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Re: [RawPortland] Restaurants in Boston

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  • Victoria Irene Ivy
    Hello, Pamela, It was so generous of you to reply on the list serve with a long description of the Boston area. I, too, grew up there. Your description brings
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      Hello, Pamela,
      It was so generous of you to reply on the list serve with a long description of the Boston area.  I, too, grew up there. Your description brings back memories.  Did you also visit Plymouth Rock?  I went there as a child, on a school trip, and was very disappointed.  I guess I expected a huge boulder next to the ocean.  And Paul Revere's house was dark, but not so bad when I went back as an adult.
      Victoria Ivy 

      Pamela Melcher <dancingcedar@...> wrote:
      Hi, Pamala, Have a fantastic time in Boston! I was
      born there and love it. ******** There are foodstores
      called "Bread and Circus(es?)" that are similar to
      Whole Foods, and a food co-op in Cambridge that i
      forget the name of.********* ** The walking tour that
      Jeff talks about is great. There are trained and self
      appointed guides who will answer questions. It
      includes the home of Paul Revere, which gives a very
      clear example of daily life during the late 18th
      century. I loved places like that as a child, and
      still do.********* The children's book, "Make Way for
      the Ducklings" was set in Boston Commons, and in honor
      of that, there are bronze sculptures of a mother duck
      and her ducklings which are big enough for children to
      sit on in the Commons. ********** The best street
      musicians i ever heard play in Boston. *****I went to
      Walden pond by train at about this time of year and
      the fall color was spectacular. The cold nights cause
      incredible bright reds and yellows that blew me away
      as a child (and still do.) There is a replica of
      Thoreau's cabin. You can walk all around the pond in
      not too long a time. ************ *** A small scale
      Walden Pond exists at Fresh Pond, which is the
      reservoir for Cambridge. (My mother was born across
      the street from there.) There is a little park and a
      trail around the reservoir (with a big fence keeping
      you away from the water, which is not too
      attractive.) ******** You can take a train to Rockport,
      which is on the ocean. It is beautiful, with sweet,
      quaint houses and churches. Many artists live there,
      and it has many, many shops with beautiful artifacts
      on piers out over the ocean. Some of the things are
      not expensive. ****** The Boston art museum is
      fabulous, especially the Oriental collection. About a
      block away from it is my favorite art museum in the
      world, called the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.
      It is in her old "house," which is a four story
      transplanted Venetian palace that almost fills a city
      block. There are several great masterpieces there,
      and rooms and rooms and rooms of gorgeous art. It was
      her home, so she combined the paintings and prints
      with furniture and fabric and ceramic pieces, etc.
      Whatever she liked and wanted to put together. It was
      so creatively done, unlike most museums with their
      white walls which feel sterile by comparison. The
      guards just love the art and will tell you many
      fascinating things about it if you ask. ************
      The mother church of the Christian Scientists is in
      Boston. It is very beautiful and uplifting. The
      services are also. Very sweet and positive. Theirs
      is a friendly God. I had some wonderful talks with
      people there. No one tries to convert you or nails
      you about your religious beliefs. I had the
      preconception that Christian Scientists were
      fanatical, and that is not the case at all. They were
      some of the most open minded and intelligent people
      that i ever met. I had fascinating talks with them
      about mind body medicine. ******* Near the city is
      the house that was the scene for the novel "A House of
      Seven Gables." It DEEPLY impressed me as a child,
      because it was built with a secret hidden staircase
      and secret rooms where they could hide from indian
      attacks. I really WANTED such a staircase and rooms
      in my home. It was scary to think about the indian
      attacks, because somehow i got the impression that was
      still some sort of threat, but was too scared to talk
      it over with my parents.**** ********* **** I DO NOT
      recommend the following. There are also historical
      sites in Salem, where the witch trials were, and that
      was unredeemably scary to me as a child and i would
      say best avoided. ************ ********* ****** In
      general, it is fascinating to be in a place where the
      history of white people goes back so far, and the
      dream of democracy was born and they are actively
      working to keep alive ways to get a sense of that
      history. It is sweet to see the old buildings and how
      they were arranged on a human
      scale.****** ********* ******* There is magical city
      repair in various places in the form of little granite
      sculptures with poetry carved in them, or poetry
      carved into the sidewalk. They are so beautiful.
      ***** To be honest, people there can seem rather
      aloof, but they are really nice underneath, and very
      helpful if you ask. They are, for the most part,
      friendly to visitors. The people are usually NOT laid
      back. There is still the resonance of Yankee common
      sense, and most prople are very interested in
      conservation and would probably like to hear about
      what we are doing in Portland. They are very proud
      of their city. ************ ** You can get passes for
      public transportation that are good for all rides
      anywhere for many days running, like a week or ten
      days.******* ******** It tends to be expensive, but you
      can get around that. ************ ***All in all, it is
      a very inspiring example of what a city can be. It
      will be significantly colder that in is here,
      probably. The cold is drier than it is here.**** Have
      a fabulous time! There is lots to love about
      Boston!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !! Best Wishes, Pamela Melcher

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