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Home Birthing and Raw Food (Free Audio Program)

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  • Elchanan
    Greetings everyone, I am grateful to share with everyone in this group a new audio recording called Home birthing and Raw Food . I gratefully acknowledge 2
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      Greetings everyone,
      I am grateful to share with everyone in this group a new audio recording called "Home birthing and Raw Food". I gratefully acknowledge 2 members of our group, Judy Cozza, mother of 8 and grandmother of 11, and Rachel Talley, mother of 4 and a successful raw foodist and midwife, as well as Jenny Bayles, one of Judy's daughter's and mother of 2, for participating with me in this conversation.
      Very few women realize that they can literally create the birthing experience they desire, bringing their new baby into this world through an experience filled with love, gentleness, peacefulness, and total connection. And even fewer men may realize that they can participate directly in the birth process ... the man can be the one who catches the baby as it begins to emerge from the womb, and is born. What a beautiful picture!
      Unfortunately, most women have learned to fear the birth process, and most men have been excluded almost entirely. Most of us have been taught that pregnancy feels miserable at times and that birth is an intensely painful experience. Yet, in the wild, animals do not share this experience. (Admittedly and unfortunately, many animals in human captivity DO share such experiences.)
      In this conversation, approximately 1:18 in duration, these three women generously share their experiences and observations, contrasting hospital births with those done at home, and exploring the remarkable role that nutrition, mental preparation, and a well-bonded partner relationship can all play.
      We give this recording freely as a gift to anyone, anywhere who wishes to listen, and we hereby grant permission only to any natural man, woman, or child to copy and share this recording for any NONCOMMERCIAL purpose whatsoever. It is our deepest hope and desire that other women and men, listening to this conversation, may consider the possibility that they can bring a child into the world as they wish to, that they can create the experience they seek, and that the bonding process between mother and baby, and among the entire family, can begin even before the physical birth occurs.
      We invite everyone to download this recording at
                  (typical download for most people, play on any computer or MP3 player)
                  (to create a standard audio CD to give to friends)
      and to listen and share freely.
      Best to all,
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