      70. Roz Gruben "Inspiration to
      Exercise" (1 Disc)
      71. Juliano "Wild Foods
      Demo" (2 Discs)
      72. Karen Knowler "The Inside Out of
      Intuitive Eating" (2 Discs)
      73. Narda Narvaez "Internal Cleansing"
      (1 Disc)
      74. Mark Nasek "Laughter" (1
      75. Paul Nison "The Raw Life"
      (1 Disc)
      76. Kate O'Reilly "A Return to
      Flower Power" (1 Disc)
      77. Catherine Ralston/RawMa "The Wonders of Enzymes" (1
      78. Amparo Ramirez "Shamanic Journey" (1
      79. Chris Schreiner "Certified Organic"
      (1 Disc)
      80. Jesse Schwartz "Living Food and
      Revelation" (1 Disc)
      81. Robert Sniadach "Hygenic Spiritual
      Awakening" (1 Disc)
      82. Mike White "Your Breathing-
      Your Health" (1 Disc)
      83. Ann Wigmore Institute "Benefits of Living
      Foods" (1 Disc)
      84. Raw Panel #1 "Becoming Raw as a
      Senior" (1 Disc)

      Victoria Jayne, Fred Bisci, Viktoras Kulvinskas,

      Judeen O'Malley, Leola Brooks
      85. Raw Panel #2 "Raw Foods and
      Ecology" (1 Disc)

      Doug Graham, Howard Lyman, Tim Trader,

      Katherine Clark, Rhio, Robert Miller
      86. Raw Panel #3 "Raw Synergy" (1

      Roz Gruben, Gabriel Cousens, Doug Graham,

      Viktoras Kulvinskas, Victoria Jayne, Kim Sproul
      87. Raw Panel #4 "Spirituality and
      Raw Foods" (1 Disc)

      Victoria Jayne, Kofi Kwatanami, Tim Trader,

      Art Baker, Denise Martin, Csilla Jacobsen
      88. Raw Panel #5 "Women's View of
      Raw" (1 Disc)

      Victoria Jayne, Roz Gruben, Amparo
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